This is an overview of episodes 84 to 102 in the series, 7 Days to Die.

The new season starts in the immediate aftermath of the end of Season 4, when "God's" minions drove Aaron and Emre into the Void. Finding themselves separated in a new wilderness, they quickly dismiss the significance of that event to focus on getting themselves back on their feet. Aaron discovers a foggy town he names Bethlehem and guides Emre to join him there. Finding a tiny, fortified shack near a college dormitory, they take it over for use as their first base.

As they continue to explore, they move their operations to an underground bunker under a country house, which they modify to create the Kill Grille. The emergence of one of their deadliest foes to date - bears - prompts Aaron and Emre to reveal more of their pre-apocalyptic lives.

While out building mini-bikes in advance of the Day 21 horde, Aaron and Emre take shelter at an unusual building, and Aaron realizes that he's accidentally found his way home: the facility where he first created, and then accidentally unleashed, the zombie plague that destroyed the world.

Returning to where it all began (or ended, depending on one's point of view) fills Aaron with a sickening and unfamiliar sensation of guilt. Seeking to atone, Aaron agrees to Emre's command that he destroy the Skyscraper of Babel, a vacant building Aaron has become strangely obsessed with, and a symbol, in Emre's mind, of the failings of mankind and science.

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Season 5 Death Count[edit | edit source]

  • Aaron: 5
    Emre: 17
    However, Aaron's lucky streak does result in him being infected over many episodes.

Video[edit | edit source]


7D2D Season 5 DORM SHACK GROUND ZERO Remastered

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Aaron - Mad scientist
  • Emre - Religious zealot

Forts[edit | edit source]

Dorm Shack (a.k.a. Smallest Base Ever, a.k.a. Beer Fort)[edit | edit source]

  • An extremely small base just large enough for two beds and two chests. Aaron and Emre have to stand on their beds at night. Heavily fortified (including a mini-drawbridge) and surrounded by cacti and spikes. Aaron assumes other post-apocalyptic survivors built it.
  • Aaron finds the shack in Episode 85 (College Dorm Shack) and immediately claims it for himself.
  • Survives the Day 7 horde with minimal damage.
  • Abandoned in favor of the Kill Grille (Episode 91 - Field of Spikes). On their way out, Aaron dubs Dorm Shack the Beer Fort for a cold beer sign hanging on one wall.

Kill Grille (a.k.a. Horror Vacation Home)[edit | edit source]

  • An underground bunker beneath a walled country house outside Bethlehem. Aaron assumes these bunkers were built in the 1950s in case of nuclear disaster.
  • Aaron expands the bunker and installs a grille on the ceiling so they can shoot dogs and zombies without placing themselves in danger.
  • Aaron discovers the bunker in Episode 88 (Trapped In A Hole!) and lays out his plans for the Kill Grille in Episode 90 (Pie Bangers). However, when he and Emre try to return to the bunker to move in for good (Episode 91 - Field of Spikes), they happen upon a second, identical horror mansion and decide to just move in there instead.
  • Aaron grows bored with the Kill Grille shortly before he rediscovers his lost Facility. (Episode 100 - Mini-Bike Morons)

The Facility[edit | edit source]

  • Aaron's original research lab. Ground Zero for the zombie apocalypse.
  • Aaron invented an Indestructible "bedrock" substance to contain his zombie test subjects in cells they could not break through, but sadly he also included open viewing windows the zombies could reach through.
  • Aaron and Emre stumble across Aaron's Facility in Episode 100 (Mini-Bike Morons) and relocate there immediately, using it to defeat the Day 21 feral horde.

