This is an overview of episodes 103 to 118 in the series, 7 Days to Die.

The season begins where Season 5 left off, with Aaron abandoning his redemptive quest to demolish the "Skyscraper of Babel." Aaron and Emre flee across country, and the series picks up with them an unknown time later after they've set up shop somewhere far, far away - possibly even Canada or Russia.

Emre leads Aaron to a "haunted" flooded house he's found at the edge of a vast chasm in the earth, kicking off the events of the new season. Aaron builds a massive fort in the Death Pit, calling it Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort.

Aaron and Emre deal with several issues over the course of the season. Emre appears to be possessed by a demon, while Aaron develops a sudden fascination with human poop. Aaron insists that eating poop will "exorcise" the demon. At first, Emre believes the "possession" is merely Aaron hallucinating, until the "demon" jumps to Aaron.

Aaron and Emre also explore a wintry biome, where they discover a lumberjack-infested city and an underground bunker. When growing hostilities cause Aaron and Emre to partially dissolve their partnership, Emre relocates to the underground bunker, building into his own fort, the Snow Mansion.

The most portentous development of the season, however, is the mysterious appearance of a huge and slowly expanding rift into the Void that manifests in the shadow of Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort. Aaron develops an unhealthy obsession with the rift, resulting in long discussions of its Lovecraftian implications.

At the end of the season, Aaron and Emre reunite to battle the Day 28 feral horde. Aaron challenges Emre to destroy Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort, which proves resilient well beyond what the laws of physics should allow. Aaron leaps into the rift, wanting to go "home" to Navezgane, and beckons Emre to join him in the Void.

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Season 6 Death Count Edit

Aaron: 8
Emre: 7

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Characters Edit

Aaron - Mad scientist
Emre - Religious zealot

Forts Edit

The Cabin Edit

  • A rustic cabin in the woods that Aaron and Emre have been using as a temporary base when the new season begins. Features minimal defenses.
  • Permanently abandoned in Episode 106 (Always Dead Glitch) in favor of Geroge Porgie Pudding and Fort.

Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort (a.k.a. Fort George, a.k.a. Fort Sass 'n' Pancakes) Edit

  • Aaron's Fort: A robust concrete tower rising up from the middle of an extremely deep crevice (the Death Pit).
  • Aaron starts pondering building a "mega-fort" in the Death Pit in Episode 104 (Cave Explorers). He doesn't like the location at first, but starts construction on Day 6. The Day 7 feral horde undermines the fort, completely destroying it (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol), but Aaron rebuilds.
  • Aaron suggests building an invincible mega-fort and naming it George on Night 8. Emre suggests Fort George, but Aaron prefers just George, then muses on George the Fort. When Emre spits out Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort, the name sticks (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch). Later, Emre complains that he's always hated the fort's name; Aaron retorts that while it's hard to remember, it's "dominant" (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In).
  • A rift into the Void spontaneously opens to one side of the fort, swallowing anything that steps into it. This "nether void" actually adds considerably to the fort's defenses.
  • Aaron accepts Emre's challenge to destroy each other's fort, convinced that Fort George is literally invincible. Emre barely succeeds after a full day of demolitions; the fort is so strong it remains standing for several minutes even after its foundation has been completely undermined. When the fort is hovering in the air (doomed but still appearing intact), Emre finally declares his love for Fort George, deeming it the Most Impervious Fort in Hell. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)

Snow Mansion (a.k.a. Fort Aaron's Genitals Are Fluid) Edit

  • Emre's Fort: A preexisting bomb shelter hidden under a shed in a snowy biome. Emre further fortifies the bunker, adding interior walls and a boobytrapped escape tunnel. He eventually adds a sturdy curtain wall and minefield on the surface.
  • Aaron discovers the bunker in Episode 113 (New Underground Base). After spending the night there in brutally cold conditions, Aaron returns to Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort, ordering Emre to remain. Emre complies, saying he likes the bunker better anyway (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In).
  • Aaron sabotages Snow Mansion as a spiteful response to his mistaken belief that Emre has stolen his nail gun. The sabotage blows a hole in the wall, but the fort (and Emre) survive the Day 28 blood moon. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
  • Emre lets Aaron work out his frustrations by destroying Snow Mansion, challenging him to destroy each other's forts. Aaron uses a combination of explosive crossbow bolts and Emre's own explosives to blast holes in the base. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)

