This is an overview of the series, 7 Days to Die, from episode 176 through episode 229. The game is played in Alpha 16.

This season starts with Aaron and Emre going back to their roots: gameplay without any mods or other players, just Aaron and Emre surviving the zombie apocalypse. After setting up a new base in an underground bunker, they turn their attention to exploring and claiming a skyscraper they name DeVito Tower.

In episode 202, roughly halfway through the season, Aaron and Emre find the backpacks they'd been wearing in the Evilverse (Season 9), still holding Evilverse artifacts. This results in the reintroduction of Bloobs as a supporting character and a new storyline that culminates in Aaron and Emre racing to stop yet another apocalypse of their own creation.

This season introduces a new, live-action opening credits sequence, edited for the Game Society Pimps by Joey Hollywood using footage from 7 Days to Die In Real Life.

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Season 10 Death Count (through Episode 192) Edit

As of Episode 192, Season 10 holds the current record for Aaron's lowest death count. (Aaron's record to beat for completed seasons is 3 deaths).

7D2D Season 10 Part 1 DEVITO TOWER Remastered

7D2D Season 10 Part 1 DEVITO TOWER Remastered

7D2D Season 10 Part 2 TOWER OF SCRABBYLON Remastered

7D2D Season 10 Part 2 TOWER OF SCRABBYLON Remastered

7D2D Season 10 Part 3 TRADER IN THE SKY Remastered

7D2D Season 10 Part 3 TRADER IN THE SKY Remastered

Characters Edit

Forts Edit

The Sarlacc Cave (Temporary Fort) Edit

  • When he ducks away from a wolf, Aaron discovers a long, narrow wending into the earth from a hillside. The tunnel is lined with mushrooms, stalagmites, stalactites, and "shellactites," which look like teeth. In fact, the whole tunnel makes Aaron feel like he's going down a long "intestine with teeth," like the Sarlacc. Regardless, both he and Emre are extremely excited to have found the "coolest fuckin' pre-base ever" on Day One. Emre compares it to a little Hobbit hole. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
  • Despite their intentions to use the Sarlacc Cave as a fort, they never actually use it as such. As they quickly move on to better shelters, they decide to simply keep their bedrolls in the cave as a safe place to respawn. When Emre dies and respawns atop the mountain, above the cave, they realize even that plan won't work. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)

Water Tower (Temporary Fort) Edit

  • A basic water tower Aaron and Emre use to wait out Night 1. After Aaron's attempt to set up a romping area with hay bales meets mixed success, he climbs up on the roof to build a hunting perch, mainly to fulfill his "initial need" to build a fort. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
  • Emre eventually realizes that the tower contains a huge supply of water and breaks in to collect it, only to contract diarrhea.

O.G. Fort Edit

  • Aaron spots an underground bunker (recognizable by the motley scrap metal fence ringing its yard) on the morning of Day 2. He immediately calls it out as a potential temporary shelter (Episode 177 - Bad For Business). He and Emre settle in by that night (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters).
  • A "phase-shifting" zombie bear invades the bunker on Day 3 (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base), prompting Aaron and Emre to abandon underground bases entirely. They keep using O.G. Fort through the Day 7 blood moon, however (Episode 185 - 7th Day Fail).
  • Aaron names the bunker the O.G. Fort while he and Emre scramble to reach it on Night 6, in reference to the bunker being their "original" home now that they've decided to move over to Devito Tower. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)

Devito Tower Edit

  • A partially ruined skyscraper (an office building) located in Downtown Toilet Town. Originally named Di Shong Tower, Aaron insists on giving their new home a better name, and Emre suggests Devito Tower, for actor Danny DeVito. Emre argues that "of course" Danny DeVito deserves to have the new fort named after him; "He's such a small man, he needs a big tower."
  • Aaron gets the idea to take over a skyscraper (and build a rooftop garden) in Episode 180 (Military Man), in the wake of a terrifying zombie bear attack on the O.G. Fort. Emre first spots the tower after tracking down a distant supply drop. They resolving to take it over in Episode 181 (The B**bie Trap).
  • Aaron and Emre start searching Di Shong Tower on Day 5, and immediately decide that a fort built here would be "impervious, impenetrable, and impossible." They establish a base camp in the lobby's reception kiosk (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure), and then "officially" move in on Day 8 (Episode 186 - Devito Tower).
  • As of Day 13, (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams), Aaron and Emre have not yet fortified Devito Tower.