Content[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Some weirdo that, like, sent a drone over us, and, like, y'know, probably drugged us or something, he's not going to let us not survive. He - he keeps saying he's responsible for our lives, but fuck that. We control our own destinies." - Aaron "Yeah, exactly. We're - we're - we're people, we're individuals." - Emre "We are." - Aaron "We control our - our own destiny, like you just said." - Emre "We're real people with real lives, and God damn it, we deserve to be treated like that." - Aaron "Except of course you know that, uh, everything is predestined and predetermined by God, so OH MY GOD THERE WAS A BEAR!! THERE'S A BEAR! OOOH, JESUS! HOLY SHIT! I just got hit by a bear! There's a fuckin' bear chasing me - oh my God!" - Emre (Episode 84 - Strange New World)
  • "I don't want to learn new things!" - Emre "Too late!" - Aaron "I'm done with learning!" - Emre (Episode 84 - Strange New World)
  • "Hey, if you - if you come here, we will find everything you want. You know what I have? I have a perfect - a flawless pistol barrel. I already discovered this." - Aaron "A flawless pistol barrel?" - Emre "Yeah, it's that great over here. And - oh, WHAT THE FUCK A PIG's ATTACKING ME!?! What the fucking Hell?!? There's a fucking pig!" - Aaron "What?" - Emre "He just fucking climbed- (coughing fit)" - Aaron (Episode 85 - College Dorm Shack)
  • "Heal me, Jesus! No, wait, that's something you would say." - Aaron (Episode 85 - College Dorm Shack)
  • "I was a pork failure, but I'm a venison success." - Aaron (Episode 87 - Smallest Base Ever)
  • "Ah!!! Oh, God!!! I'm infected now!" - Emre "Ah, there's a zombie inside - Oh, good! Join the club! Join the slow, shitty club." - Aaron (Episode 87 - Smallest Base Ever)
  • "What?!? I totally have alcohol! Why am I getting tired suddenly?" - Emre "It happens. You get high at first, and then you get tired from the boozedness." - Aaron (Episode 88 - Trapped In A Hole!)
  • "Oh, man. I don't know what to do." - Emre "Well, you can talk to me. I mean, I'm here. I got - I got- I have an ear. Or two ears." - Aaron "I'm just really depressed." - Emre "Well, what's the problem, man?" - Aaron "Well, I feel like we've done this a million times. Like, a million times. And..." - Emre "Yeah..." - Aaron "...We're just reliving the same fuckin' thing over and over again. Like, why - I wish it would just - I wish what we would do would just remain permanent. I just... y'know, I feel like everything's pointless." - Emre "Okay, well, I mean - I think I see what you're saying, but we're surviving. I mean, isn't that kind of important? Don't you want to survive anymore?" - Aaron "Yeah..." - Emre "Here, tell ya what. Dude, I know exactly what will cheer you up. Eat this. (hands Emre dog food)" - Aaron (Episode 88 - Trapped In A Hole!)
  • "Hey, man. I invented invisible bears, okay? It takes a lot to impress me." - Aaron "Yeah, well, I'm invisi-barely impressed by that." - Emre (Episode 89 - Invisible Bear)
  • "Oh... oh... OH!!!" - Emre "Oh, you already - dude, it's already over?!? Dude!" - Aaron "Oh, God, that was so good! Oh, my God!" - Emre "Dude! Dude. Come on. How did you - that was so fast." - Aaron "Dude! Due, I - It's been a long time since I've had, like, sex of any kind! I know you've been fucking pies, like, on the regular, so you probably have shit-loads of stamina, but, like me? It's been - it's been... months!" - Emre "Yeah, well, maybe your pie's better than mine; my pie wasn't really doing a whole lot for me." - Aaron "Yeah, you want to fuck my pie? it's... you want some sloppy seconds?" - Emre "God, no, not really..." - Aaron "Literally?" - Emre "I'm going to keep trying. I'm just going to keep trying." - Aaron "...Sloppy second, second helping?" - Emre (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
  • "You're a life coach." - Emre "I'm a life coach. I'd give you advice about life - what do you want? What do you need to know? Do you have any problems?" - Aaron "Yeah! I have a lot of problems. Oh, my God, I just found a pistol and three bullets!" - Emre "That's not a problem." - Aaron "I solved all my problems. I don't need a life coach." - Emre "Fine. Your gun is your life coach, right?" - Aaron (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
  • "Oh my God, there's a bear wandering around town! There's a bear in the bar." - Emre "I thought I heard a bear." - Aaron "There's a bear in the bar." - Emre "He's in the bar?" - Aaron "Yes." - Emre "I gotta see this." - Aaron "There's a bear looking for beer in the bar." - Emre "A beer bear?" - Aaron "Oh my God, it just went behind the counter." - Emre "A beer bear. I see him! I see him!" - Aaron "It's a beer bear. In the beer bear bar." - Emre (Episode 91 - Field of Spikes)
  • (About a concrete wall) "Oh my God, this is really thick. I don't even know we're going to pound our way out of here." - Aaron "Ha! That's what she said!" - Emre "Wait... When did she say that? I didn't hear her say that. I think you misheard. I think what she actually said is, 'I'm going to punch you in the face, you fucking loser.'" - Aaron "No, she said it was - she said it was really thick, okay? It's really thick. It's really hard to get through, because it's so thick. That's what she said." - Emre "When she was talking about what, a wall? That you were building?" - Aaron "Never mind." - Emre "Are you going to shoot me? What are you doing?" - Aaron "You're not fun." - Emre (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base)
  • "You have a lot of faith, my friend. I really do envy you." - Aaron "Yeah." - Emre "To the point of complete almost retardation, I might say." - Aaron "Yeah, you envy me to the point of retardation?" -Emre (Aaron laughs as he realizes he's been bested) (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base)
  • "Don't call yourself stupid just because you lost your backpack in the dumbest way possible." - Aaron (Episode 94 - Worst Spiked Club Ever)
  • "Three... two... one... we're dead." - Aaron (Episode 94 - Worst Spiked Club Ever)
  • "Do you want me to stab you in the ass?" - Aaron "No. I want you to leave me alone." - Emre "What's the problem? Tell me about it. Tell me all about it." - Aaron "The problem... is that... nothing is going my way. I feel like the universe is just out to get me." - Emre (Episode 94 - Worst Spiked Club Ever)
  • "Don't complain about painkillers, dude. We're really low on them." - Emre "I'm not! That's the only thing I need right now. I am so close to dying because I got punched up and fucked." - Aaron "'Punched Up and Fucked: The Aaron Yonda Story.'" - Emre (Episode 95 - Feral Zombie Attack)
  • "Think ahead! Think forward into, like, a future that we hope doesn't happen." - Aaron "Okay." - Emre "I do that a lot." - Aaron "Yeah, well, I don't. I live in the now." - Emre (Episode 96 - Kill Grille)
  • (Looting a zombie) "Corn and gunpowder. What the fuck was this guy doing with his life?" - Emre (Episode 96 - Kill Grille)
  • "You know, if you put makeup on these, these zombie women, I bet they'd probably be doable." - Aaron "Aw, yeah, well, most women are doable if you put makeup on them." - Emre "That's totally sexist, I love it." - Aaron "That's why they invented makeup. That's the point of it. It's to fool men into thinking they're attractive." - Emre "Uh..." - Aaron (Episode 96 - Kill Grille)
  • "I'm tearing down all the concrete blocks around your heart right now, with my repair tool. And repairing the fabric of your heart." - Aaron "I need some gloves." - Emre "Filling it with love. Do you love me again?" - Aaron "Shut up! Can you make me leather gloves?" - Emre "I knew it. You do love me again." - Aaron (Episode 97 - Home Invasion)
  • "Everything you've been looking for is in that skyscraper." - Emre "Oh! So you mean, like, a huge crate of blueberry pies?" - Aaron "Yes. Maybe, a woman made out of blueberry pie." - Emre "Oh, yeah, the ultimate woman. A blueberry pie woman. The Holy Grail of women. Not only can - not only is she beautiful and smells good, but you can - you can eat her for dessert." - Aaron "Exactly." - Emre "And then give it to her, right in the pie... hole." - Aaron "She's probably up there." - Emre "Definitely. Someday I'll find my blueberry pie woman in the skyscraper. I know it." - Aaron (Episode 98 - Skyscrapist)
  • "They spared no expense! Except for having anything of value, at all." - Aaron (Episode 98 - Skyscrapist)
  • "Okay, well, I cleared out the top floor!" - Emre "All right, well, don't go down the way the zombies came down. Come down the stairs; you'll see a gore mound that's about six feet high-" - Aaron "Okay!?!" - Emre "-a zombie trying to bust down a door, and then a series of other zombies in a room, blocked by gore currently. I'm taking a break." - Aaron (Episode 99 - Zombie Night Club)
  • "Oh, there's a bear! There's a bear attacking zombies! That's exciting!" - Emre "That's always good. I'm solidly on the bear's team in that situation." - Aaron "Me too." - Emre "Wonder if I can down enough blueberries to, like, not get tired." - Aaron "You should down enough blueberries to become a bear. That would be cool. To become a blue-bear!" - Emre (Episode 100 - Mini-Bike Morons)
  • "I no longer am interested in sex now that I have a mini-bike." (Episode 100 - Mini-Bike Morons)
  • "I can't get out the door. It's a gore door. I am in Mordor, except it's a Gore Door." - Aaron (Episode 101 - The Facility)
  • "I killed... whatever the population was of the Earth, I think it was around 6.5 billion, maybe 7, they all died because of my experiments in this building. So is there any, like, holy water, or like, sacred fish guts or something you can spread around that will... give this building salvation, and me salvation, so I don't feel guilty about it anymore?" - Aaron (Episode 101 - The Facility)
  • "Never take down a building from the inside. That's the lesson here." - Aaron (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus)