Content Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Ohh! I am swimming in the gross flooded basement of this place, and it is making me so happy and so wet." - Emre (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
  • "Oh, putrid girl! I killed a putrid girl!" - Aaron "Mm... I remember those from high school." - Emre (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
  • "Wood frames are a man's best friend in the apocalypse. You know what's not a man's best friend..." - Aaron "Um." - Emre "Yeah, you know." - Aaron "Um. Dogs?" - Emre "Yeah!" - Aaron "Yeah, definitely. You know what's even less of a man's best friend? Fuckin' wasps and bees." - Emre "And women." - Aaron "Oh yeah. Women are the worst." - Emre "No, they don't like men at all in the apocalypse. Not the ones we've met." - Aaron (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
  • "What does dirt look like?" - Aaron "Dirt doesn't exist, my friend." - Emre "Well, I didn't know that. Since when does dirt not existed? When did that happen? Where have I been?" - Aaron (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
  • "I say stupid things when I'm nervous." - Emre (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
  • "You don't like physics abominations? I think they're pretty cool, man." - Emre (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
  • "Holy shit, what happened?!?" - Aaron "I knocked down a tree." - Emre "Did you hear that?" - Aaron "I knocked down a tree." - Emre "Oh Christ." - Aaron "Yeah don't freak out." - Emre "I thought everything was falling apart. I thought the whole world was breaking and we were going to break with it." - Aaron (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
  • "You know what I'm worried about though, is the rubble..." - Aaron "...crushing our sacks?" - Emre (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
  • "I think it's that demon that possessed you; he's making you do rash and crazy things, totally unacceptable and un-moral things. Like go to places without me and not wait for me." - Aaron (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
  • "There's only one way to exorcise the demon from your body." - Aaron "P90X?" - Emre "Nope." - Aaron "That's the best way to exercise anything." - Emre "Exercise will not get rid of a demon, I'm sorry." - Aaron "(laughing) You just said 'exercise' it. Y'get it?" - Emre "Uh, no. Ex-OR-cise. Goddamn it." - Aaron "Oh... okay. How are we gonna exorcise the demon, then?" - Emre "Ever since you became possessed your puns have been not as good." - Aaron "This demon is sapping away all of my favorite things about myself!" - Emre (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
  • "If you want to do something really exciting, you could build a forge." - Aaron "A forge?" - Emre "Yeah, we're going to need one at our new place." - Aaron "We need a forge for George?" - Emre "Yeah, we need a George forge!" - Aaron "So you're saying I could be a George Foreman - Forgeman? A George Forgeman?" - Emre "...I wouldn't. I wouldn't say that! No, actually I would go out of my way to not say that ever." - Aaron (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch)
  • "Saw this chick, she was really cute. She had half of her skin, still." - Emre "Lucky you! Only chicks I've seen have been completely skinless." - Aaron (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch)
  • "In Soviet Russia, you sting the bees. The bees heal you. Y'know, everything's opposite there." - Emre (Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail)
  • "'Cold and Annihilated.' The new... magazine that I publish... hourly." - Aaron (Episode 108 - Lumberjack City)
  • "Remember when I just died right now?" - Aaron "Yeah. Yeah, what happened?" - Emre "Didn't matter. Didn't matter. I'm fine. I'm fine, I'm just not, uh - I'm not hungry anymore!" - Aaron "Really?" - Emre "I feasted upon my own lifeblood!" - Aaron (Episode 109 - Ride the Blunder Bus)
  • "Take me away from the Lumberjack City/Where the lumberjacks were strong/And they really treated me shitty" - Aaron (Episode 109 - Ride the Blunder Bus)
  • "I always thought we were in Purgatory, but I'm pretty sure we're in some sick, eldritch horror's dreamworld." - Emre (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
  • "We make [Fort George] even more impregnable. We make it so that the sides are so deep we open up three more planes to the Old Ones. We awaken whatever is living down there. And we destroy this plane once and for all, and escape it!" - Aaron, ranting (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
  • "I have a really really nice machete man, it's blue." - Emre "Do you know how to make a machete man?" - Aaron "You can't make a machete, man." - Emre "Can you make a man out of machetes?" - Aaron "N-no." - Emre "'Cause that would be a pretty cool thing to, like, if we could remote control a machete man..." - Aaron "Well, you work on that! You work on that, okay?" - Emre (Episode 111 - Machete Massacre)
  • "Sometimes it's good not to think. It feels good. It does your heart good. Hearts don't have minds, you know what I mean?" - Aaron (Episode 112 - Rooftop Argument)
  • "Why are you so hungry all the time?!?" - Emre "I think I'm pregnant." - Aaron (Episode 112 - Rooftop Argument)
  • "The Void is pretty creepy. You should avoid the Void." - Emre (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
  • "I don't need technology any more! I'm just going to run around with a shitty hunting rifle, a knife, and clothes made out of dead animals! And that's going to be my life! I don't need your crappy bikes!" - Emre (Episode 116 - Night Hunt)
  • "You're a fuckin' weirdo, man!!!" - Emre "Hey man. What are ya gonna do? There's nobody else left in the world, ya gotta deal with it." - Aaron (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
  • "Survival is all about surviving." - Aaron (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • "We need to go back home, where we started, and live there. And clear out the remaining zombies, and start a place where other people can come and live. [...] It should be our home, man, it should be where we started! [...] And we're going to make that place our place where we welcome all newcomers, and everyone is welcome, and no zombies can touch us. And there's no more sabotaging forts! It's a happy ending, where everybody lives! You build some horrible church, where you teach children that striking them is the best way for them to be punished-" - Aaron "It is!" - Emre "-for throwing water balloons at them, and I build a laboratory where I do experiments that don't create world-ending apocalypses. Unless I get bored or something again. But, y'know, in the meantime I do things that, like, create teleportation and invisibility and, like, weird science - like, we can create chicks." - Aaron (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • "I think we need to give SP Cakes another chance. I think we - we - we - we just - we didn't say the right things; you know how like when you go on a date, and you just say a couple of things that are a little bit off? And the girl's, lilke, 'Nnyyyeeah, I'm gonna' - and they shoot you in the face, and they're, like, 'Get away from me.'" - Aaron "Yeah, I guess." - Emre "We just gotta-" - Aaron "I guess Jesus would forgive her." - Emre "Exactly! And... and... that's the way we need to live our lives." - Aaron "Like Jesus?" - Emre "Well... like Jesus trying to score with a chick." - Aaron (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • "The Void is expanding, man! As you destroy my fort, the Void expands." - Aaron "Really!?" - Emre "Soon we will be encompassed by its mighty power." - Aaron "We will be one with the Void?" - Emre "We will." - Aaron "What if the Void is God?" - Emre "That doesn't make any sense 'cause I thought God was, like, a dude." - Aaron "Uh... yeah, God is a dude. You're right." - Emre "He's like a white dude with white hair and a beard." - Aaron "And He's got a tattoo! Did you know God has a tattoo?" - Emre "He's got a tattoo, He rides a bike - a motorbike - he doesn't ride a mini-bike, he rides, like, a Harley." - Aaron "Oh, yeah. He rides a chopper." - Emre "Yeah. That's your God. Chopper God." - Aaron "(sings) Chopper God!" - Emre "Harley Godinson." - Aaron (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)