Content Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "We're zombie apocalypse Eagle Scouts, motherfucker." - Aaron (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
  • "What's it like to have balls that dwarf your tiny little penis?" - Aaron "What are you talking about? What are you talking about my penis for? Like, I don't understand where this is coming from." - Emre "That was what I asked for. That was my goddamn wish. My dream... came true." - Aaron (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
  • "All right, well, be a man, and put down the bedroll, and try to kill that dangerous animal with a rock tied to a stick." - Emre "I accept your challenge." - Aaron (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
  • "Despite the dysentery, and the freezing to death, and the busted leg, it was a pretty fun night! So far. Gotta say." - Emre "Yeah. I'm going to remember this night fondly." - Aaron (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
  • "Maine doesn't have mountains like this, though, do they?" - Aaron "I don't think so." - Emre "How far up do the Appalachians go?" - Aaron "I - I don't really know. I think the whole way. I think all the way." - Emre (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
  • "You know, maybe we should stick together...?" - Aaron "Maybe!" - Emre "What do you think." - Aaron "That might be a good idea. I'm not used to thinking... smart." - Emre (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
  • (On Emre's dick) "It's like sticking a toothpick in... uh... uh... a lady." (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
  • "Scrap chest armor schematic!" - Aaron "Oooh, yes!" - Emre "Exploding crossbow! Wish I knew how to make a crossbow." - Aaron "Oh... The bolts? I'm assuming the bolts, right, because like an exploding crossbow wouldn't be that cool." - Emre "Oh! Yeah." - Aaron (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
  • "Don't waste your wood. It's a valuable resource." - Aaron "No, it's not! It literally grows on trees." - Emre "Hunh?" - Aaron "It literally grows on trees!!" - Emre (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
  • "AHH!!" - Emre "You okay?" - Aaron "Yeah - a zombie came out of nowhere. So freaked me out. I get freaked out easy. I don't know if you noticed that." - Emre "Uh... I mean like throughout the years I kind of noticed that, yeah." - Aaron (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
  • "I've been meaning to say this for quite some time, but, like, I know that I'm the guy who started this apocalypse, but I gotta tell you, man, I wasn't the only scientist who was working on experiments with zombies." - Aaron "Oh, so that makes it okay. That makes it okay that you did it-" - Emre "-Yeah! It does! Because there - a lot of my peers were also doing the same sort of research as me. It was just a matter of time before somebody fuckin' figured it out." - Aaron "And you didn't even really want to do it, you know, they all... it was peer pressure. Right?" - Emre "It basically was! Like, I wouldn't have got grants if I hadn't kept up the research, and I just kinda-" - Aaron "-You're so full of shit." - Emre "I just needed the money! All I - all I cared about - I wasn't really into science for science's sake. I was just into the money. I just wanted to strike it rich. 'Cause you know, there is so much fuckin' money in being a scientist." - Aaron "Oh yeah, scientists are like so well paid, everybody knows so much scientists are paid." - Emre "Yeah! You ever see, like, the nicest house in this town, well I'm telling you, a scientist owned that fuckin' house, man." - Aaron "Mm-hm. Everybody wants to be a scientist when they grow up. I know I did-" - Emre "-drive Maseratis..." - Aaron "They - scientists get all the girls, y'know? Like, definitely." - Emre "Yup. Mm-hm." - Aaron "Dude, what are you talking about?" - Emre "Constantly get laid. I didn't really. I was joking. That's not the case." - Aaron "Yeah. I blame you for the zombie apocalypse. It's your fault. Keep coming up with excuses." - Emre (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
  • "Dude, we have two seconds!" - Aaron "Okay!" - Emre "Get down there and see if the bear is gone!" - Aaron "All right! Uh... I'm sneaking in! I'm undetected! I'm all the way down at the bottom. I see our campfire, I don't see any bears." - Emre "Okay, I'll stand guard. He's gone?" - Aaron (While starting directly at a growling zombie bear) "I don't see a bear." - Emre (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
  • "If we gotta deal with phase-shifting bears, then literally nowhere is safe, especially not underground." - Emre (Episode 180 - Military Man)
  • "That guy Jub told me he was going to shrink [Emre's dick] down to nothing." - Aaron [...] "Yeah, well that's - y'know, that the same guy who said that I was going to have, like, an amazing, epic, amazing beard, and also that I was going to have turrets, like, immediately upon coming into this place. And, he was wrong, about... half of those things. I mean I have amazing fucking - I have an amazing fucking beard, but... where're the turrets? There aren't any turrets! We gotta work for this shit!" - Emre (Episode 180 - Military Man)
  • "What's the point of nice things if you have to fucking work for them? That's bullshit!" - Emre (Episode 180 - Military Man)
  • "I found night vision goggles!" - Aaron "Join the club now!" - Emre "Now I can join the fuckin' club. That's so good. It's great being - are you the president of the Night Goggles for Men Club?" - Aaron "Yes, I am." - Emre "Are you just - are you also a member, though, too?" - Aaron "I am a member and president, yep." - Emre "Great." - Aaron "Founding member. Of the Night Vision Goggles Club." - Emre "Founding member." - Aaron "And treasurer." - Emre "Unfortunately you have a very tiny member..." - Aaron (Episode 180 - Military Man)
  • "I have a great dick. It's a wonderful dick, it's the best dick of all time. Like Donald Trump said, 'If I showed my dick to nuclear- if I showed my dick to North Korea, y'know, like, fire and pain and devastation would rain down upon them the likes of which this world has never seen." (Episode 180 - Military Man)
  • "Yup, I'm okay now. Don't worry, if you were concerned." - Aaron "Yeah, you're good? You're good? You gonna stop complaining?" - Emre "For the moment. For the moment. I would never do that! That's how I stay alive! I just complain though all day long, and I feel great." - Aaron (Episode 180 - Military Man)
  • "Jinx! You buy me a... well... I guess there is no Cokes now, damn it. So, jinx, buy me a... um... red tea?" - Aaron "Enh..." - Emre "Energy beverage?" - Aaron "Enh..." - Emre "Buy me a coffee? You could do that." - Aaron "Buy me a turret, man. It's what I'd want." - Emre "Buy me a... human turd." - Aaron "Someone buy me a turret, I would, like, suck their naughty bits. I don't even care anymore, man." - Emre (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
  • "You know wood frames love you, and you love wood frames." - Aaron (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
  • "The doors all seem to be open to these buildings. It's very disturbing." - Aaron "Hmm. All right, well I guess be on the lookout for, uh, for mines." - Emre "Mimes?" - Aaron "Yeah, for mimes, yep. Be on the lookout for dangerous mimes" - Emre (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
  • "I know what I'm doing, all right? Just relax." - Emre "Do you? I don't think that's every been true, sadly..." - Aaron "I do. I do not - I do know what I'm doing. Okay?" - Emre "You almost said 'I do not know what I'm doing,' so-" - Aaron "I almost did, but I didn't. Because I do." - Emre (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
  • "I'll try to skirt the zombies. I actually found a skirt, so I could literally skirt the zombies, if you know what I'm saying." - Aaron "uh... okay. That's dumb." - Emre (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
  • "I better take out the vulture I guess before I go to the campsite. Come here, asshole. C'mon. Daddy's got his long johns on now, and he's going to fuck you up." - Aaron "Yeah, 'Daddy's got his long johns on,' that's... that's a thing people say." - Emre (Episode 183 - Vulture Club)
  • "This trading post is hella far away. I'm a... I'm kind of amazeballing right now." - Aaron "Amaze...balling?" - Emre "Yeah. At how far away - at how hella far away it is." - Aaron "Dude, I have seventy goddamn health right now." - Emre (Episode 183 - Vulture Club)
  • "Oh God a wolf! I'm just gonna pretend like I didn't see him, and pray he doesn't follow me home. I don't want - a wolf could get into our base a lot easier, so..." - Aaron "I don't know if a would could get into our base easier than a fuckin' phase-shifting bear." - Emre (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
  • "Maybe I'm just dumb, but I don't know how to paint, I guess." - Aaron "Maybe you're an empty pile of garbage. [laughs] I said that because I saw an empty pile of garbage. Reminded me of you." - Emre (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
  • "Man, I thought we had that under control, man. That was a very sad, shitty end to a stupid, shitty night." - Aaron (Episode 185 - 7th Day Fail)
  • "Well, I'm gonna have the wolf armor. You're gong to have armor that's primarily made of zombie dogs. Which is still cool." - Emre (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
  • "What am I - what am I making? I think I'm making mistakes." - Aaron "Are you making leather leg armor? 'Cause I'm making leather leg armor right now. Don't make the leather leg armor if I'm making the leather leg armor. Loser." - Emre "I won't make the leather leg armor 'cause your making leather leggle [devolves into babbling]." - Aaron (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
  • "Here. Here. Here. There's a bag of stairs." (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
  • "Aaron!" - Emre "Can you - what? Hello?" - Aaron "You didn't leave anything you wanted back at the other place, did you?" - Emre "Oh, you didn't put down a fucking sleeping bag, did you? No! No. Nope, I don't need anything from over there, you fucking jackass." - Aaron (Episode 187 - On Top of the Tower)
  • (About approaching zombies) "I'm gonna snipe these guys." - Emre "You can do it. You can do it. If you need help, let me go, and I'll... uh... I'll try desperately to figure out where you are and not do anything." - Aaron (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
  • "Fuck you, Toilet Town. Fuckin' toilets everywhere." - Emre (Episode 189 - Elevator Prank)
  • "Dude, you wanted a gift it seemed like, and I gave you a gift, and now you're fuckin' bitching at me about it." - Aaron "You're the worst gift-giver. You're like Anti-Santy Claus. You're like S'Anti Claus." - Emre (Episode 189 - Elevator Prank)
  • "We were looking for snacks, but only found death." - Emre (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • "I went up to the top floor, the one above the one that we were on, because I couldn't stand to be on that shitty fuckin' floor that ate my fuckin' backpack for no reason. I don't even want to think about what else I had in there! I know that I lost a fuckin' sniper rifle; could've been way better stuff. (deep breath) But you know, it's just, it's just stuff. Y'know, we can always find more stuff. All right?" - Emre "Well, no. We can't really find more sniper rifles, no, actually, that's not the case. Unfortunately." - Aaron (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • "How are you so good at making stone axes? That's insane." - Emre "I've been learnin'. I learn quick. I'm a scientist." - Aaron "Oh, you are, that's right." - Emre "I don't just hope the Lord will make me a good stone axe or send one my way, I make one happen for myself." - Aaron "Well guess what, the good Lord sent me a good stone axe in the form of you, so who ended up being right?" - Emre (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • "...bullshit construction site boxes... Why don't they have good stuff at construction sites? Where are all the guns? Don't construction workers carry guns?" - Emre "Not generally." - Aaron "Why not?" - Emre "There's not really a whole lot of, uh... Generally construction workers are building things, not, like, shooting and killing. Generally." - Aaron "Well, y'know, you never know who's going to come up to you while you're on a construction job and, like, assume that you have good stuff and try to kill you and take it. Somebody like me, for example." - Emre (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • "I ain't gonna collect your fuckin' potatoes for you, you collect your own fuckin' potatoes." - Aaron "Why not? Why aren't you respecting my life choice of being a fuckin' vegetarian?" - Emre "'Cause I don't respect any life choice." - Aaron "What?!?" - Emre "You don't get a choice in life. You're just handed what you get and take it. You fuckin' take it!" - Aaron (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • (On farming) "We plant the seed, the Earth grows the seed, and then we eat the seed. See what I'm saying." - Aaron "Yeah, you're gonna just try to make me suck your dick again. I know, I know when you start talking about 'eating seed,' I know what you're, what you're, what you're meaning." - Emre (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • "Oh, there's zombies everywhere." - Aaron "Oh, Jesus, dude, I'm dying too." - Emre "Emre. Emre, there's zombies everywhere." - Aaron "Everywhere?" - Emre "They're everywhere. I mean, not everywhere, but just in one spot." - Aaron (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • (Aaron trying to sing a Steve Miller song) "This here's the story of Emre Sue and Aaron Yonda/They were zombie survivors of the apocalypse/Go on, take the Emre and run/Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" - Aaron (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • "It takes a long time to make forged iron, man." - Emre "That's what she said." - Aaron [...] "Actually that was the last thing that she said. 'Cause then she died. Starvation. It's - it's a sad tale. I won't bore you with it." - Aaron (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • "Ah, the vegetarian lifestyle. Shooting corn." - Aaron (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)