Recurring Themes[edit | edit source]

  • Aaron the Bunker Booster, Part 1: Aaron argues for the need to maintain a fortified home against the wishes of Emre, who believes they should be on the move, "going from town to town, raping, looting, and pillaging." Aaron wins out. (Episode 89 - Invisible Bear)
    • Part 2: Aaron has to win Emre over to the idea of building another underground fort; after the Ho Motel hole, Emre's wary of a fort that only has one escape route. Aaron promises him the new fort will be a "giant underground web of awesomeness with multiple protection fronts." (Episode 91 - Field of Spikes)
    • Part 3: Emre begrudgingly admits to Aaron that he has a lot of good ideas about building forts. Emre agrees to leave the construction of the Kill Grille bunker to Aaron while Emre goes out and explores. (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base)
    • Part 4: After planning it out for days, Aaron builds the Kill Grille, a horizontal grille in the ceiling of their underground fort. Aaron believes, correctly, that he and Emre will be able to stand in safety directly below the zombies, firing up through the bars to kill a feral horde. He also believes, incorrectly, that they'll be able to safely loot the dead zombies through the grille. (Episode 96 - Kill Grille)
  • Aaron the Bunker Buster: Aaron actually makes no attempt to destroy any forts this season, but he does accept Emre's quest of absolution to destroy the "Skyscraper of Babel." (Episode 101 - The Facility; Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus)
  • Aaron the Creeper, Part 1: Now flush with pork and venison, Aaron promises to give the starving Emre "the meat so hard, straight up your fucking ass." Emre admits he would not be opposed to that, so long as he gets a good night's sleep and meal out of the deal. (Episode 86 - Mystery Mansion)
    • Part 2: Aaron trades kisses for painkillers. Emre is so hurt he takes the offer without complaint. (Episode 88 - Trapped In A Hole!)
    • Part 3: Aaron isn't opposed to bestiality, if animals are the only option. He would sometimes punish naughty invisi-bears in his lab by giving them his "choad." (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
    • Part 4: Emre politely declines Aaron's subtle offer of anal sex on Night 12. During the feral horde attack, Aaron proclaims that he's getting "major upskirts" as he shotguns the zombies above him. (Episode 96 - Kill Grille)
    • Part 5: After dying to an exploding cop, Emre accuses Aaron of being a coward (which he then switches to "cowherd" to stop Aaron from destroying his backpack). Aaron offers to suck Emre's dick as punishment for not being a hero. Emre declines, so Aaron uses his repair tool to "repair" Emre's heart. (Episode 97 - Home Invasion)
    • Part 6: Aaron again asserts that he only wants to have sex with Emre because he's a "pragmatist" and will take what he can get. (Episode 99 - Zombie Night Club)
    • Part 7: Aaron tries to capitalize on Emre's crisis of faith to hit him up for sex. When Emre angrily declines, Aaron suggests something else instead: He just wants to pull down his pants and put his dick near Emre's naked butt, but not in Emre's nake butt. Emre doesn't trust him, but Aaron ignores his decision. Aaron continues to harangue him into the night, and since Aaron has provided them with an impervious base, Emre finally relents. Emre moves slightly, and Aaron insists that his movement resulted in physical contact. Emre's pretty sure Aaron's going insane. To burn off his sexual frustration, Aaron spends the next few hours punching an indestructible wall. (Episode 101 - The Facility)
  • Aaron the Expert: Aaron's plans for the Kill Grille are predicated on his "suspicion" that zombies pound better diagonally than vertically. (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base)
  • Aaron the Proper Host: When zombie cops besiege the strip club Aaron is trying to explore, he immediately slips into the role of a club manager dealing with a police sting, complaining to the zombies that he's "just an honest businessman trying to run a strip club." Later, as he clubs zombies in a bookstore, he imagines that he's meeting with rude members of his book club. (Episode 99 - Zombie Night Club)
  • Aaron vs. Hallucinations, Part 1: By the end of Day 1, a fog has settled in around Aaron that's so dark and thick he assumes wildfires must be burning nearby (Episode 84 - Strange New World). He's still complaining about the darkness on Day 2 (Episode 85 - College Dorm Shack), and it gradually becomes clear that he and Emre are not seeing the same weather conditions.
    • Part 2: By Day 3, Aaron is starting to realize that the constant fog and darkness all around him (everything looks "super polluted") may be in his head. He blames an untreated infection for his hallucinations. Later, a door he's trying to break down keeps shifting in and out of existence before his eyes. Later still, Aaron believes he's hallucinating a desk. (Episode 86 - Mystery Mansion)
    • Part 3: Aaron encounters more doors fluctuating in and out of existence on Day 18. He takes them in stride, not mentioning these hallucination to Emre. (Episode 99 - Zombie Night Club)
  • Aaron vs. Infection: A zombie infects Aaron on Day 2 (Episode 86 - Mystery Mansion) and he stays infected until Day 5 (Episode 89 - Invisible Bear), complaining all the while about his nonexistent stamina.
  • Aaron vs. Morality: Returning to the Facility and reminiscing about how he created the zombie virus and wiped out humanity fills Aaron with unfamiliar and unpleasantly sickening sensations of guilt. (Episode 101 - Mini-Bike Morons; Episode 102 - The Facility)
  • Aaron vs. Pit Stops, Part 1: When Aaron nabs handlebar schematics off a dead zombie, he realizes he's close to fulfilling his personal quest to build a mini-bike. (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base)
    • Part 2: Aaron is overjoyed when Emre declares that he's found, and read, mini-bike schematics. (Episode 98 - Skyscrapist)
    • Part 3: When Emre gets confused while assembling minibikes, Aaron simply scavenges the best parts from both bikes to create a single, functioning mini-bike for himself. When he finally gets a bike working, Aaron hops on and drives off, joking he's never coming back. He's overjoyed to be riding a bike for the first time since the apocalypse, but he has trouble steering, hitting boulders and trees, and sailing over a cliff. (Episode 100 - Mini-Bike Morons)
  • Aaron vs. Poop, Part 1: Aaron is highly dubious of Emre's claim that his "shit club" is actually made from petrified mammoth feces, worthy of being donated to a museum were it not for the apocalypse. (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
    • Part 2: Apropos of absolutely nothing, Aaron is delighted by the sudden memory of a product that squeezed kids' poop into funny shapes. (Episode 94 - Worst Spiked Club Ever)
  • Aaron & Emre vs. Tolkien: Aaron and Emre simultaneously discover a pair of identical hobbit houses (built to human proportions, of course). They trade Lord of the Rings zingers as they each look around. (Also see Referenced in Future Seasons, below.) Aaron learns that Emre is a huge fan of Lord of the Rings. (Episode 94 - Worst Spiked Club Ever; Episode 95 - Feral Zombie Attack)
  • Emre Ain't Afraid of No Zombies: Emre blows off Aaron's warning to sneak around any zombies he encounters in the wintry woods, but a few rough early encounters convince him to heed Aaron's advice. (Episode 84 - Strange New World)
    • Part 2: Emre confesses that he has to exaggerate his reactions to zombies, because he is now more terrified of bears, dogs, and bees than he is of the undead. On the same tack, he finds the woods more frightening than the city. (Episode 86 - Mystery Mansion)
    • Part 3: When Emre is assigned the job of exploring and scavenging while Aaron focuses on building the Kill Grille, Emre confidently states that God is protecting him, so he will not die. God hasn't protected him so far because, um, look, God has a plan. You have to have faith, is the point. (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base)