Recurring Themes Edit

  • Aaron the Bunker Booster, Part 1: Aaron spots a promontory rising from the depth of the Death Pit and immediately starts thinking about building a fort there. Emre acknowledges that Aaron has always been more interested in and better at building forts than him. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
    • Part 2: When the Death Pit proves to be so vast that zombies pathfinding can't even reach their half-made fort properly, Aaron declares his decision to build on the location the best idea he's ever had. (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
    • Part 3: While freezing and starving to death atop a wintry rooftop, Aaron distracts himself by foreseeing future in which he and Emre a "giant, giant, huge tall fort that zombies come up to, they look at, they fall down a pit onto spikes and die just from seeing the fort." (Episode 109 - Ride the Blunder Bus)
    • Part 4: Aaron spends two days (off-screen) building Fort George while Emre is off in the countryside, scavenging. Even in its unfinished state, Emre has to congratulate Aaron for his work on Fort George, which Aaron describes as the "best and most tastiest fort." (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
    • Part 5: Having built Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort, Aaron claims it all for himself, exiling Emre to the frozen bunker they've just found. (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
    • Part 6: While waiting for the Day 21 blood moon, Aaron gives Emre a tour of the expanded Fort George, boasting about he, a great scientist, accidentally discovered how to upgrade wood blocks to concrete. (Episode 116 - Night Hunt)
  • Aaron the Bunker Buster, Part 1: Emre actively expects Aaron to eventually destroy Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort, since Aaron has destroyed "literally every single fort we've ever made. Every. Single. One." Aaron insists he never would, because his goal is to keep digging until he finds the Old One who runs the hell they're trapped in. (Episode 111 - Machete Massacre)
    • Part 2: Aaron sabotages Snow Mansion just before the Day 28 blood moon, hoping to blast open Emre's escape tunnel to provide the feral horde easy access into the fort. When Aaron finds himself defending Fort George against just a handful of zombies during the blood moon, he grows bored and starts blowing up the adjoining "cursed" creepy house. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
    • Part 3: Aaron admits that his scheme to sabotage Snow Mansion has backfired, resulting in Emre having a fun, action-packed night, while Aaron died and spent his night bored and alone. "What happened to the good old days when I would destroy everything, and you would get ruined because of it?" Aaron is so disgusted to learn that Emre's escape tunnel would have actually worked that he gets permission to shoot the explosives surrounding Snow Mansion. Emre challenges him to destroy each other's forts. Emre discovers a cache of gas barrels in Aaron's storage chests at Fort George, which he surmises Aaron had been hording to use against him. Aaron does not participate in the destruction of Fort George, but he fully approved and watches patiently for the full day it takes Emre to bring it down. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Aaron the Creeper, Part 1: Aaron insists that before the apocalypse, he bedded only the smartest of slutty ladies. These days, he misses ladies. (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
    • Part 2: While they spend the night huddled atop a cabin roof in a winter biome, fighting hypothermia, Aaron coaxes Emre to "get in right next to me, honey." When Aaron starts to freeze, he urges Emre to wrap himself around Aaron and stick his fingers in Aaron's butt. Emre refuses. (Episode 112 - Rooftop Argument)
    • Part 3: As Aaron abandons the frozen bunker, he asks Emre for a kiss goodbye. Emre complies, which accidentally results in his catching on fire. Aaron apologies, since his kisses are "rough." (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
    • Part 4: While "female," Aaron tries to lure Emre onto a bed. Emre, who has already commented that Aaron is looking rather voluptuous, indulges Aaron with a few seconds of jumping on the bed before losing interest and wandering off to craft torches. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
  • Aaron the Expert: Aaron tells Emre how to build a campfire - "put a bunch of stones in a circle" - three times in as many days. (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch; Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail; Episode 108 - Lumberjack City)
  • Aaron the Gender Bender: Aaron spontaneously becomes female for the second time in the series, which he passes off as "feeling a little womanly today." Aaron angrily insists that he is not actually a woman, making numerous excuses for his appearance, including A) men have periods too, B) he's trimmed down so much he kinda looks like a lady, and C) he's experimenting with cross-dressing. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later; Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Aaron the Proper Host: Emre complains that he gave Aaron food under his own roof, and Aaron then turned around and betrayed him, comparing Aaron's behavior to the Red Wedding. Aaron is unrepentant, so Emre goes on to say that Aaron is worse than a Lannister - he's a Bolton! (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Aaron the Trickster, Part 1: When Emre complains that his Wellness has fallen to 62, Aaron shares in the sympathies by claiming that his own Wellness has fallen to 64. In fact, Aaron's Wellness at the time is 74. (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch)