Recurring Themes Edit

  • Aaron the Bunker Booster, Part 1: Aaron is delighted when he discovers his first can of paint on Day 2. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 2: Aaron declares his intent to make Toilet Town "the best mother-fuckin' town the apocalypse has ever seen." (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 3: Aaron lays out a system of defenses that will let he and Emre survive the Day 7 blood moon while also making it easy to loot the fallen zombies' corpses. (Episode 183 - Vulture Club)
    • Part 4: Aaron spends all of Day 7 "reformatting" the O.G. Fort's main room into a death zone for zombies. His plan relies on crippling the zombies with spikes, and using pillars to fire at (and loot) the undead from a safe distance. However, due to a lack of needed construction materials, he has a dickens of a time figuring out how to get the pillars working. While converting the bunker, he checks out his new paint supplies for the first time. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 5: As soon as they've moved their camp to Devito Tower, Aaron proposes a "really fun" project of painting the skyscraper's entire exterior pink. (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 6: Aaron gets to work on building a forge on Day 11. He asks Emre where to put it, then immediately rejects Emre's suggestion. While explaining his plans, Aaron visualizes turning the reception kiosk in the lobby into a fortified bunker and zombie death pit to deal with the next blood moon. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
    • Part 7: On Day 12, Aaron excites himself thinking up plans to fortify Devito Tower, and runs up to the 3rd floor to stake out an area for his personal living quarters. (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • Aaron the Creeper, Part 1: Aaron declares that he has no desire to fuck Emre anymore. Emre is glad to hear he's gotten it out of his system. Partly he's looking for chicks now; partly it's Aaron's belief (thanks to a "wish" Aaron made) that Emre now has a micropenis. At the end of the day, Aaron suggests they go for a romp in the hay. Emre is upset, but Aaron insists he literally just means they should romp around on the hay bales he just found. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 2: Aaron can't help but peek as Emre is changing his clothes. (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
    • Part 3: The discovery of a school full of school nurses sends Aaron into a reverie of sexual fantasies. (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 4: Aaron suggests resolving the mystery of Emre's dick size by comparing dicks later, but Emre steadfastly refuses. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 5: Aaron takes a moment to ogle Emre's hairless chest. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
    • Part 6: Aaron and Emre playfully flirt with each other for a moment, but Aaron keeps it going until it devolves into a nonsensical ramble and Emre call an end to it. (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 7: After a night's sleep restores Aaron's ability to see Emre, he takes all of a few seconds to jump from saying he's never seen anything so beautiful to ogling Emre's "nice, tight ass" and offering to give him a proctology exam. (Episode 183 - Vulture Club)
    • Part 8: Aaron is fine with Emre going pantsless. He finds Emre's booty fairly delicious. Aaron wouldn't say no to pounding Emre all night. (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 9: For all his creepin' and peepin', Aaron is terrible at remembering old pick-up lines. When Emre misinterprets Aaron's attempt to explain the concept of farming as a bid to have Emre suck his dick, Aaron rolls with it. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
    • Part 10: Aaron gets all up in Emre's "fine little booty" while the latter is distractedly eating. (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • Aaron the Expert, Part 1: Aaron tries to teach Emre to rely on stealth, sneaking up on zombies to kill them before they wake up. (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
  • Aaron the Nature Lover, Part 1: Emre encourages Aaron's desire to abandon "depressing" underground bases by reminding him how he likes to make "weird" farms on top of buildings. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 2: Aaron doesn't know if trees have DNA. (Apparently Once and Future Aaron, creator of the Oakpocalypse, had a better grounding in the subject.) Emre tells him that of course trees have DNA! It's called TreeNA. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 3: As Aaron makes long-term plans for Devito Tower, he stresses that a rooftop garden is a high priority for him, primarily so he can grow a new blueberry sex-mate. (Episode 189 - Elevator Prank)
    • Part 4: While Emre desperately searches garbage for potatoes, Aaron points out that they already have one potato at their base camp and introduces him to the concept of "farming." (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • Aaron the Prankster, Part 1: Aaron greets Emre at Devito Tower, welcoming him to his new home (and celebrating his recently improved health) with a single hit from a lit torch. (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 2: When they find the elevator Emre's been eager to explore for a while, Aaron encourages Emre to jump down into it first. Then, instead of following him, Aaron seals and reinforces the only exit, forcing Emre to break out while Aaron hurries ahead to loot on his own. (Episode 189 - Elevator Prank)
  • Aaron the Proper Host, Part 1: As Emre emerges from Poopy Pants Daycare, Aaron assumes the role of a parent there to pick up his two kids, "Arthur" and "Megan." Emre assures him that his kids are in the back, pooping back and forth. (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 2: When Aaron spots Emre working behind the lobby desk at Di Shong Tower, he instantly falls into a role of an inquisitive potential tenant, prompting Emre to assume the role of the owner. Emre describes Di Shong Tower as a "multinational corporation that sells various people of various ethnicities." Personally, Aaron finds that morally reprehensible, but he's willing to let that slide if they accept him, and he's so dedicated to the role he declines to upset Emre with an argument. Emre assures Aaron he can make it up to him by selling him a person; Aaron agrees to sell him some of the "used up" strippers they've been fighting lately. (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 3: Aaron tries to inform a zombie that the Pop N Pills is closed, but he has to concede that the Open sign is, in fact, on. (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 4: After his experiences at Pleasure Town/Pleasure Shire, Aaron is no longer interested in having "guests" at Devito Tower. However, he does like the idea of Emre pretending to be an upset guest; they immediately fall into roleplaying. Aaron plays the host, "Lord Aaron of Yon," son of Lord Bitch of Yon, while Emre plays his guest, "Lord Cobblestone Dicklesbottom." Their roleplay is interrupted when they are suddenly ambushed and viciously murdered by zombies. (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 5: Aaron hates it when guests come over and are immediately killed by zombies. (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
    • Part 6: Aaron chastises a gang of zombies for wrecking his "beautiful staircase." How can he have guests over when the stairs are wrecked? (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • Aaron the Scientist, Part 1: Aaron excitedly babbles about the benefits of mushroom farming, eventually explaining that science overlaps with farming. "Science is life," Aaron says. "It was never my motto, but it's a good one." Emre initially agrees that science is everything, but then catches himself and adds that the reason science overlaps with everything is that "it's all a bunch of lies. And shit. And phooey." That said, Emre and Aaron agree that Aaron is probably sick of hearing Emre's views on science, so Emre abstains from continuing. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 2: It's impossible to predict eclipses, because that requires science, and science is dead to the world, except for Aaron himself, and he hasn't been working on predicting eclipses. Emre is surprised to hear that science can predict eclipses; he thought they happened at random. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
    • Part 3: Aaron assures Emre that, as a scientist, he has never heard of TreeNA. (He's also unaware that trees have DNA.) He's heard of T&A, though. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 4: Aaron doesn't know how to repair an elevator, but he notes that since Jub promised Emre turrets, maybe there's other technology they can build. He quickly realizes that he can craft Molotov cocktails; he just needs the ingredients! (Episode 187 - On Top of the Tower)
    • Part 5: Aaron credits his scientific attitude for his skill at crafting high-quality stone axes. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • Aaron the Zombie Predator: On Day 10, Emre notices that zombies seem to prefer attacking him rather than Aaron. Over the course of the day, this becomes increasingly obvious as several zombies literally step around Aaron to get at Emre. Aaron explains that he's been covering himself in "zombie predator piss" to ward off the undead, just a a hunter might use animal urine to mask his own scent. Aaron confesses that he's actually covering himself in his own piss. (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
  • Aaron vs. Chafing, Part 1: Aaron makes it nearly two episodes into the new season before he gets too hot and strips down to his skivvies. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 2: Regrettably, Aaron concludes that he really can't wear any clothes, no matter how stylish, without overheating. (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
    • Part 3: Aaron overheats while running through grasslands and desert, frustrated that he literally doesn't have any clothing he can strip off to help cool down. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • Aaron vs. Gravity, Part 1: Standing inside a bunker's air vent, Aaron breaks through the metal bars directly above him, causing the vent's metal cover to fall down square on his face, badly injuring him. (Episode 185 - 7th Day Fail)
    • Part 2: Aaron tries to kill a feral nurse from the safety of a higher roof, but he slips off the edge. He quickly clubs her to death, but has to evade several other zombies coming after him. Later, when a BEWARE sign lures Aaron out onto on unexplored story, a section of weakened floor collapses under him, dumping him down one story and spraining his leg. (Episode 187 - On Top of the Tower)
    • Part 3: Aaron falls through a weakened floor on the 7th floor of Devito Tower, landing in a bed of spikes. The day before, he and Emre had checked out those same spikes (and a taunting DIE BITCH sign on the wall) on the 6th floor but had failed to notice the trap. Now fully aware of the trap, Aaron hurries back up and tries to use wood frames to cross the weakened floor. He falls through again, missing the spikes this time but spraining his leg. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
    • Part 4: Aaron purposefully drops through a broken floor to surprise Emre below. Aaron hurts himself, and Emre doesn't see him drop. (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • Aaron vs. Hallucinations, Part 1: When Aaron comes to Emre with a panicked tale of a zombie bear that knocked him insubstantially through walls, Emre asks him if he's high. Did he eat some mushrooms off the ground? But no, this time the bear is real. (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 2: Out in the plains, Aaron spots what looks like a giant spike in the ground. "That can't be good." When he runs up to the "spike," he discovers it's actually a dead chicken, extending into infinity. He asks Emre to come over and check it out, but Emre does not see the "large tear in the fabric of reality" that Aaron is seeing. Aaron eventually decides that he must have eaten some bad canned chicken. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
    • Part 3: Aaron mysteriously loses the ability to see Emre, who becomes completely invisible to him on Night 5; Aaron can neither see Emre nor the light shining from his mining helmet. Emre has to place a bedroll right in front of Aaron to convince him that he is, in fact, there. Aaron huddles in a corner, a gibbering mess, and guesses that Emre may have died (when killed by zombies earlier that day) and come back as a ghost. (Emre's visible again when they "wake up" the next morning.) (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 4: Aaron despairs when Emre turns invisible again on Night 6 (following death-by-wolf). Emre insists he's just going crazy. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 5: Aaron ogles a Putrid Girl zombie after killing her, urging Emre to come check out how her boobs look like they "grew" upon her demise. When Emre glances her way, the corpse is in a completely different position. (Episode 189 - Elevator Prank)