  • Emre is Squishy, Part 1: By Day 4, Emre is so weak that he's torn between the need to go out and scavenge and his need to sit around and do nothing but eat. (Episode 87 - Smallest Base Ever)
    • Part 2: Emre acknowledges that he is the "sick and needy" one, while Aaron is the "virile" one. (Episode 91 - Field of Spikes)
    • Part 3: Aaron freaks out when taking an accidental shotgun slug to the head drops his Wellness to 69. Emre, whose Wellness is 60, has little sympathy for him. (Episode 93 - Cop a Feel)
    • Part 4: Emre notes that one jab from Aaron's knife takes half his health. (Episode 94 - Worst Spiked Club Ever)
    • Part 5: Emre notices that, due to an infection, what little health he has isn't regenerating, leaving him a hair from death. (Episode 96 - Kill Grille)
    • Part 6: After fighting zombies and dogs all day to keep Aaron covered, Emre declares he needs to take a break. The reason: his body is full of holes and he's bleeding from every orifice. (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus)
    • Part 7: Turns out drawing most of Emre's blood doesn't make him any more resilient to dog bites. It does help inspire him to whine about the death spiral he's trapped in, though. (Episode 99 - Zombie Night Club)
  • Em Re. Coyote: Desperate to escape the undead, Emre smashes his way through a window, jumps down a story (nearly landing on a fatty zombie), and somehow manages to avoid hurting himself at all. (Episode 99 - Zombie Night Club)
  • Emre the Bleeder: While trying to extract Aaron from a zombie-choked strip club, Emre is bitten by a dog and bleeds out before he can save himself. "One hit from a dog and I bleed to death!" (Episode 99 - Zombie Night Club)
  • Emre the Cave Explorer, Part 1: Emre tells Aaron about the "Cave Explorer" game he would play as a child. The chance to explore a hole breaks him out of a funk, and he saves the day when he and Aaron briefly find themselves trapped inside a flooded concrete bunker. (Episode 88 - Trapped In A Hole!)
    • Part 2: Emre is disgusted by Aaron's overtly sexual imaginings of how Emre played "Cave Explorer" with his father, but he refuses to explain how the game/punishment was actually played. (Episode 89 - Invisible Bear)
  • Emre the Fashionista, Part 1: When they finally get to spend a night together, Emre has Aaron check out his clothes and tell him how he looks. (Episode 87 - Smallest Base Ever)
    • Part 2: Aaron supplies Emre with some new clothes, including an amazing Santa hat. (Episode 88 - Trapped In A Hole!)
    • Part 3: When Emre finds iron armor schematics, Aaron suggests he craft a suit of armor for himself modeled on the ridiculous armor women wear in fantasy. They both agree it should be a full suit of armor with just his dick sticking out. (Episode 91 - Field of Spikes)
    • Part 4: Rightfully confident that they're going to trounce the Day 14 feral horde, Emre and Aaron take a moment to check out and compliment each other's outfits. (Episode 96 - Kill Grille)
  • Emre the Noob, Part 1: Emre didn't think it was possible to make anything out of concrete. (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base)
    • Part 2: Although it's Emre who technically "learns" how to build mini-bikes, Aaron has to guide him through every step of the process. When Emre sits on his new (still incomplete) bike, he struggles to figure out how to get back off. When Emre realizes he left a necessary padlock at home, Aaron mentions bikes need drivers too. In frustration, Emre wonders where they're going to find "drivers" until Aaron points out that they are the drivers. He also accidentally shotguns a bike, wrecking its tires. (Episode 100 - Mini-Bike Morons)
  • Emre vs. Bees, Part 1: Emre spots bees every time he enters the city, but usually just hides from them. In Episode 95 (Feral Zombie Attack), he's finally forced to fight a bee to the death as he mutters "Of course" under his breath.
    • Part 2: The bees have mostly left Emre alone this season, but in Episode 99 (Zombie Night Club) he comments that zombie dogs have taken their role.
  • Emre vs. Morality: Emre is really into SMG, which Aaron eventually works out stands for "sado-masochistic guilt." (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base)
  • Book of Job, Man: Emre spends most of the season complaining about a long string of terrible luck, which gradually evolves into a fear that the universe is literally out to get him. At times, this even skirts becoming a crisis of faith.
  • Campfire Tales: Aaron and Emre spend their first night in the bunker they'll name the Kill Grille dealing with Emre's existential funk and discussing whether or not Emre's going to have to kill Aaron once he turns into a zombie. (Episode 88 - Trapped In A Hole!)
  • Dr. Pussyfun's Disease: A zombie breaks Aaron's leg, but he doesn't care. (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
  • Gaslighting Supply Drops, Part 1: When Emre notices that there was no supply plane on Day 1, Aaron assumes it's because the supply planes are operated by the same guy ("God") who drugged them and left him here, and who has decided to simply stop resupplying them. (Episode 84 - Strange New World)
    • Part 2: When Emre finally spots another air drop on Day 4, Aaron tries to talk him out of chasing after it, convinced the crate will be filled with nothing but "filth and embarrassment." Emre chases after the drop on his own, but it's so far away he completely loses track of it. (Episode 87 - Smallest Base Ever)
  • The Gospel According to Emre, Part 1: Everything is predestined and predetermined by God. (Episode 84 - Strange New World)
    • Part 2: The Lord made all churches. (Episode 86 - Mystery Mansion)
    • Part 3: Jesus, cavemen, mammoths, and dinosaurs all lived at the same time, 4,625 years ago. Masturbating is the opposite of worshiping. The opposite of praying is whoring. The opposite of regular sex is doggy style. ("Regular" sex is missionary; doggy style is evil.) (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
    • Part 4: Atheist angels don't exist and Aaron is full of shit for claiming they do. Even if they did exist, they wouldn't come to Aaron. Aaron (who is really talking about viewers) insists that they are real and that they're "constantly showing up in my feed." The Christian faith has a lot to do with boobs. (Episode 94 - Worst Spiked Club Ever)
    • Part 5: There was a time (the 1980s) when wearing makeup was considered Satanic, and women would be hanged for wearing it. (Episode 96 - Kill Grille)
    • Part 6: Jesus was all about forgiveness, so Emre recommends that Aaron forgive himself for (not indirectly) killing everyone on the planet. As a holy man, Emre is a representative of Jesus and can tell Aaron what He would want. Jesus would be find with Emre letting Aaron put his dick near Emre's butt, because Emre was doing it for a good cause. Jesus loves everyone, especially Emre, but he doesn't like pants-less men. (Episode 101 - The Facility)
    • Part 7: God hates the skyscraper in the city, a.k.a. the Skyscraper of Babel! It represents all of the evil, sadistic, hedonistic, science bullshit that humanity wrought upon itself! Side note, God is what provides us with all of our money and food. You totally can eat pig unless you're Jewish or Muslim. (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus)
  • Immortality: Aaron is very clear that he invented the zombie virus in an attempt to create human immortality. Emre, of course, accuses Aaron of playing God and of being a "heathenistic dipshit." Aaron remains proud of his work, insofar as he considers zombies "immortal beings that live forever, as long as you don't shoot them in the head." (Episode 100 - Mini-Bike Morons)
  • Ladder Control Problems, Part 1: Aaron and Emre climb down into a flooded bunker, only to discover the ladder's blocked when they try to climb back out. (Episode 88 - Trapped In A Hole!)
    • Part 2: Emre tries to build a ladder to reach the new Ho Motel's roof just before sunset. He misplaces one section, and by the time he crafts replacements, darkness has fallen. As zombies attack Aaron, Emre panics, falls off the collapsing ladder, and breaks his leg just before being slaughtered by a zombie. (Episode 89 - Invisible Bear)