    • Part 2: During the Day 28 blood moon, after he's killed and respawns at Fort George, Aaron tries to trick Emre into thinking he's staying put while actually racing cross-country to reach Snow Mansion to recover his mini-bike. He also claims that all of his fecal fascination this season was just a ploy to distract Emre from Aaron's sabotage. Emre doesn't fall for Aaron's trickery. Aaron accidentally lets the cat out of the bag when he complains about having "lumberjack issues." (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Aaron vs. Gravity, Part 1: Aaron rejects the "haunted" flooded house as soon as he sees how unstable it is. He and Emre both fall through the floor, but for once it's just Emre who hurts a leg; Aaron lands in the flooded basement. However, Aaron suffers a minor anxiety attack when he steps out onto the porch and sees that a collapse would dump him into a huge pit. Later, while checking out the massive cave, Aaron falls to the bottom with no clear way out. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
    • Part 2: Aaron and Emre both die when a feral horde undermines Aaron's first attempt to build what will become George Porgie Pudding and Fort, causing the entire fort to collapse out from under their feet. (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
    • Part 3: While running across the cave-riddled Accursed Lands to catch up with Emre, Aaron spots one open pit, then, in full daylight, runs straight into the next one. He escapes injury, but has trouble climbing back out. When he does get out, he falls back in and despairs that he's being a clown. (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch)
    • Part 4: A charred attic floor collapses under Aaron's feet, nearly dumping him into the flooded basement. He escapes with just a sprained leg and a minor panic attack. (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
    • Part 5: On Night 15, Aaron tells the childhood story of the night he spent waiting for Santa on his parent's roof. Naturally, he fell off, and the enchanting/disturbing events he vividly remembers after that may have been the result of hitting his head. (Episode 112 - Rooftop Argument)
    • Part 6: Hiking straight from the Snow Mansion to Fort George, Aaron enters a section of the wasteland that is riddled with caves and crevices. Stalking zombies push him to try to cross a land bridge, but it collapses under his feet, dumping him into the caves. "It's not a path across!! It's not a path across!!" he shrieks as he scrambles for solid ground. When the zombies follow him in and surround him, he flees even deeper into the earth, repeatedly breaking his legs. (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
    • Part 7: Just after convincing Emre to return alone to Snow Mansion during a blood moon, Aaron falls down a ladder in Fort George, badly injuring himself and spraining his leg. (Episode 116 - Night Hunt)
    • Part 8: Fort George proves itself utterly invincible, the "most impervious fort in Hell," by levitating in midair after Emre has completely demolished its foundations. After thoroughly congratulating himself for the grandeur of his creation, Aaron walks back into Fort George, which instantly starts collapsing under his feet. It first dumps him down to a lower level, breaking his leg. Emre narrowly escapes as the fort begins to cave in overhead. Aaron flees the crumbling destruction, breaking one bone after another, but his desperate scramble leaves him trapped on the roof with nowhere to jump but the Void. Fortunately, that was his end goal all along anyway. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Aaron vs. Hallucinations, Part 1: Aaron sees Emre experiencing what appears to be demonic possession (including spastic movement, gliding across the ground, and false, spontaneous deaths). Emre insists he's fine and Aaron is imagining everything. (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
    • Part 2: Aaron wonders if he's losing his mind when rocks and trees suddenly spawn in all around him. (Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail)
    • Part 3: Aaron encounters another door that only pops into existence when he tries to walk through it. He remarks that the door had a cloaking device on it. (Episode 109 - Ride the Blunder Bus)
    • Part 4: Aaron sees Emre as a floating, prone corpse. He blames food poisoning for the hallucination. (Episode 112 - Rooftop Argument; Episode 113 - New Underground Base)
    • Part 5: Aaron believes the forge in Fort George has either "melted" or "entered the Void," but when Emre looks at the forge it's fine. Aaron isn't sure if he has something in his eye, or perhaps if there's something wrong with his goggles. (Episode 116 - Night Hunt)
  • Aaron vs. Homesickness: Starting in Episode 114 (Crappy Cave-In), Aaron starts yearning to go back home to "where it all started." Emre doesn't remember where that is, so Aaron reminds him of Navezgane, Arizona.
  • Aaron vs. Infection: A rough encounter with an undead lumberjack leaves Aaron infected, and he asks Emre if he has any antibiotics. Emre opens his inventory, sees that he has three, and responds, "," leaving Aaron infected until his next death. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
  • Aaron vs. Pit Stops, Part 1: Having finally obtained a working mini-bike over the course of the previous season, Aaron strikes upon the idea of running down the mobs of zombies swarming in the streets. He hits a zombie cop, immediately gets the bike stuck in the zombie's guts, and is ultimately forced to abandon it when he flees the region. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
    • Part 2: After giving Emre his first mini-bike, Aaron warns him at length not to drive it into pit, because Aaron will not replace it. Moments later, Aaron drives his mini-bike into a deep pit. He digs the mini-bike free, then just barely avoids barreling straight into an ever deeper chasm. And then he briefly gets stuck on piles of scrap metal and bricks. (Episode 115 - Mini-Bike Mistake)