    • Part 6: While out in a forest, Aaron gets very confused when he thinks he can hear zombies attacking a trading post, but can't see anything. Emre didn't know that had a specific sound, but Aaron assures Emre he would recognize if Emre were he a "seasoned zombie apocalypse veteran" like himself. In fact, Aaron has confused the metallic twang of hitting an invincible object with the sound of his skills leveling up. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • Aaron vs. Morality, Part 1: Aaron believes bald men are always evil, unless they're the hero. (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 2: Aaron doesn't believe that you get any choices in life. Whatever life gives you, just take it! (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • Aaron vs. Pit Stops, Part 1: On Day 3, Aaron is overjoyed when he finds a mini-bike schematic in the Poopy Prep school library. (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 2: On Day 11, Aaron is briefly excited when he finds a mini-bike chassis, but the thrill evaporates when he and Emre agree that neither of them know how to build a mini-bike (completely forgetting the schematic Aaron read a week ago). (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • Aaron vs. Poop, Part 1: When Emre contracts diarrhea, Aaron is not really excited about Emre's plan to just shit his pants a lot rather than brew up some goldenrod tea. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 2: After finding a series of crated-up toilets and a house with the biggest bathroom he's ever seen, Aaron and Emre theorize that the former residents of Toilet Town were obsessed with everything to do with poop, ranging from bathrooms to addictively eating shit. Aaron claims, rather dubiously, to have never heard of anyone eating shit. Aaron and Emre eventually dub themselves Poopy the Prospector and Shitty the Shopkeep, respectively, Founders of Toilet Town. (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
    • Part 3: Aaron surmises that Poopy Pants Daycare was built with bulletproof glass windows to withstand the force of 30 kids with "explosive shits." Later, Aaron suffers a zombie bear attack in O.G. Fort alone because Emre has wandered off to take a shit in the woods. (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 4: Aaron sets aside one storage chest at Devito Tower for use as his shit bucket. (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • Emre Ain't Afraid of No Zombies, Part 1: Emre isn't worried about heading into town on Day 1; he and Aaron are pros who've been surviving the apocalypse for years. They just have to be prepared. Moments later, he is nearly beaten to death by a lumberjack while swimming across a river. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 2: Emre ignores Aaron's advice to sneak up on sleeping zombies, instead barging into a wrecked house. When a zombie jumps him, he panics and nearly dies before he regains control of his keyboard. He runs outside and freaks out further when he sees zombies pouring out of the upper floor after him. (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
    • Part 3: When the Day 7 feral horde proves to be a total wash, Aaron and Emre eventually emerge from their bunker with a few hours of darkness to go, both complaining about what a total lack of challenge the horde presented. Emre is adding how he thought the blood moon thunder would be frightening as well, but... ...when the last zombie of the night comes running at them. Emre nonchalantly takes on the zombie, but it beats him down, leaving him bleeding and so close to death that he can't finish bandaging himself before he bleeds out and dies. (Episode 185 - 7th Day Fail)
    • Part 4: After being devoured by construction workers, Emre reveals that when he and Aaron started exploring Devito Tower, he stored most of his guns in a chest because he thought they would just be spending their night building stairs and having a good time. (Episode 187 - On Top of the Tower)
    • Part 5: Emre agrees with Aaron's observation that the zombies have been stupified, somehow become so dumb as hell that they pose no threat to Devito Tower. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
    • Part 6: Aaron remains convinced that the zombies have become so stupid that they pose no threat, but after seeing a tunnel that the undead burrowed through to breach Devito Tower, it's actually Emre who advises caution. (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • Em RE. Coyote, Part 1: While trying to learn how to romp on Aaron's haybales, Emre accidentally jumps off the top of a water tower, spraining his leg and nearly killing himself. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 2: Desperately racing for home as sun sets on Day 6, Emre voluntarily jumps off a cliff to evade a zombie, popping some painkillers as he does so. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 3: Moments after chastising Aaron for falling through a week floor rather than staying on the known-to-be-safe staircase, Emre misses the stairs while running down, falls a story, and sprains his leg. Later, he evades one section of collapsing floor but falls victim to another, breaking his leg. (Episode 187 - On Top of the Tower)
    • Part 4: As Emre wanders through an office with a weakened floor, he manages to move just fast enough to keep ahead of the collapsing blocks. He doesn't notice (or panic) until Aaron spots it and yells a warning. (Episode 189 - Elevator Prank)
    • Part 5: Aaron tries to use Emre's old "trick" of using a wooden frame to break his fall when he jumps off a cliff. It doesn't work, predictably. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • Emre is Squishy, Part 1: Emre proves philosophical when he suffers his first death on Day 2, killed by a single nurse zombie. "I always die. I always die a lot, you know. It's just how things are." (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 2: Emre complains that he is more-or-less permanently at half health. Later, he drinks grain alcohol for an energy boost and lowers his own Wellness. Combined with a recent death, he's now approaching minimum Wellness. (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 3: A surprise wolf attack drives Emre to minimum Wellness (70). Aaron adds insult to injury by revealing that he's never died (this season) and still has a Wellness over 100. (Episode 183 - Vulture Club)
    • Part 4: A lone zombie takes Emre down in two hits on Night 7, dropping his Wellness back down to the minimum. Trading a couple of "high fives" with Aaron the next morning leaves Emre half dead. (Episode 185 - 7th Day Fail)
    • Part 5: On Day 8, Emre declares that he has become a vegan health nut, which immediately (and/or finally) raises his minimum Wellness to 90. (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 6: Emre gets angry when he realizes that part of the reason he keeps dying all the time (while Aaron has yet to die even once) is that most zombies seem to complete ignore Aaron, even shambling around him in order to get at Emre. (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
    • Part 7: Emre acknowledges that since he's become a vegetarian, it's really hard to find foods that will increase his Wellness. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
    • Part 8: Emre protests when Aaron give him a goodbye "high five" (a punch). That lone punch takes off about 5% of Emre's health. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • Emre the Bleeder: Given only a few seconds to act after brawling a zombie, Emre stumbles a bit on his inventory and bleeds out before he can finish bandaging himself. (Episode 185 - 7th Day Fail)
  • Emre the Cave Explorer: After a matter-phasing zombie bear chases Aaron into the O.G. Fort, Emre declares that they need to stop establishing underground forts. The zombies are getting smarter, learning how to deal with the underground! (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
  • Emre the Fashionista, Part 1: Emre is eager to show off his newly made clothes when he meets up with Aaron. Aaron compliments his night vision goggles, but says the rest of him looks like a burlap sack. Emre agrees. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 2: Emre shows off his handmade plant fiber cowboy hat to a deeply jealous Aaron. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 3: Episode 178 (Apocalypse Hipsters) is actually named for the series of fashion shows Aaron and Emre put on for each other once they've established a permanent base. Aaron describes Emre's new look as a "ZZ Top cyborg." Emre thinks Aaron's suit-coat-and-shorts ensemble looks ridiculous, but Aaron thinks he's cool. They both agree he looks like a hipster. As a gag, Emre models an outfit which happens to look just like Bwett's usual outfit. When Aaron switches to a full suit and a cowboy hat, he adopts the persona of an oil baron. Aaron concludes that Emre is actually looking pretty good these days, except for his saggy ass.
    • Part 4: Aaron and Emre search a school, giddily showing off any new clothing they find. Emre eventually catches himself: "Why are we getting so goddamn excited about fuckin' clothes? What are we, a couple of teenage girls?" Aaron does get Emre to imagine dressing up nicely to impress SP Cakes the next time she turns up. (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
  • Emre the Noob, Part 1: Emre goes 7 days (11 episodes) into the season before completing his initial set of survivor quests (crafting a club, a campfire, etc.). (Episode 185 - 7th Day Fail)
    • Part 2: Emre spends Days 4 and 5 popping painkillers and complaining about his constant, severe dehydration, unaware that the former is what's causing the latter. Aaron agrees with Emre's assertion that he has a "drinking problem." (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap; Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 3: Emre finally figures out his dehydration problem after a good night's sleep. (Episode 183 - Vulture Club)
    • Part 4: On Day 7, Emre doesn't know where to find clay. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 5: After Emre goes vegan, Aaron suggests yucca fruit as an ample food supply, found in the desert. Emre doesn't know what he's looking for and spends his time punching cacti and bushes in the plains, upset that Aaron "won't share the secret of yucca" with him. (Episode 187 - On Top of the Tower)
    • Part 6: By Day 12, Emre has completely forgotten how to find clay again, which Aaron finds exasperating. (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
    • Part 7: Emre's partially forgotten how to drop things. Aaron explains how: "You open your fist." (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • Emre vs. Fire: Emre is basically unharmed when Aaron playfully hits him with a lit torch. However, when Emre accidentally sets himself on fire a short time later by heedlessly standing on a campfire, he instantly blames Aaron. (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
  • Emre vs. His Dick, Part 1: At the end of Season 9, Aaron and Emre negotiated a "wish" in which Jub would give Emre automated turrets ("Day One") in return for also having a tiny dick. When Aaron mentions this in their new world, Emre denies that there's anything wrong with his dick, but acknowledges he hasn't looked at it lately. On the bright side, Jub did deliver on the promise of an amazing beard. Emre hasn't seen his dick in a while (thanks to his belly), and he doesn't plan to check it until he finds a turret. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 2: While battling a zombie "fat lady" and zombie daughter, Emre calls dibs on the daughter. Aaron fires back that she won't be interested in him, because "You got nothing going on down there." Emre insists that what matters isn't what you got, but rather how you use it. Aaron points out that you can't use what you don't got. (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
    • Part 3: Aaron brings up Jub's promise to shrink Emre's dick down to nothing again on Day 4. Emre denies it and tells Aaron to enjoy imagining the size of his dick. Aaron continues to needle him, but Emre insists he's very well endowed and always has been. Naturally, of course, Emre has never seen another man's "wanky-dank." Aaron has particular trouble believing that Emre's father never showed Emre his dick. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 4: When Aaron confesses that eating blueberries makes him horny, he asks Emre if popping pills makes him horny. Emre claims that nothing makes him horny anymore, and reveals that he hasn't had any feeling in his dick since arriving in this region. (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