    • Part 3: Emre is killed by zombies while trying to break the ladder they climb to reach him. In fact, they're probably drawn to him by his attempts to break the ladder. He spends the rest of the night ranting about the ladder, a story he and Aaron agree is boring as fuck and stupid as fuck. (Episode 94 - Worst Spiked Club Ever)
    • Part 4: After days of having to place and/or pick up wood frames to get in and out of the Kill Grille, Aaron finally decides they should just install a ladder. Emre is on the job, quick as you please, so naturally he repeatedly misplaces the top ladder section so it seals them in and needs to be broken to proceed. Even after Emre gets out, Aaron can barely clear the ladder. (Episode 100 - Mini-Bike Morons)
  • Landmine Your Own Business: Emre races up to a building, seeking shelter, and in just in the nick of time spots a landmine blocking the door. He sees a second landmine by a side door while relaying the situation to Aaron. He fails to notice a third mine in the parking lot, to his sorrow. (Episode 99 - Zombie Night Club)
  • Mind the Spikes, Part 1: Aaron and Emre frequently jab themselves on the rows of cacti surrounding the Dorm Shack. (Episode 85 - College Dorm Shack; Episode 87 - Smallest Base Ever; Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
    • Part 2: Emre takes on a zombie horde by himself, which leaves him so grievously wounded that when he returns to the Dorm Shack, he brushes against a cactus and dies. (Episode 87 - Smallest Base Ever)
    • Part 3: Aaron accidentally hurts himself on the Dorm Shack spikes, then patiently watches a zombie cross the spikes to test their effectiveness. The zombie makes it all the way to him, hitting Aaron for his trouble and forcing him to bandage himself. His conclusion: More Spikes! Emre dubs this plan Operation Barbed Penis. Aaron hurts himself again - badly - while repairing the spikes. (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
    • Part 4: On Day 7, Aaron and Emre lay down so many spikes around Dorm Shack that navigating past them to get into their base becomes a source of mortal danger. The next morning, Aaron jabs himself on the spikes again and tries to blame Emre. (Episode 91 - Field of Spikes)
    • Part 5: On Day 15, out of desperation, Emre surrounds himself with a ring of spikes to fend off the dogs and zombies that have overrun the grounds above the Kill Grille. When he tries to escape, he kills himself on his own spikes. (Episode 97 - Home Invasion)
    • Part 6: While quickly searching a junkyard, Emre keeps bumping up against the barbed wire fences and hurting himself without understanding what's happening. (Episode 101 - The Facility)
  • Other Survivors, Part 1: Aaron is certain that other survivors must have come along and prepared the Dorm Shack fort's ingenious defenses. Sadly, whoever they were, those survivors must be dead now. Oddly, they stuck a couple of random toilets near the ceiling... (Episode 85 - College Dorm Shack)
    • Part 2: Aaron assumes that the bunker beneath the horror mansion must have been built by people who knew the apocalypse was coming. He even assumes they might still be alive inside, until he breaks in and finds it deserted. (Episode 88 - Trapped In A Hole!)
    • Part 3: Aaron considers himself the last living linguist on the planet, and his lexicon will be passed down a century from now to all future humans. Though he isn't sure how he and Emre are going to have kids; they may need to adopt. Emre reminds him that women do exist; "Remember what's-her-face?" (Episode 99 - Zombie Night Club)
  • Pie Bangers: Since the "fake deity" that destroyed Ultra-Heaven hates pie-fucking, Emre declares that he's all for pie-fucking now. Even as Emre rails against the false God, Aaron finds a pair of blueberry pies. That night, Aaron finally coaxes Emre into having sex with a blueberry pie. However, while Emre makes quick work of his pastry mate, Aaron can't get the old crankshaft started. (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
  • Skyscraper of Babel, Part 1: Aaron develops an obsession with a towering, seemingly empty skyscraper, convinced it's hiding secrets. Emre is first to see the skyscraper, but he initially makes nothing of it. (Episode 86 - Mystery Mansion)
    • Part 2: Emre takes a lingering look at the skyscraper when he returns to the city alone, but he still doesn't mention it to Aaron. (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base)
    • Part 3: Aaron sees the skyscraper for himself and comments on it. Emre replies that he'd seen it already, but found it too scary to explore by himself. Aaron recruits Emre to help him check it out. (Episode 93 - Cop a Feel)
    • Part 4: On Day 12, Aaron and Emre return to the city specifically to explore the looming skyscraper. While they have no particular mishaps, the floors they search prove devoid of loot, prompting Aaron to declare the skyscraper "hella boring" and the most worthless building he's ever been in. On their way out, however, they battle their first feral zombie (the powerful, mutated zombies later renamed wraiths). They kill the feral, but the amount of ammo it took to the face before going down leaves them unnerved. (Episode 95 - Feral Zombie Attack)
    • Part 5: On Day 16, Aaron insists on returning to the skyscraper, unable to believe that it must contain something interesting they just didn't find. Later, Emre imagines that the skyscraper might contain Aaron's true love; everything he's been looking for. They eventually settle on Aaron's ideal woman: a blueberry pie woman. (Episode 98 - Skyscrapist)
    • Part 6: Emre proclaims that for Aaron to be absolved of his sins for wiping out humanity, he must tear down the Skyscraper of Babel! The Skyscraper represents all of the evil, sadistic, hedonistic, disgusting bullshit that Aaron's done and that mankind has wrought upon itself. Aaron is more than happy to comply. (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus)
  • Unbearable Facts, Part 1: For the first time, Aaron and Emre encounter bears, which prove to be terrifying and nearly invincible foes. Emre's been in this new world for just a few minutes when he's suddenly jumped by a bear that sends him into a fit of panic. On the upside, Aaron sees a bear kill a zombie. (Episode 84 - Strange New World)
    • Part 2: When Emre hears an unseen bear, he jokes about invisible bears. This prompts Aaron to reveal that he was working on creating invisible bears before his attention shifted to the zombie virus. At first, Emre thinks Aaron should have spent more time and effort on the invisi-bears, but then he isn't sure which would be worse: a zombie plague, or a plague of invisible bears apocalypse. They then debate how an invisi-bear would eat a baby. Later, something invisible badly wounds Aaron and kills Emre; Aaron supposes that some of his invisi-bear test animals might have survived. (Episode 89 - Invisible Bear)
    • Part 3: Sometimes, Aaron's invisi-bears would be naughty, so he would, somehow, punish them by giving them his "choad." (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
    • Part 4: Aaron and Emre stalk a beer bear through the beer bear bar. Aaron regrets that they kill it before he can say, "Buh-buh-buh-bear!" (Episode 91 - Field of Spikes)
    • Part 5: A bear ambushes Aaron while he's excavating the Kill Grille, chases him into a dead-end tunnel, and kills him as he sputters with fear. Fortunately for Aaron, the bear then teleports away! (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base)
    • Part 6: A bear ambushes and nearly kills Aaron. Emre, who is elated by his discovery of a hobbit house, is pulled back down to earth by the reminder that bears exist. (Episode 94 - Worst Spiked Club Ever)
    • Part 7: As they skirt around a bear busy killing zombies, Aaron and Emre declare themselves firmly on Team Bear. Emre suggests to Aaron that he should eat enough blueberries to become a "blue-bear." (Episode 100 - Mini-Bike Morons)
    • Part 8: Aaron spies from afar as a bear mauls a string of zombies, leading he and Emre to muse about how the apocalypse hasn't really drawn their notice. Aaron envies the bears' simple life. (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus)