    • Part 3: As Emre drives away from Fort George: "There's a lot of pits, be careful." - Aaron "Yeah. Just have to make a pit stop - get it?" - Emre (Episode 116 - Night Hunt)
    • Part 4: En route from Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort to Snow Mansion, Aaron drives his mini-bike straight into a pit and actually worms his way deeper into the earth as he tries to back out. He has to disassemble his bike to free it. After Aaron sabotages Snow Mansion, he tries to flee on his mini-bike, but he drives straight into a boulder, stopping him dead in his tracks long enough for Emre to shoot him dead. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
  • Aaron vs. Poop, Part 1: Aaron has an ever-evolving attitude toward poop. He's fascinated by human turds when he first discovers them in the game, and keeps one of his own turds in his pocket until he has an opportunity to gift it to Emre. Emre is disgusted, but Aaron lauds the merits of poop. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
    • Part 2: Aaron is absolutely delighted when he finds turds in a toilet. He informs Emre that the only way to exorcise the demon possessing him is for Emre to eat human turds; demons cannot abide them. (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
    • Part 3: Aaron clarifies that Emre needs to eat at least four human turds, but they can be baked or boiled. Emre not only refuses to eat any turds, he insists that it isn't possible to eat turds. (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch)
    • Part 4: Aaron thinks it's "awesome" when he finds Emre's poop in Emre's toilet. He keeps half of it for himself and leaves the rest in a cooler. He then claims to be smearing poop all around the cooler, but this is just a cover story as he covertly sabotages Snow Mansion. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
    • Part 5: At the end of the season, Aaron decries playing with poop as "depraved and disgusting," claiming that all of his poop-play was just a "brilliant" ploy to distract Emre from his true plans. In the end, however, he protectively clutches on of Emre's turds as he leaps into the Void. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Emre Ain't Afraid of No Zombies, Part 1: Emre is now so dismissive of zombies that he doesn't even notice when new zombie types appear. "All zombies look the same to me, man." He claims to have not cared about or looked closely as a zombie in a year; they aren't worthy of his consideration. In short, Emre considers him far better than a zombie. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
    • Part 2: Aaron stops Emre from simply heading out to explore with an hour to go till dawn on a blood moon night. "Dude! It's nighttime! You can't fucking go out there yet." - Aaron "I bet I can. I'm not scared. At all." - Emre. Emre shows off his machete skills, mowing down zombies left and right, but a pair of lumberjacks bring him down, leaving Aaron alone with 2 bullets vs. 7 lumberjacks. Freaking out, Aaron calls Emre an "over-cocky machete asshole." (Episode 111 - Machete Massacre)
    • Part 3: On his first night alone in the Snow Mansion, Emre smugly claims that zombies won't even know he's there. "I'm perfectly safe. I've never felt safer than I am right now." (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
  • Emre is Squishy, Part 1: Emre's Wellness has fallen to 71 by the time he starts complaining on Day 8. Aaron blames the demonic possession for his affliction. (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
    • Part 2: By Day 9, Emre's Wellness is down to 62. Aaron lies and claims he's just as weak. (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch)
    • Part 3: Thanks to some bad luck and extreme starvation, Aaron's Wellness actually drops below Emre's (to the minimum of 60) for several episodes. (Episode 108 - Lumberjack City; Episode 109 - Ride the Blunder Bus)
    • Part 4: Emre hits upon a plan to end his constant vulnerability. Living in a cold biome lowers his body temperature, which causes him to burn calories more quickly. Since he needs to eat constantly, the meaty meals will drive up his Wellness, which should result in making him a "super-fit, super-powerful Viking Norseman guy." Meanwhile, living in the warm south, Aaron will turn into a "squirmy, scrawny little bitch." (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
  • Emre the Bleeder: Popping pain pllls does nothing to save Emre as he bleeds out from zombie attacks in the Death Pit. (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
  • Emre the Cave Explorer, Part 1: Emre leads Aaron to the cave-riddled wasteland where they'll eventually build Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort. After they arrive, Emre asks Aaron if he wants to play "Cave Explorer" with him. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
    • Part 2: Emre presses Aaron to explore the massive cave with him. The next day, he stands on the lip of the Death Pit to mine some clay, setting off a big cave-in that dumps him into the pit (much like sitting on a tree branch while sawing it off). (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
    • Part 3: Emre explains that while working on Snow Mansion, he got bored one day and started to dig. He found a really big, awesome cave area, so he turns the tunnels into an emergency fallback, including a booby trap involving explosives and a spiked pit. The escape tunnel leads to just below the snow's surface. (Episode 115 - Mini-Bike Mistake)
    • Part 4: Emre spends all of Day 29 and into Day 30 setting up and shooting gas barrels to undermine the foundations of Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort. After Fort George has been fatally wounded, he fails in his attempt to leap into the Void and has to dig his way into the rift. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Emre the Fashionista, Part 1: Emre is upset that the heat in the wasteland won't let him wear his "cool" puffer coat. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