  • Emre vs. Ireland: When Emre loots a "fat lady" zombie, finding beer and a potato, he declares, "Maybe she was Irish!" (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
  • Emre vs. Morality, Part 1: Emre no longer decorates his homes with corpses, but he does enjoy discovering that a dead businessman zombie makes a great dancer. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 2: When a discussion of the weird features Emre's finding in a daycare center lead to Aaron calling Emre "the original kid-smacker," Emre reinforces the notion that kids shouldn't hit kids. Only adults should hit kids. (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 3: Emre may still not quite understand how sex works. He's never seen another man's dick, but he assumes his father's penis must have been huge in order to sire him. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 4: Along with a general crisis of faith, Emre is now willing to suck the naughty bits of anyone who gives him a turret. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
    • Part 5: Emre suggests that if you put a bag over a stripper zombie's "head and face and upper area," the rest of her ain't bad. When Aaron protests that Emre is a man of religion, Emre reminds him he's having a crisis of faith. Emre also uses his crisis of faith to justify picking up a new habit of drinking all the human blood he can find. Aaron thinks Emre's blood diet will turn him into a monster. (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 6: Emre finds desert zombies sexier than normal zombies because they wear fewer clothes. That is not Aaron's experience. (Episode 183 - Vulture Club)
    • Part 7: There's nothing wrong with sucking cocks, except that it's against the Lord. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
    • Part 8: Emre agrees with Aaron that there's nothing worse than being interrupted when you touch yourself, but fortunately, he never touches himself. Ever. (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
    • Part 9: Emre could never watch Eyes Wide Shut without getting a boner. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • Emre the Health Nut, Part 1: Emre is horrified when he find plastic scraps in a dead tree trunk, certain that eating the plastic (by absorbing it through its roots or leaves or whatever) is what killed the tree. He relates it to whales who die after eating plastic. Aaron spitefully blames the "stupid" whales. Emre agrees; if whales were so smart, why didn't they crawl up out of the water, like people did? They stop picking on whales after an offended "aqua-zombie" nearly kills Emre mid-swim. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 2: Emre endorses a steady diet of human blood bags. They satisfy your hunger and your thirst! "You gotta drink a lot of blood, though." (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 3: On Day 8, Emre declares that he has decided to go vegan, a decision which has raised his minimum Wellness to 90 overnight. (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 4: The next day, after dying, Emre forgets he's gone vegan, eats some bacon & eggs, and then remembers and laments how hard it is to maintain his diet. Emre realizes that he eats meat almost constantly. Aaron points him toward yucca fruit, but Emre can't find any. Later, Aaron confirms that peas are vegan; they don't come from a "pea cow." Emre finds and happily eats a blueberry pie. By the end of the day, Emre is losing track of whether he's vegan or vegetarian, and whether vegans can eat eggs. (Episode 187 - On Top of the Tower)
    • Part 5: Aaron confirms for Emre that, yes, vegans can drink beer. Emre refuses to eat the meat Aaron finds in Devito Tower. Aaron thinks he's crazy to go vegan. (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
    • Part 6: Emre gives Aaron a meat stew he finds, reminding Aaron that he's gone vegetarian. Emre does note that since he can't eat meat, it's hard increase his bottomed-out Wellness by only eating vegetables. When he learns that vegetable stew requires potatoes as an ingredient, he gets distracted searching for potatoes in garbage piles. Aaron does not recommend vegetarianism in the apocalypse. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
    • Part 7: On Day 12, Emre is still running around, busting down "spiky plants" (cacti) in his blind quest for yucca fruit. Aaron feels that most of the fun has been sucked out of the world now because Emre won't even chow down on his meat. Emre insists that Aaron needs to stop giving him guff for his life choices. Aaron believes that all vegetarians should be stereotyped as SJWs; there's only one very specific type of vegetarian. (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
    • Part 8: On Day 13, Emre finally figures out how to harvest yucca fruit while out aimlessly scavenging for mushrooms and potatoes. Despite his new vegetarian lifestyle, Emre has no problem hunting animals for Aaron's benefit. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • Aaron & Emre vs. Tolkien: Emre delightedly compares the Sarlacc Cave to a Hobbit hole the moment he sees it. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
  • Bad Signs, Part 1: While huddled in the dark on Night 4, Emre struggles to read a distant sign through his night vision goggles. The best he can do is, "Poh rah doh wee la ee nee..." Both he and Aaron fear Emre's forgotten how to read. Curiosity drives Emre to seek out the sign the next day, and he see that it read's "Prowlin' Pete's," the name of the burger place. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
    • Part 2: On Day 5, Emre spots a building with a "Saloon" sign. Later, Aaron finds an entirely separate building with a "Salon" sign. Mistakenly thinking they've both seen the same sign, they argue over the pronunciation and spelling of salon/saloon. (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
  • Campfire Tales: Faced with a day of "boring," "time-consuming," and "repetitive" tasks while preparing O.G. Fort for the Day 7 blood moon, Aaron asks Emre to regale him with a tale of the past. Emre recalls the summer he spent lumberjacking protecting redwood trees. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
  • Dr. Pussyfun's Disease, Part 1: Emre chastises Aaron for leaving behind a bunch of while searching a Pop N Pills. "You know how often we break our bones." (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 2: After discovering that section of Devito Tower's floors are unstable, Aaron predicts that "I just broke my leg" will become their new catchphrase. (Episode 187 - On Top of the Tower)
    • Part 3: Aaron and Emre encounter a high cliff that stretches off to the horizon in both directions. They need to climb down to reach a supply drop past it, and eventually just drop down, breaking their legs. When Emre dies later, he ends up having to jump down the cliff, breaking his leg again. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • Farty Party, Part 1: Emre gets diarrhea when he accidentally drinks stagnant water straight from a water tower. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 2: When Aaron accuses Emre of masturbating at night in his bedroll, Emre firmly denies it. That grunting Aaron hears is just Emre getting "the night shits." Emre does actually have dysentery at the moment he makes the claim. (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • Gaslighting Supply Drops, Part 1: Emre finds a crate in a house and breaks it open to discover... a toilet. Aaron determines that the homeowners must have been toilet hoarders. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 2: When Aaron breaks into a crate inside the O.G. Fort, he finds yet another toilet. His frustration prompts he and Emre to name the town they're exploring Toilet Town. (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
    • Part 3: On Day 4, Aaron breaks into another supply crate at a military camp, predicting that he's going to find another toilet inside. But no! It's a wall oven! "Because the military needed a fuckin' wall oven for their fuckin' tents!!" The season's first actual supply plane flies overheard shortly thereafter. The supply drop is extremely far away, prompting another rant about how the people flying the drops are "the worst." (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 4: Aaron finds a storage room full of crates in a Crack-a-Book headquarters. He starts breaking into them, fully expecting to find more toilets, but nope! It's a washing machine instead. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
    • Part 5: The first supply plane of the season flies past on Day 13. The supply drop itself is valuable, but incredibly distant; reaching the crate requires dropping down a high cliff (breaking their legs) and distracts Aaron and Emre all day just ahead of the Day 14 blood moon. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • The Gospel According to Emre, Part 1: In the wake of their Evilverse misadventures, Aaron ponders whether they've awoken in Heaven, but Emre doesn't want to hear about it. He's sick and tired of "the whole Heaven and Hell bullshit." (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 2: Emre thinks the Very Finest Pig's offer of "eternal peace and happiness" was "Really dumb. Just, so dumb." Because that would be Heaven, so they'll have that once they get to Heaven anyway. Aaron doesn't know if he'd even believe it if he made it to Heaven at this point, but Emre is certain that of course they're going to make it to Heaven. God wouldn't make them go through all this shit and have there not be a Heaven. Aaron encourages him to keep himself comfortable with those thoughts. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 3: God provides, and he is clearly a man. (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 4: God gave us rights, including dominion over animals. So where's Emre's dominion over zombies? That should be Emre's right! He shouldn't have to work for it! (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 5: By Day 4, the recent series of setbacks - from Jub and the Very Finest Pig, to the phase-shifting bear and (apparent) fluid-sucking zombie - have left Emre in such a profound crisis of faith that he no longer believes in Hell. When Aaron says that he's having no crisis of Science right now, Emre responds that you can't have a crisis of science ("fact-based knowledge"), since you can just change science to be whatever you want it to be. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
    • Part 6: According to Aaron, the apocalypse "fortunately" cleared out most of the old women in the world. Emre describes it as "spiritual selection": his version of evolution's "natural selection," which does not exist. Nature isn't really anything; it's just the graphics in the background of a video game about the awesomeness of humankind. Not calling "natural selection" "spiritual selection" is not giving God credit for all the amazing things he does, and really, credit is all God wants. God is incredibly narcissistic, which is why he had a bunch of ghost authors write the Bible for him. Emre confirms Aaron's suggestion that the ghostwriters were literal ghosts; the Holy Ghost, in fact. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 7: Aaron suggests crafting guitars so that he and Emre can form a band called Masters of the Apocalypse. Emre is dubious; he believes that would tempt the Devil to come down and challenge them to a duel. When Aaron presses him on the Devil coming "down" to them, Emre explains that the Devil always comes from the north. This scriptural interpretation is explicitly based on Emre's understanding of the song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 8: Jesus hated social justice (and SJWs). He really liked offending people. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
    • Part 9: The Lord works in mysterious ways, which is why he sent a good stone axe to Emre in the form of Aaron's axe-crafting skills. Since that suggests he has a sick sense of humor, perhaps the Lord also works in hilarious ways. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Aaron checks out Emre's surprisingly smooth chest, remarking that he thought Emre used to be hairier. Emre replies that he hasn't been able to grow chest hair since arriving in their new locale, and blames either the Very Finest Pig or Jub for taking it away. (In truth, Emre has never been seen to have a hairy chest.) (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