Callbacks to Previous Seasons[edit | edit source]

  • Emre the Bleeder: Emre still believes in the existence of the "invisible dogs" that supposedly killed him in Episode 1 (Zombie Bacon). (Episode 89 - Invisible Bear)
  • Emre vs. Cat Food, Part 1: Emre purposefully eats cat food out of sheer desperation. (Episode 86 - Mystery Mansion)
    • Part 2: Out of food and on the verge of starvation, Emre finds some cat food and excitedly offers it to Aaron. Aaron declines. "Nah, that's kinda your thing." Emre replies that he'd rather starve. (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus)
  • God's Wrath, Part 1: Aaron has already convinced himself that the "God" voice who tore reality apart at the end of last season (Episode 83 - Conversation With God) was just some weirdo who flew a drone over them and probably drugged them. Aaron remains certain that the "Voice" belonged to whatever guy is in charge of the supply planes. (Episode 84 - Strange New World)
    • Part 2: Aaron gripes a bit more about the "guy" who took all their stuff. (Episode 85 - College Dorm Shack)
    • Part 3: Aaron's announcement that he found a Santa hat in the horror mansion, and the surprisingly effective protection the hat provides, reminds Emre of the Hellspawn that destroyed Ultra-Heaven. (Episode 88 - Trapped In A Hole!)
  • Ho Motel, Part 1: Emre discovers another hotel identical to the Ho Motel (Season 2) while chasing after a distant supply drop. Aaron is immediately excited to move in, insisting they'll "do it right this time." (Episode 87 - Smallest Base Ever)
    • Part 2: Emre leads Aaron back to the Ho Motel at the end of Day 5, where they reminisce about the escape pool. When zombies slaughter them at sunset, they abandon the new Ho Motel entirely. (Episode 89 - Invisible Bear)
    • Part 3: Emre references the Ho Motel hole when he worries that if an underground fort goes wrong, you've basically built yourself a tomb. (Episode 91 - Field of Spikes)
    • Part 4: Still thinking back to the Ho Motel, Emre proposes adding spike-filled corridors to the Kill Grille. Aaron doesn't like how disorganized Emre's tunnels were. Emre mis-remembers one thing, though: When Aaron got lost in the Ho Motel tunnels, he didn't nearly die; he did die. (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base)
  • Trash Fort: Emre favorably compares Aaron's plans for the Kill Grille to the dumpster they briefly utilized in Season 3, retroactively naming that overnight base "Trash Fort." (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
  • The Unstoppable SP Cakes, Part 1: Aaron and Emre briefly reminisce about SP Cakes while once again pondering how to continue the species. (Episode 99 - Zombie Strip Club)
    • Part 2: Aaron and Emre ponder whether they'll have kids to produce future humans, and like clockwork, they think of SP Cakes. Aaron bets SP Cakes will eventually come around. "Look, I gotta mate." Emre hopes to never encounter SP Cakes again. Aaron agrees it would be better to meet a woman who appreciates them for who they are. (Each of them does, in fact, recruit a woman who appreciates them in Season 7 - along with encountering SP Cakes herself.) (Episode 99 - Zombie Night Club)

Referenced in Future Seasons[edit | edit source]