    • Part 2: Emre is very pleased with how cool he looks his new leather duster, comparing himself to Denzel Washington in the post-apocalypse movie, Denzel and the Apocalypse Boys. As a note, as Emre checks himself out, he gives the audience their first look at his bearded face, the appearance he'll maintain for the rest of the series. (Episode 109 - Ride the Blunder Bus)
    • Part 3: Emre insists that Aaron pause from his last-minute blood moon preparations to check out how much of a badass he looks like in his new outfit. (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
    • Part 4: Emre crafts some animal hide armor to keep himself nice and toasty in the Snow Mansion, but Aaron thinks his boots look like Roman sandals. (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
  • Emre the Noob: Aaron needs to teach Emre how to ride a mini-bike. (Episode 115 - Mini-Bike Mistake)
  • Emre vs. Bees, Part 1: A buh-buh-buh-bee flies right past Aaron without attacking him, continuing on its merry way. Minutes later, what is likely the same bee (now joined by a partner) swoops down to pursue Emre while he's fighting off a pack of dogs. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
    • Part 2: Emre encounters a bee that's just "chilling out" on the ground near the Death Pit. He beats it to death while it just stares at him. Aaron warns Emre to watch out for "ground bees." In terms of being man's best friend in the apocalypse, Emre judges that bees are even worse than dogs but not as bad as women. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
    • Part 3: A lone bee comes after Emre while he's cornered at the edge of the Death Pit, but he guns it down. (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
    • Part 4: When the Day 21 feral horde fails to show up, Emre amuses himself by picking off distant bees with his rifle. The one bee Emre doesn't kill actually sneaks up and attacks Aaron, for once. (Episode 116 - Night Hunt)
    • Part 5: Emre desperately defends his sabotaged Snow Mansion from the Day 28 horde alone. As he shoots from the ramparts, a bee jumps in him behind, nearly causing him to fall off the walls into the midst of the zombies. Several more bees attack him over the course of the night. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
    • Part 6: Near dawn, another bee ambushes Emre as he continues his defense of Snow Mansion, startling him. In true action movie hero form, Emre slings his rifle to take on the bee mano a bee-o with his machete, trading blows with the mutant before finally killing it. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Emre vs. Fire: Emre has a bad habit of walking into campfires and setting himself ablaze. (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
  • Emre vs. Morality, Part 1: Left to his own devices, Emre goes back to using human corpses for storage and decor in his home. He names a storage corpse in the forge room at Snow Mansion "Geordi La Forgemaster." (Episode 115 - Mini-Bike Mistake)
    • Part 2: Aaron makes time to destroy Geordi La Forgemaster while demolishing Snow Mansion. He can't remember what Emre named the corpse, so he calls it "Jimbo," "Gumbo," "Danny," "forge buddy," and Emre's "house toilet goblin." (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Campfire Tales, Part 1: While huddled around a campfire on Night 9, Aaron tells Emre at great length about the northern tradition of ball scarves. (Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail)
    • Part 2: Hunkered down by rooftop campfires on Night 10, Aaron passes the time (and ignores his hypothermia and starvation) by deciding Emre is his apocalypse mascot, giving him the nickname of Sucky the Shit-Sucker. He then has Emre give him a mascot name: Fucky the Slut-Fucker. (Episode 109 - Ride the Blunder Bus)
    • Part 3: Aaron proposes a new round of nicknames the following night, settling on calling Emre "Fucky Sucky Short Shorts." This leads him into musing on short shorts. Emre tries to give himself the nickname of "Badass McGee," which Aaron rejects. Emre eventually nicknames Aaron "Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh Butt." (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
    • Part 4: Aaron tells a disquieting childhood tale of the Christmas Eve he spent waiting on his roof for Santa. He may have met Santa, or he may have been raped. But he definitely fell off the roof and hit his head. (Episode 112 - Rooftop Argument)
  • Chickens!: Chickens enter the game this season. Emre encounters a "genius chicken" that uses a dead bush to weave around his attacks until making a break for it and escaping. He's amazed and delighted by the chicken's ingenuity. Aaron is more interested in the fact that chickens exist now. Emre thinks it's obvious that they've simply wandered to a distant region where different animals and even different zombies survive. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
  • Demonic Possession, Part 1: Emre admits that he hasn't heard Jesus' voice since the day Aaron failed to demolish the Skyscraper of Babel. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
    • Part 2: After Emre dies during the Day 7 blood moon, he respawns with glitchy, floating movements, as if he's suffering a full-body seizure. This highly disturbs Aaron, who offers several possible diagnoses, including epilepsy, palsy, that Emre has become a ghost. Emre proves he's corporeal with a punch, but then appears to spontaneously die and snap back to life, which returns him to normal. Emre insists it's all in Aaron's imagination, but Aaron responds that Emre stopped hearing Jesus because he's possessed by a demon. Emre starts intermittently speaking like a demon, further messing with Aaron's head. Aaron eventually concludes that Emre was possessed by the demon when he first entered the "cursed" flooded house. He also states that there's only one way to exorcise the demon: eating human turds! (Demons cannot abide human turds.) Emre appears possessed again the next time he dies respawns. (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