  • Immortality: Aaron taunts the zombie that just killed him after killing her in turn: "I'm back again, stupid! How'd that happen, hun? How'd I come back? I don't know. It just happens. This is life. This is our life." (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • Ladder Control Problems, Part 1: When a cheerleader zombie gets stuck on a ladder, Aaron decides to take advantage of the opportunity by shooting her through the rungs. When his arrow breaks in midair, he discovers that isn't possible. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 2: It seems that Aaron and Emre's ladder problems extend to stairs as well. When Emre crafts stairs for the first time ever, he can't get them to link up. Aaron actually gets worse at placing stairs as he goes along. (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 3: Aaron is a wooden frame man. He doesn't "do" ladder. "Ladders are for bladders." (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
  • Landmine Your Own Business, Part 1: Aaron spares Emre from some potential future pain when he informs Emre that it's no longer possible to pick up land mines. In fact, Emre does soon wander blindly into the camp's minefield, but fortunately he realizes what he's done and runs away before blowing himself up. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 2: Oblivious to the booby traps littered around The Boobie Trap, Emre walks over a landmine and is seriously injured, but survives. When Emre finds more mines by the back door, Aaron determines that some previous survivor had booby trapped the club to keep others away from his stripper zombies. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
    • Part 3: Aaron has a minor panic attack when he nearly runs over a lone mine sitting out in a vast, empty stretch of wasteland. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 4: Emre congratulates himself for noticing a row of landmines before he stepped on them, which he acknowledges is a rarity. (Episode 189 - Elevator Prank)
    • Part 5: Aaron knows that there's a gun safe surrounded by mines in the abandoned Food Mart fort. He could just shoot the mines, but he has a better idea: Breaking through the roof to bypass the mines entirely. The plan doesn't work; Aaron can't keep track of where he needs to dig. Then zombies attack! Aaron and Emre try to steer the zombies into the mines, but can't get them to blow themselves up. After clearing out the zombies, Aaron ends up just shooting the mines. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • Mambo No. 7, Part 1: Aaron and Emre frequently get disoriented while exploring Devito Tower. Part of the problem is that they keep losing track of what floor they're on. As they work their way up the skyscraper, systematically clearing and searching each story in turn, Emre convinces himself that the 7th floor is the 5th (naming it "Mambo No. 5"). (Episode 189 - Elevator Prank)
    • Part 2: Aaron finds an elevator on the 8th floor but breezes past it, mistaking it for the elevator on the 4th floor where he'd briefly trapped Emre. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • Mind the Spikes: After a surprise zombie attack reduces Emre to 2 Health, he runs outside and nearly kills himself when he backs into a cactus. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
    • Part 2: Emre sees, but fails to recognize, the telltale signs of a spiked pit trap on the 7th floor of Devito Tower... (Episode 189 - Elevator Prank)
    • Part 3: ...which Aaron falls victim to the next day. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
    • Part 4: With daylight running out, Emre has to sprint across a desert on Day 13. He bumps into numerous cacti. At one point, startled by a zombie, he spins and faceplants a cactus that had been right behind him. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • Naked and Confused: As usual, Aaron and Emre appear in a new alpha with just their underwear and basic gear. They remember losing their backpacks - Aaron recalls his being pulled away - as they fell between worlds. Aaron has a feeling that his backpack (which might still contain certain items from the Evilverse) is somewhere in this new world, but he has no idea where. Once they eventually realize they're both naked, Aaron insists that they both get dressed before they meet up. Emre's insistence that he has a hat and underwear doesn't count. "They cover up the most important parts. Your balls and your brains." Just before they finally meet up, Emre calls for a stop so he can craft himself some clothes to "conceal his shame." (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
  • Operation Horcrux, Part 1: Aaron and Emre return to their bedrolls and "sleep" through Night 5. bridging Episode 182 (Insane Treasure) and 183 (Vulture Club). A good night's sleep restores Aaron's ability to see Emre.
    • Part 2: Aaron goes to bed early on Night 6 when Emre turns invisible again. Once again, Emre's back come morning! Aaron claims to have not slept well due to Emre's invisibility; conversely, knowing that Aaron had no idea where he was allowed Emre to sleep like a baby. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 3: Aaron and Emre "sleep" through Night 10, covering a break between recordings. By the time they're up and running again on Day 11, they've both forgotten the layout of Devito Tower, losing track of their exploration, and Emre's backpack has been laying out so long that it despawns before he can reach it, costing him valuable gear. (Episode 189 - Elevator Prank)
  • Other Survivors: Aaron and Emre discuss who the "Crazy Jake" who keeps leaving challenges all over the place might be. Aaron's certain that Crazy Jake spent all his time just after the apocalypse hiding notes, with no idea that he would soon be dead. Emre 100% agrees that Jake is dead, but isn't certain how he still gives completion rewards now if he's been dead for years. Aaron assures Emre that the "rewards" are just Emre's sense of achievement. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • Part-Time Job, Part 1: Emre is certain that everything they've gone through is a divine test. The thought that Heaven might not actually exist is just dumb and insane. He keeps the peace with his situation because he knows this is all leading to something better and greater. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 2: Aaron laments that whoever's in charge of being mean to them - be it karma or whoever runs the supply planes - has been a little extra mean to them lately. Emre thinks it's the Devil, messing with them. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 3: When a wolf kills Emre on Day 6, knocking him down to minimum Wellness, and he's reminded that Aaron is still hale and hearty, Emre rants about how unfair it is that wolves never appear at Aaron's feet and tear him apart. He decries his fate as stupid and unfair, and declares that obviously this world is out to get him. Aaron insists that Emre is paranoid and possibly drugged up. (Episode 183 - Vulture Club)
    • Part 4: When Emre credits the Lord with sending him a good stone axe in the form of Aaron and his axe-making skills, Aaron finds that an interesting statement. It implies that God sent Aaron to Emre, which would suggest that God has a pretty fucked-up sense of humor. "The Lord does work in mysterious ways," Emre agrees. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • Pie Bangers, Part 1: Aaron protests when the newly vegan Emre finds and immediately eats a blueberry pie. (Episode 187 - On Top of the Tower)
    • Part 2: On Day 10, Aaron pauses for a blueberry snack break. Eating the blueberries makes him think back to Bloobs. It also makes him really horny. Emre is nonplussed. (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
    • Part 3: By Day 11, Aaron is desperate to build a rooftop garden atop Devito Tower so he can grow another blueberry pie woman. Creating this "sex-mate" so he can get laid all the time is a high priority. (Episode 189 - Elevator Prank)
  • Poor Craftsman, Part 1: Aaron complains that modern stone axes aren't nearly as good as the stone axes they had when he and Emre were young. (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
    • Part 2: Aaron is still complaining that his items decay "instantly." (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
    • Part 3: If presented with a survey gauging his "pickaxe situation," with the choices of "very good," "not so good," "couldn't be worse," or "sucks beyond all measure of life and society," he would choose the latter-most option. (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
  • Turrets Syndrome, Part 1: Emre excitedly recalls that Jub promised him turrets, but Aaron is more excited to see the results of his half of that wish: that Emre would also get a micro-penis. Emre resolves not to check his dick until he's found a turret. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 2: When Aaron encounters his first feral zombie (a normal-looking zombie save for glowing eyes, who runs during the day), Emre points out that these "next-level zombies" are why they need turrets. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 3: Emre declares that he would suck someone's naughty bits for a turret. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
    • Part 4: Aaron reminds Emre that Jub promised him turrets. Emre is confident that those turrets will make it easy to defend Devito Tower. (Episode 187 - On Top of the Tower)
  • Unbearable Facts, Part 1: A zombie bear ambushes Aaron just outside O.G. Fort on Day 3, chasing him down into the bunker. Aaron survived only because the bear's strikes repeatedly knock Aaron into or through solid matter, giving him a chance to scrabble to safety. When Aaron and Emre regroup to battle the bear, it destroys the fridge where Emre had been storing all of his gear before chasing them back outside. The bear gets stuck on the stairs, which it destroys while Aaron and Emre take turns clubbing it to death over the course of several hours. (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 2: Emre blames Aaron for leading the zombie bear into their base (and thus the destruction it inflicted). Aaron insists the bear shouldn't have been capable of fitting inside their base, so it must have had "phase-shift" or "warp" powers. Emre is outraged that the bear specifically destroyed the two containers he'd been using to store his gear, like a "phase-shifting, heat-seeking, fucking missile." Emre finds and gladly accepts a quest to kill some bears. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 3: Upon spotting another bear nearby, Emre describes his decision to avoid the bear using a simple, straightforward analogy about refusing soup to an old woman staring at you through your window. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 4: To explain the anticlimactic lack of zombie action on Night 7, Emre suggests that the phase-shifting bear was sent by wary zombies to scout out the O.G. Fort's defenses, and that it reported back that the bunker was too well defended - a total deathtrap. (Episode 185 - 7th Day Fail)
  • What Comes After B?, Part 1: Aaron spots a flapping creature in the distance on Day 2, guessing it might be either a pterodactyl or a vampire bat. Eventually, he successfully identifies it as a vulture. They realize that the now-banished buh-buh-buh-bees have simply been replaced by these creatures. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 2: By Day 3, Aaron has seen three vultures in the distance, but Emre hasn't seen any of the "mythical" creatures. Emre finally spots the "creepy" vulture a bit later. (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 3: Emre is the first to be attacked by a vulture when he tries to spend Night 4 hiding atop a pile of building materials at a construction site. Fortunately, he manages to shoot the undead bird right in the dick. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
    • Part 4: Barely glimpsed and unnoticed, a vulture flies over Aaron and Emre (only its shadow is visible) just as they're struggling to think of where they could find more much-needed feathers. (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 5: A vulture stalks Aaron across a section of grassy plains on Day 13. Aaron tries and fails to kill the undead bird, which nearly kills him. Aaron eventually manages to break off and escape. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)
  • Where Wolf?, Part 1: Aaron spots his first wolves on Day 1, anxiously avoiding them. He suspects they hunt like (veloci)raptors. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 2: A wolf jumps Emre while he's alone in Downtown Toilet Town on Day 6, killing him with two bites. Flustered, Emre declares wolves worse than zombie dogs. (Episode 183 - Vulture Club)
    • Part 3: On the other hand, Emre gets Aaron to agree that phase-shifting zombie bears are far more dangerous than wolves. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 4: Emre tries sniping a distant wolf (to seek "revenge on myself") and it nearly reaches him before he shoots it down. (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 5: Emre tries to take on a wolf with a crossbow, despite Aaron's dire warnings, and gets slaughtered for his efforts. (Episode 192 - Broken Legs & Broken Dreams)