  • Aaron & Emre vs. Tolkien: "I love this place! It's really rustic. I could set up a megachurch in this place!" - Emre "In a hobbit house." - Aaron "Yeah, a megachurch in a hobbit house." - Emre "A church devoted to Sauron, I assume?" - Aaron "No, it would be a church devoted to Morgoth, ya dumbass." - Emre (Episode 95 - Feral Zombie Attack). Emre returns to the theme in Hardcore Mordor (Seasons 8 & 9).
  • Emre vs. Morality: When Aaron jokes that zombies stalking him through a bookstore are members of his book club who failed to read Harry Potter, Emre is shocked to hear of people who haven't read the books. "What kind of brain-dead, flesh-eating monster hasn't read Harry Potter?") Later, in Season 7 (most notably Episode 135 - Home Wreckers), Emre hates Harry Potter due to the books' "witchcraft" content. (Perhaps he's finally read the series in the meantime.) (Episode 99 - Zombie Strip Club)
  • Jesus Pig!, Part 1: Aaron suffers a major freak-out when a pig suddenly rushes him. The pig doesn't attack him, but merely runs "over" him to hop excitedly nearby. Aaron immediately beats the pig to death while literally having an apoplectic fit. It takes him several minutes to recover from what he admits is one of the few times he's been really freaked out, and spends time trying to understand what happened. "I think that was a zombie pig! Because why else would a pig do that? ... It came right for me! Why would it do that?" Aaron has a similar initial reaction to the Very Fine Pigs that appear in Season 9 (Episodes 152 - 175). In Episode 175 (The End of Everything), the Very Finest Pig implies that this encounter was a Very Fine Pig trying to guide Aaron "toward the light," with the usual results. (Episode 85 - College Dorm Shack)
    • Part 2: After killing the "zombie pig," Aaron stores its meat in a backpack. When he returns the next day to retrieve the meat, the shelf the backpack had been resting on has collapsed, causing him to lose everything he took from the pig. (Episode 86 - Mystery Mansion)
  • Pie Bangers: In Episode 98 (Skyscrapist) Aaron fantasizes about his perfect woman, the "Holy Grail": a blueberry pie woman he can eat and have sex with at the same time. In Episode 172 (Blueberry Woman), Aaron discovers that his Evilverse counterpart successfully created that ideal woman, named Bloobs.
  • Unbearable Facts, Part 1: The "teleporting bear" that kills Aaron in Episode 92 (Bear in the Base) may be the same thing as what JWM calls "trans-dimensional bears" in Season 7.
    • Part 2: Emre, on his rotten luck: "Hope I don't run into a bear! Or a pack of dogs!" - Emre "Or a pachyderm!" - Aaron "Just kidding; I am going to run into a pack of dogs. Probably I'll run into a pack of bears; I haven't run into a pack of bears yet." - Emre (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus). Thanks to SP Cakes, Emre eventually does run into a pack of bears in Episode 131 (Glory of the Lord Hole), and it is glorious. (Whether or not he's ever run into a pachyderm is open to interpretation.)
    • Part 3: History repeats itself in Season 10 when Aaron's misadventure with a teleporting bear (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base) plays out again in even more dramatic fashion: a phase-shifting zombie bear! (Episode 179 - Zombie Bear in Our Base)
  • Aaron the Creeper: The strip club that Aaron and Emre visit in Episode 99 (Zombie Night Club) is, sadly, devoid of undead nudity, but Aaron finally gets his wish of seeing zombie strippers in Season 9 (Episode 164 - F*cal Fridayz), and then more frequently in Season 10.