    • Part 3: After Aaron and Emre are killed by zombies on Night 8, the "demonic possession" leaps from Emre to Aaron. After suffering seizures and floating around most of the night, Aaron suddenly falls prone, like a corpse, but continues to slide around the floor. Aaron insists he's just having a little seizure and he'll get up in a second. He and Emre agree that they might be going crazy. (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch)
    • Part 4: Aaron appears possessed again after he's massacred by lumberjacks. Emre describes him as looking either cold or at a rave. Aaron then spontaneously "passes out" and slides across the ground. (Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail)
    • Part 5: The quivering returns when lumberjacks kill Emre. Aaron initially wonders if he has "rammy leg syndrome," and then claims he's quaking with fear. Emre explains that he has restless leg syndrome and doesn't like talking about it. (Episode 111 - Machete Massacre)
    • Part 6: Aaron appears to be possessed again after he dies in a deep cave and respawns at the Snow Mansion. Emre is delighted by seeing him "jam out" on air guitar, though it occurs to him that Aaron might just be fucking a pie. (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
  • Dr. Pussyfun's Disease, Part 1: Emre complains that he's sprained his leg by walking down a hill. Aaron points out that if you sprain your leg once, it's a lot easier to sprain it again. (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch)
    • Part 2: Aaron sprains his leg on a slight incline. (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
    • Part 3: Emre accidentally walks off the edge of a wood frame bridge at Fort George and sprains his leg. The descent to Fort George's foundations brings him more pain, particularly when he sidesteps into a deep, unseen hole and breaks his leg. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Gaslighting Supply Drops, Part 1: Emre chases after a supply drop on Day 7. Aaron hopes that Emre finds everything he's always wanted in the crate, then asks Emre what that would be. "You to shut your fuckin' mouth for once in your goddamn life." - Emre "Yeah, but that's not going to be in the crate, man." They imagine the top three things each of them would hope to find in the crate. Emre's top three: World peace; a time machine (see Terrible Uses for Time Machines); and $100,000 of Netflix stock from 2006. Aaron's top three: A really hot blond who likes science; baked raviolis with meat in the center; and a big box of all kinds of sins, mostly sloth (because Emre doesn't like sin). Emre thinks finding a box of sloths would be awesome. When Emre finds the crate, he opens it up and is suddenly attacked by zombies. The crate breaks as he defends himself, and he loses almost all of the crate's contents. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
    • Part 2: By Day 15, Aaron can't remember when he last saw a supply drop. Even if one did fly by, he would never set out "for two days to find the fucking thing." (Episode 111 - Machete Massacre)
    • Part 3: The final supply drop of the season (on Day 28) is so far away that Aaron and Emre blow it off entirely. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
  • The Gospel According to Emre, Part 1: When Aaron develops a fascination with the "nether void" and a belief in Lovecraftian Old Ones who control their reality, he presses Emre to specify exactly which god he worships. Emre states that he worships Yahweh, or Jesus, whatever you want to call him. Emre's starting to think Jesus might be an Old One. Jesus not only approves of machetes, he had his very own machete, which he named Mary Macheteline. (Episode 111 - Machete Massacre)
    • Part 2: Emre begrudgingly accepts that Jesus would forgive SP Cakes for killing them all the time. Specifically, Jesus would forgive a chick if he went on a date with her and said a bunch of wrong things and she smacked - or killed - him multiple times. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Immortality, Part 1: Emre acknowledges that if they die, they come back ("because that's the rules of this"), but he's worried that if you jump in the Void, you might never come back. (In fact, Emre once killed himself to escape the Void in Episode 83 - Conversation With God.) (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
    • Part 2: While Fort George is busy defying all known laws of gravity, Aaron assumes the Void is supporting it and wouldn't be surprised if the fort actually granted immortality. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Landmine Your Own Business: By Day 28, Emre has surrounded Snow Mansion with a minefield littered with gas barrels. He makes a faltering attempt to conceal the presence of the landmines from Aaron, telling him only that he's set up a new game: "Red is Dead." Aaron wanders straight into the minefield, but manages to avoid harm. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
    • Part 2: In a destructive frenzy, Aaron purposefully steps on a land mine at Snow Mansion to "fast travel" back to his bedroll at Fort George. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Mind the Spikes, Part 1: Aaron takes all day (and two tries) to race home to Fort George, then walks right into the spikes by the entrance. (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
    • Part 2: When Emre returns to Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort for the first time in a week on Day 21, Aaron has surrounded the Death Pit with so many spikes that Emre can't even figure out how to reach the fort without Aaron directing him. On his way back out of the fort a few hours later, Emre walks right into the spikes. (Episode 116 - Night Hunt)