Callbacks to Previous Seasons Edit

  • Emre vs. Bees, Part 1: Aaron and Emre realize with disgust and disdain that when Jub promised them that they would never encounter buh-buh-buh-bees again (Episode 175 - The End of Everything), he just replaced them with zombie vultures. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 2: When Emre finds antibiotics in a supply crate, Aaron points out that there are no more bees, so why would Emre need anti-bee-otics? (Episode 180 - Military Man)
  • Emre vs. Cat Food: Aaron gives Emre a can of dog food as something of a housewarming gift during their first night in the O.G. Fort. Emre is past caring and reminds him that "the actual joke" was cat food, not dog food. (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
  • Check the Map: The discovery of a sign reading "Navezgane Survivors" outside a school proves perplexing for Aaron, since they aren't currently in Navezgane (as opposed to Seasons 1 & 7 - 9). (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
  • Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort/Snow Mansion: When Aaron spots the aboveground shack-and-fence that marks a hidden underground bunker, he credits his knowledge of "preppers'" ways for being able to identify it for what it is. But of course, he and Emre already found and explored an identical bunker in Season 6. Aaron recalls that bunker, Emre's Snow Mansion fort, as well as Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort, as they hammer away at the bunker's vault door. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
  • Ho Motel. Part 1: Aaron spots a Ho Motel in Downtown Toilet Town and suggests they run past it, just to remember the good old days, "when we used to fall through the fuckin'-" The sight of new stores to loot distracts him from completing the thought. (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 2: As Aaron gets excited thinking about fortifying Devito Tower, he suggests to Emre that they could each have their own living quarters, like when they each had their own little apartment back at the Ho Motel. (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • Jesus Pig!, Part 1: Emre's misadventures in the Evilverse, including "being toyed with by a giant talking pig," have left him with a serious crisis of faith. Aaron imagines the "happiness and peace" that the Very Finest Pig was promising was just people sitting on mats or in chairs and staring at each other. Emre imagines it's a bunch of 50-year-olds playing Monopoly. Aaron insists there's nothing peaceful about Monopoly. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 2: Aaron and Emre realize they shouldn't have trusted Jub, but grant that they had little choice; their only other option was to take the Very Finest Pig's offer of eternal peace and happiness, "and who the fuck wants that." (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 3: Aaron and Emre continue to debate whether Jub actually granted Emre's wishes for turrets, an epic beard, and (Aaron's addition) a tiny dick. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 4: Emre blames either the Very Finest Pig or Jub for the apparent loss of all of his chest hair. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
  • The Multiverse, Part 1: Emre spitefully recalls Jub as a "fuckin' Cthulhu wannabe dickhead." (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 2: When Emre finds some electrical parts, Aaron responds with, "Science! Oh my God, thank God there's science. I love doing science." This is a reference to his recent misadventures in the Evilverse, where God-Emperor Emre and his minions had "broken" science. (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
    • Part 3: When Emre can't make sense of a distant sign through his night vision, he theorizes that when Jub sent them to this world, he didn't reduce Emre's penis size, he just made him go "mentally brain damaged." Aaron suggests that Jub may have thrown in some "bonus things." (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)
  • Other Survivors, Part 1: Aaron and Emre refer to the first few hazmat zombies they encounter as "JWM" zombies. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business; Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 2: Aaron initially claims that he's never heard of anyone eating shit before, suggesting that he's either lost or is suppressing all memory of Bwett, but when Emre puts on clothes just like Bwett's usual outfit, Aaron finally clicks. He then admits that their new home, Toilet Town, would be really appropriate for Bwett, but advises Emre that he doesn't want to "cop his style." (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
    • Part 3: When Aaron spots a distant sign reading Navezgane Survivors, he and Emre get excited at the thought of finding a trader, forgetting that the Survivors are a football team (as seen in Season 9). (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 4: Emre asks Aaron is the word "shit-tastic" makes him hungry. "Are you Bwett?" Aaron and Emre ponder what it would be like if they were out surviving with Bwett instead of each other. In a way, Aaron missed all of their friends (the Pleasure Town survivors), even if they had just one of them with them now. Emre agrees, knowing he could get the others to perform his "grunt work" for him while he rested. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 5: When Emre expresses interest in having guests over at Devito Tower, Aaron reminds him of what happened the last time they had guests. The guests all got pissy at each other, and tried to kill each other, and then tried to kill Aaron and Emre, and then Aaron and Emre got angry at each other... Aaron doesn't like that! (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 6: Emre is offended when Aaron suggests that he's a little fatter than he was when they first met, having put on about 5 pounds a year. "That's not true, what are you talking about? I look the same! Who've you been talking to? Sounds like an idiot. Was it Elfilon?" Aaron denies that Elfilon ever called Emre fat; he just said Emre was stupid. Emre calls Elfilon a liar. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • Pea Factory: Emre passes by a factory that reminds him of, but isn't exactly like, the Pea Factory. He needles Aaron about the Pea Factory until Aaron acknowledges that he does remember it, as "the good old days." (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
  • Pie Bangers: Aaron fondly recalls Bloobs, the "blueberry woman that I made, and made it with," and hopes to make another one someday. (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
  • Pleasure Town/Pleasure Shire: From Aaron and Emre's perspective, Season 10 picks up immediately following the total destruction of Pleasure Shire at the end of Season 9 (Episode 175 - The End of Everything). Aaron describes falling down a long, endless tunnel, thinking he was going to be dead for sure, but instead waking up atop a forested hill overlooking a lake. Emre suggests naming their new location "Pleasureton" but Aaron immediately shoots him down. Aaron recalls Pleasure Town as fun, but a debacle. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
  • Safes vs. Saves: Aaron has now firmly established (in his own mind) that the plural of "safe" should be "saves." He's been getting caught on "safes" vs. "saves" ever since Episode 13 (Zom-Bee). (Episode 189 - Elevator Prank; Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
  • Thanksgiving: Aaron finds Emre's simile comparing themselves to the Pilgrims and the zombies to the Indians to be "sad" and questionable, because if they invite the zombies over for Thanksgiving, the zombies will just eat them. Emre acknowledges it's not a perfect metaphor, but suggests they go for it. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
  • Unbearable Facts: The terrifying zombie bear that chases Aaron into O.G. Fort in Episode 179 (Zombie Bear In Our Base) is eerily reminiscent of the time a live bear chased Aaron into the Kill Grille and mauled him in Episode 92 (Bear in the Base).
  • Undead Patrons: Episode 192 (Broken Legs & Broken Dreams) was recorded as a live stream. As with Subbable patrons in the early seasons of the show, viewers of this episode could donate to Game Society and have Aaron and Emre dedicate specific zombies to them. The new undead patrons even included the seemingly unstoppable Padraig Skelly, a frequent Subbable patron back in the day.
  • The Unstoppable SP Cakes, Part 1: Emre hopes that if they dress up all nice, he and Aaron might impress SP Cakes whenever she reappears, convincing her to stop destroying them all of the time. (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 2: When Emre steps on a landmine at The Boobie Trap, the explosion makes Aaron and Emre worry briefly that they may be under attack from SP Cakes. (Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap)