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Blood Moons: This season includes three feral horde nights. Aaron and Emre rely on the defenses of a different fort to survive each blood moon.
    • Day 7: Aaron gives himself a false scare when he mistakenly thinks the feral horde is coming on Day 6 (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers). The following night, he and Emre hide inside the Dorm Shack during the feral horde attack, letting their fort's spikes and cacti do most of the work for them (Episode 91 - Field of Spikes).
    • Day 14: The Day 14 horde strikes in Episode 96 (Kill Grille) and concludes in Episode 97 (Home Invasion). Fighting off the Day 14 horde involves firing straight up through the Kill Grille. For the first time in the series, Emre looks up during a blood moon and notices the moon actually is blood red. The Kill Grille plan works almost perfectly, but mopping up the cop and feral stragglers the next day proves challenging.
    • Day 21: Aaron and Emre retreat to the safety of the Facility to survive the Day 21 feral horde. (Episode 101 - The Facility)
  • Building the Fourth Wall, Part 1: Aaron and Emre "friend" each other on "Mapbook" to track each other on the in-game map. This season marks the first time "Mapbook" has actually worked for Aaron. (Episode 84 - Strange New World)
    • Part 2: When Aaron and Emre encounter a glitched fallen tree, Aaron suggests that an invisible bear might be pushing it around. (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
    • Part 3: Emre complains that a house is laggy, then immediately corrects himself and says he suddenly feels sick. "Everything's looking really weird, and I feel like I'm losing my mind. I have, like, a headache, like a migraine." (Episode 91 - Field of Spikes)
    • Part 4: Aaron and Emre have an oblique discussion about shotgun shells and bullets that's most likely a pointed reaction to pedantic YouTube commenters. The "teleporting" bear that kills Aaron likely vanishes because it's too close to Aaron's spawn point. (Episode 92 - Bear in the Base)
    • Part 5: Aaron reports that he's learned how to load his shotgun because (between episodes), "a little angel came into my mind and told me, like, um, to, quote, 'right click' on the shotgun." Later, Aaron pretends not to know what Emre means when he talks about a "glitch thing" that destroyed his gear. (Episode 94 - Worst Spiked Club Ever)
    • Part 6: Before dawn on Day 23, Aaron and Emre remark on how the Day 21 horde felt like it took place weeks ago, leaving them tired and forgetful. They're commenting on not having played the game in weeks in real life, resulting in their not quite being able to remember where things like "the city" and "the skyscraper" are. (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus)
    • Part 7: Aaron and Emre might just be talking about the commenters again when he complains about "everyone in the world" or "God" getting upset with him for not breaking down his broken chainsaw to obtain an engine for the min-bike. On the same note, Emre points out that "God" is what gives them their money and food, so maybe don't complain too much; just be passive-aggressive sometimes. (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus)
  • Check the Map, Part 1: This season takes place in and around Ground Zero for the zombie apocalypse: the town where Aaron lived and maintained the isolated facility where he created (and accidentally unleashed) the zombie virus. At no point in the series does Aaron ever specify where in the country that town is, however. Before Aaron realizes where he is, he names a nearby village "Bethlehem."
    • Part 2: Although not directly acknowledged, Aaron is still having problems tracking Emre on "Mapbook," so Emre sometimes needs to manually guide him cross-country. (Episode 100 - Mini-Bike Morons)
  • Naked and Confused: As always, Aaron and Emre arrive in their new world stripped down to their underwear. Aaron assumes the "dude" who drugged them and dropped them off here took all their clothes. (Episode 84 - Strange New World)
  • The Pre-Apocalypse, Part 1: Emre thought Milky Way bars were pretty delicious. Aaron thought they were kinda gross, but now they'd be like eating the stars out of the sky. Aaron is pretty sure that before the apocalypse, people thought eating corn syrup was worse than eating straight rat poison. (Episode 84 - Strange New World)
    • Part 2: Aaron used to watch a TV show called Mauled by Animals which, according to Emre, was narrated by Reese Witherspoon. They both remember The Walking Dead, which made it to at least Season 3 before the world ended. (Episode 86 - Mystery Mansion)
    • Part 3: Aaron has read Gulliver's Travels. Emre is vaguely familiar with the tale only as a Jack Black movie. (Episode 87 - Smallest Base Ever)
    • Part 4: Emre had a church group before the apocalypse that he would socialize with. They went spelunking once, a tale that leads Emre to tell Aaron about the "Cave Explorer" game. (Episode 88 - Trapped In A Hole!)
    • Part 5: Aaron worked on developing several scientific inventions before focusing on human immortality (and the zombie virus). One experiment was the creation of invisi-bears. He never worked out the kinks, however. He assumed all of his test animals died, but when something invisible attacks him and kills Emre, Aaron supposes they might have survived. (Episode 89 - Invisible Bear)
    • Part 6: Emre claims he didn't play video games. He was too busy worshiping. (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
    • Part 7: Emre learned the "scream reading" technique as a child. "The louder you learn, the longer you live." (Episode 93 - Cop a Feel)
    • Part 8: Aaron recalls a product for little kids: a plastic thing "that you put under your kid's butt, and when he shits, it comes out in shapes." Emre's certain he's making it up, but Aaron insists it was real. The idea was to make shitting fun for kids; Emre is incredulous; shitting is the funnest thing he's ever done. (Trivia: This product was real, and was called Poopy-Time Fun Shapes.) (Episode 94 - Worked Spiked Club)
    • Part 9: Emre is surprised to hear that Aaron has never seen zombie genitals up close before, considering that he created them in his lab. Aaron explains that when the zombies were first created, they were barely decayed at all, so didn't really look like "zombies." (Episode 96 - Kill Grille)
    • Part 10: Emre's favorite president was George Herbert Walken Bush, with his catch-phrase, "Ho! Strategery!" (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus)
    • Part 11: Aaron and Emre stumble across Aaron's old lab, where the zombie apocalypse. Over the course of Episode 100 (Mini-Bike Morons) and 101 (The Facility), Aaron relates a huge amount of information about how he created the zombie virus and how it escaped into the world; see Aaron's backstory for full details.
    • Part 12: A fellow named Jeremiah ran a camping/survivalist/weapon supply store next door to Aaron's secret zombie facility. He did well, since Aaron was his main client. Sadly, Aaron ran out of test subjects, so Jeremiah became the first of a new strain of zombies. (Episode 100 - Mini-Bike Morons)
  • Season Records: With a run time of 39:14, Episode 99 (Zombie Night Club) is the longest individual episode in the series to date. (It is effectively a double-length episode.)
  • Technical Difficulties: Parts of Episodes 88 (Trapped In A Hole!) and 89 (Invisible Bear) are only seen from Emre's point of view, due to a problem with Aaron's recording.
  • Time Doesn't Exist Here, Exactly, Part 1: Time passes more quickly in this world. A single game-day passes in less than half an hour (slightly longer than the run time of an average episode), as opposed to the series' general standard of 24 game-hours passing in 50 real-minutes (or roughly two episodes). Emre starts to complain about how the days are "flying by" in Episodes 88 (Trapped In A Hole!) and 89 (Invisible Bear).
    • Part 2: Aaron and Emre keep losing track of time. Aaron panics as the sun is setting on Day 6, convinced that the feral horde is due to attack any minute. (Episode 90 - Pie Bangers)
    • Part 3: Aaron and Emre are also losing track how long they've been wandering in the zombie post-apocalypse. Aaron says he's been surviving the post-apocalypse with Emre for years now - "or at least a year." (Episode 94 - Worst Spiked Club Ever)
    • Part 4: The series jumps from sunset on Day 12 to the wee hours of Day 14, then to mid-morning, and then finally to just before sunset on Day 14 to skip past time spent crafting armor and expanding the Kill Grille bunker. (Episode 96 - Kill Grille)
    • Part 5: In Episode 99 (Zombie Night Club), Aaron retroactively refers to the battle against the dog packs on Day 15 (Episode 97 - Home Invasion) as the "Halloween dog invasion." This could mean that by Aaron's reckoning, nearly a year (at a minimum) has passed since Thanksgiving at the Ho Motel, setting Season 5 in the fall, but the more likely explanation is simply a meta-reference to Episode 97 having been released on October 31st.
    • Part 6: Time discreetly jumps ahead two hours mid-conversation on Night 17. (Episode 99 - Zombie Night Club)
    • Part 7: Episode 100 (Mini-Bike Morons) skips past Night 19, which Aaron and Emre spend on the roof of a Working Stiffs Tools, presumably being quiet and bored.
    • Part 8: Episode 101 (The Facility) skips ahead a few hours during Night 21, since Aaron and Emre are perfectly safe from the feral horde.

Game Notes[edit | edit source]

This season updates to Alpha 12 and takes place in a randomly generated world map. A player-created mod (the COMPOPACK) adds numerous new POIs (points of interest), including most of the focal locations this season. Alpha 12 introduces a number of notable new features, including mini-bikes, bears, and more varied weather. Aaron and Emre encounter a few new zombie types for the first time, most notably ferals (known as wraiths from Alpha 16 onward). Zombies now ragdoll when killed, and flashlights can be affixed to guns. The moments of sunrise and sunset are now distinguished by musical stings. 

A quirk of the weather system results in Aaron and Emre sometimes perceiving different levels of light and fog. Aaron sees near-constant fog, which he blames on hallucinations caused by long-term infection. (In reality, the creeping fog is a bug that tends to affect the player hosting the game.)  

The "invisible bear" that kills Emre in Episode 89 is most likely the result of game lag.  

During this season, Aaron and Emre have day lengths set to about 30 minutes, so each game day is only slightly longer than a single episode.  

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