Fun Facts Edit

  • Blood Moons: This season has featured two blood moons to date.
    • Day 7: After Aaron has spent extensive time designing a killing floor at the entrance to O.G. Fort, the Day 7 horde zombies prove unable to find their way into the bunker at all, resulting in a total whiff of a horde night. Somehow, miraculously, Emre still manages to get killed. (Episode 185 - 7th Day Fail)
    • Day 14: Aaron and Emre easily fend off the Day 14 horde in the lobby of Devito Tower. The blood moon begins in Episode 193 (Night 14 Fail) and concludes in Episode 194 (Pastor Jim's Secret Lair).
  • Building the Fourth Wall, Part 1: Aaron and Emre don't attempt to disguise their discussions about leveling up and spending skill points this season. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business; Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters; Episode 181 - The B**bie Trap; Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 2: On Day 4, Aaron and Emre complain existentially that everything seems harder and more painful now. (In fact, they've turned up the game's difficulty level between episodes, making the zombies they encounter more dangerous.) (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 3: Aaron uses his "amazing treasure-finding skills" to find a buried treasure with minimum time and effort. (In truth, he's figured out that buried treasure chests are always located exactly where the icon indicates on the world map. (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 4: Aaron declares that Emre has died and become a ghost to paper over a bug that causes Emre to become completely invisible after he dies. (Aaron does explicitly tell Emre he'll have to log out, though.) (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 5: Aaron and Emre again discuss how the zombies have inexplicably gotten tougher as they prepare for the Day 7 blood moon. While looking at the crafting menu, Aaron complains about seeing a lack of options "in my own brain." (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 6: Emre takes 2 levels of the Health Nut perk between Episode 185 (7th Day Fail) and 186 (Devito Tower), explaining to Aaron (who doesn't quite get it at first) that he's "revitalized" himself by going vegan. They both agree that raising Emre's "minimum terribleness" was the best use of Emre's time and skills.
    • Part 7: After climbing most of Devito Tower, Aaron realizes it will take a long time to thoroughly explore the skyscraper. "If we were, like, if we were making a TV show, or something like that, called, like, 'Emre and Aaron the Post-Apocalyptic Survivors,' like, y'know, if that was a TV show, that would take a lot of episodes." And that TV show would only be available on CBS's web site, where viewers would have to pay to see it. (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 8: Emre's mention of "A bucket of zombie predator pee and a bucket of zombie predator poo" in Episode 188 (Deconstruction) is a reference to A Bucket of Pee and a Bucket of Poo, the imaginary Game Society side channel where the Pimps release all of the fully scripted shows some YouTube viewers keep "accusing" them of making. (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
    • Part 9: After Emre dies, he complains about how quickly the game is loading. Aaron pretends not to know what he means. "Whatever that means? Are you talking about your turds? Waiting for your turds to load?" Later, Aaron notes that zombies have gotten so dumb they can't smell meat anymore, though he has a feeling they being able to again sometime in the future (referencing a bug tied to the game's new stealth system). (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
    • Part 10: Episode 192 (Broken Legs & Broken Dreams) was recorded as a live stream, with viewers able to switch between Aaron and Emre's POVs with a click. Needing to share that information with viewers, Aaron muses about the idea of an audience watching them as an impossible hypothetical. Emre agrees that the idea would be cool, but also a little ridiculous. Communication problems during the live stream (Aaron's voice keeps dropping out for a stretch) also refreshes the topic of how they talk to each other across far distances, which they explain as "ear pieces." Later, after dying to a wolf, Emre suggests to the audience that they review his footage for proof that the controls ("my brain") didn't respond to his commands.
  • Check the Map, Part 1: Upon waking up on a lakeside hilltop, Aaron spots a distant city and declares that they're in Switzerland ("or something"). They quickly "friend" each other on "Friendswhatevers," existentially speaking. They sample some names for their new surroundings, including "New Switzerland" and "Pleasureton," but ultimately agree to explore further before naming it. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 2: Aaron is still feeling out new town names as they head into Day 2, including Switzertown, Switzy, Switzich, Switcherville, Switzyland, Switzybits, and Switzyness. At dawn, Aaron thinks their surroundings remind him more of Maine. Either way, Emre is pretty sure they aren't in Texas. Aaron eventually suggests they call their town Laketown, realizing that most towns probably got their names because the settlers were too tired and desperate to waste energy thinking up with anything. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 3: Aaron and Emre settle on calling their new home Toilet Town, for all of the toilets they keep finding everywhere. (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
    • Part 4: The discovery of Poopy Pants Day Care convinces Aaron and Emre that they are indeed in Toilet Town. (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear In Our Base)
    • Part 5: As Aaron follows Emre out of the wooded hills into the plains, he concedes that this region might not be Switzerland. The sight of snowy mountains on the horizon makes him wonder if they're out west by the Rockies. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 6: Aaron and Emre determine that the city adjacent to Toilet Town (where they find Di Shong/Devito Tower) is Downtown Toilet Town. (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 7: Emre breaks open crates in Devito Tower only to find fancy toilets, reminding Aaron where they are. Emre's already forgotten the name Toilet Town; he guesses it's called Shitsville. (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
    • Part 8: Aaron uses the in-game map to show Emre how to find clay and even to guide him remotely to a source of water.
  • The Pre-Apocalypse, Part 1: Aaron and Emre each had a duct tape wallet back in the day. Everyone made one at some point. In high school, to stand out from the crowd, Aaron used a thick bass string as a shoelace in one shoe. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 2: When Emre encounters a cowboy zombie that resembles Aaron, Aaron acknowledges that he did have a couple of relatives down in Texas before the apocalypse. (Episode 177 - Bad For Business)
    • Part 3: Aaron never owned a full suit before the apocalypse. Pee-wee Herman was a brilliant man. Aaron and Emre don't know if he survived the apocalypse. Aaron thinks he probably did, and Emre hopes so. (Episode 178 - Apocalypse Hipsters)
    • Part 4: The world lasted long enough for Donald Trump to threaten North Korea with nuclear fire and devastation. (Episode 180 - Military Man)
    • Part 5: Danny DeVito was a very cool guy. The coolest! When the apocalypse happened, people holed up in churches because they thought God would protect them. And for the most part, according to Emre, they were right. (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure)
    • Part 6: Emre spent a summer lumberjacking, specifically cutting down protected redwoods to meet the huge demand on the black market. He knows all about "they" could test redwood to determine whether or not it came from a protected tree. (Episode 184 - God's a Narcissist)
    • Part 7: "Yuppers" was a fun word to say to people back before the apocalypse. (Episode 186 - Devito Tower)
    • Part 8: Emre can't remember if he ever used any pick-up lines on anyone. If he did, it was when he was much younger, before he found the Lord. There was a period when Emre wasn't religious, and he was even an atheist for a time. (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
    • Part 9: Aaron took a lot of English classes in school, which is apparently how he knows that books are edible (though not good for you). Zombies like stairs because they remember being invited over to their friends' stairwells when they were alive. Civilization lasted long enough for Aaron to remember the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Emre plays coy over whether working at Arby's was his dream job. (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)
  • Series Records: Episode 192 (Broken Legs & Broken Dreams) is the longest episode in the series to date, with a run time of 46:39. Note, however, that Episode 192 was recorded and released as a live stream, unlike the show's standard format of prerecorded and edited episodes. Episode 192 is completely unedited, but viewers can switch between Aaron and Emre's POV at will, doubling the amount of unique footage captured. (Episode 192 is not the first 7D2D live stream Game Society Pimp has released, but it is the first to be included within the show's continuity). The longest "standard" episode of the series also falls within Season 10: Episode 200 (Night 21 & 28), at 43:48. Both of these episodes supplanted the previous record holder, Episode 99 (Zombie Night Club).
  • Time Doesn't Exist Here, Exactly, Part 1: 24 game-hours in this world last 60 real-world minutes (a change from earlier alphas, when the default was 50 minutes per game-day). Meanwhile, the average episode length has been extended to 30 minutes (compared to the previous standard of 20 minutes), so roughly speaking, the series continues its overall trend of devoting two episodes to each game-day.
    • Part 2: When Emre mentions Halloween in passing, Aaron acknowledges that he has no idea what time of year it is, but raises the idea of celebrating Halloween in a couple of days. Emre talks him down, advising that they find some costumes, then plan for Halloween. (Episode 176 - Alpha 16 Fresh Start)
    • Part 3: Due to presence of numerous (zombified) student nurses at Poopy Prep, Aaron theorizes that the school he and Emre explore in Episode 179 (Zombie Bear In Our Base) was a survivor holdout during the initial spread of the zombie virus, where the nurses tried to treat the infected, unaware that Aaron had made it so that the plague could not be cured. In turn, this prompts Aaron to claim that he wasn't the only scientist working on a zombie virus. If Aaron hadn't unleashed the apocalypse, someone else would have; specifically, Aaron names a Klaus Jungenwaffle in Sweden, who was close to completing his zombie research.
    • Part 4: The series skips past Night 5 between Episodes 182 (Insane Treasure) and 183 (Vulture Club), during which Aaron and Emre spend "sleeping" in the lobby of Devito Tower.
    • Part 5: Episode 184 (God's a Narcissist) skips past Night 6, once Aaron and Emre make it home, to the dawn of Day 7. Aaron and Emre "sleep" the night away.
    • Part 6: The series skips past most of the morning of Day 8, between Episode 185 (7th Day Fail) and Episode 186 (Devito Tower). Aaron and Emre spend the unseen time packing for their move from O.G. Fort to Devito Tower and training their skills.
    • Part 7: Episode 187 (On Top of the Tower) skips past a few hours in the afternoon of Day 9.
    • Part 8: Aaron refers to the period when survivors would have still been around, leaving challenge notes and treasure maps, as five years ago. (Episode 188 - Deconstruction)
    • Part 9: After Emre is killed by zombies, Episode 189 (Elevator Prank) skips ahead from nightfall on Day 10 to the morning of Day 11.
    • Part 10: Aaron blames his not knowing how to build a mini-bikes despite building them all the time back in the day on age. "It just happens. You get old, you forget." (It's truer than he knows; the real Aaron has forgotten that his character did actually learn how to build mini-bikes in this alpha.) Aaron and Emre can't remember how old they're are; Aaron hasn't been tracking his birthdays. Emre thinks it's been years since the apocalypse; maybe a decade. Emre notes that they don't look any older than when they started (although, in fact, they looked drastically different back in the early alphas). (Episode 190 - Vegetarian Idiot)
    • Part 11: Episode 191 (Giant Fat Problems) skips past a few minutes of busywork mid-conversation, notable mainly for the way it makes Aaron subtly appear to teleport between shots. (Episode 191 - Giant Fat Problems)

Game Notes Edit

This season updates to Alpha 16 and takes place in a new randomly generated world map (the first return to random-gen since Season 6). Significant new features and changes include:

  • New entity models introduce new and revised types of zombies (including the return of long-absent Hawaiian shirt-wearing "fatties"), but also mark the removal of UMA zombies (an experiment introduced in Alpha 14). New categories of zombies include ferals (who are tougher and always run), and glowing radioactive zombies (who regenerate health). The monstrous zombies previously called ferals are now labeled as "wraiths" within the game.
  • The game's original, harmless pigs have been replaced by temperamental boars. Hornets (buh-buh-buh-bees) have been removed from the game entirely, replaced by zombie vultures. Wolves and (as yet unseen) dire wolves now roam the forests, and snakes lurk in deserts and plains.
  • More complex random map generation, with numerous new POIs (points of interest), including skyscrapers. It is now possible to see POIs at long distances.
  • Craftable traps and electrical systems, including the turrets Emre has been praying for throughout the series. (Aaron and Emre have not yet encountered these, however.)
  • A "sleeper" system by which most zombies are now encountered lurking inside buildings rather than roaming freely outside.
  • Over the course of the season Aaron repeatedly complains about the zombies somehow becoming even stupider than usual. This is a reaction to problems in the Alpha 16 entity AI that can make it difficult for zombies to navigate around obstacles and target players.

Emre's recurring invisibility (Episode 182 - Insane Treasure) is due to a bug in the early Alpha 16 builds, causing players to sometimes turn invisible until they log out and back into the game.

Episodes Edit

Following the increasingly complicated evolution of the series through Seasons 7 - 9, Season 10 marks a return to basics for the show: Just Aaron and Emre, wandering through the post-apocalypse alone, with no notable modding. With the simpler production schedule and more leisurely pace comes longer episodes, which now run 30 minutes on average, rather than the former average of 20 minutes.

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