    • Part 3: Aaron runs into Emre's spikes while demolishing Snow Mansion. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • The Multiverse: The appearance of a permanent rift into the Void prompts Emre to comment that while he always thought they were in Purgatory, he now believes they're in some sick eldritch horror's dream world. He and Emre debate exactly which Lovecraftian horrorscape they actually exist in (Aaron notes the Dreamlands were fairly pleasant). (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
  • Naked and Confused, Part 1: Season 6 begins on Day 6, after Aaron and Emre have voluntarily trekked somewhere new, far from the Facility. As such, they begin the season with clothing and basic gear, but when the series catches up with them in their new environs, Emre is surprised to hear that his shirt has vanished. He blames a zombie dog for biting his shirt off. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
    • Part 2: Aaron informs Emre that his shirt and chest armor have gone missing again a day later. Emre is really upset; he loved that shirt! Aaron suggests that Emre is being haunted by a ghost that keeps removing his shirt. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
    • Part 3: Emre's shirt has vanished again by Night 8, to his bewilderment. Aaron assures Emre that Emre doesn't need to "Matthew McConaughey" him all the time. Emre figures he's developed an instinctive reaction to strip off his shirt whenever he's attacked by zombies. (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch)
    • Part 4: Emre's shirt vanishes again after he's killed by a zombie on Night 11. When he respawns, he blames the zombie for wrecking his shirt. (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
    • Part 5: On Night 15, Emre discovers that the reason he's freezing to death is that his leather duster has vanished. Aaron suggests that zombies must have stripped him the last time they slapped him down. (Episode 112 - Rooftop Argument)
  • Other Survivors, Part 1: Aaron suggests that if they apocalypse was over and they found other people, he and Emre wouldn't be friends. Emre protests, claiming they are friends now. Aaron raises the possibility of, and then rejects, getting together when they're 80 for a post-post-apocalypse reunion. (Episode 111 - Machete Massacre)
    • Part 2: While obsessively ranting about leaping through the Void to Navezgane, Aaron imagines creating a new home where they can welcome other survivors, potentially including children and maybe even chicks that they haven't made in a lab. See Quotes, above. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Pie Bangers: While complaining that he has never found any pleasurable items (such as a board game) while scavenging in the post-apocalypse, Emre allows blueberry pies as a possible exception. Aaron suggests that they could really have some fun if they found a blueberry pie and a corncob; Emre thinks he's disgusting. (Episode 111 - Machete Massacre)
  • Poor Craftsman: Aaron complains when he degrades the quality of a club by repairing it. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
  • Snipe Hunt: Emre demonstrates the internal defenses at the Snow Mansion by having Aaron stand still, then walking around to the other side of some metal grates and shooting him in the gut. (Episode 115 - Mini-Bike Mistake)
  • Terrible Uses for Time Machines: Emre fantasizes about finding a time machine that would allow him to go back to the moment when Billy Ray Cyrus was about to conceive Miley Cyrus, so that Emre could high-five him and tell him "Way to go, dude." That this would also return him to a pre-apocalyptic world is good but coincidental; he would use the opportunity to invest in Netflix. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
  • They Delved Too Greedily and Too Deep, Part 1: Aaron blames the appearance of a rift into the Void on digging the Death Pit so deeply that he either broke into "Cthulhu's realm" or awakened an Old One. Aaron hopes to keep expanding the Death Pit, digging so deep that "we open up three more planes to the Old Ones." (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
    • Part 2: Aaron states his intention to keep digging until he finds the Old One that runs the Hell they're trapped in and thus escape their endless torture. (Episode 111 - Machete Massacre)
    • Part 3: While making plans for additions to Fort George, Aaron imagines digging "so deep that I don't know what we're going to discover. Maybe the center of the Earth." Emre's certain that something really bad is going to happen, because it always does. He imagines Aaron opening up another "portal to the Abyss." Aaron had already forgotten about the first one. (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
  • Unbearable Facts, Part 1: Aaron tries to provoke a bear into attacking a group of lumberjacks so he can sit back and pick off whichever weakened side wins the fight. When he can't get the bear's attention verbally, he shoots it in the rump. The bear immediately chases after Aaron, ignoring the lumberjacks, and mauls him. The bear vanishes just after killing him. When Aaron and Emre decide to leave the city, they pause to watch a bear kill a lumberjack, but then flee in terror when a zombie horde shows up. They really wish they could stay to watch the epic battle between bear and horde. (Episode 109 - Ride the Blunder Bus)
    • Part 2: On Day 17, Emre easily kills a bear with his hunting rifle. Late in the day, he spots another bear and eagerly declares that he's going to kill two bears in one day! The second bear proves more challenging, managing to charge him and deliver a nasty swipe before he brings it down. (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
  • The Void, Part 1: On Day 14, Aaron discovers that a huge rift into a featureless "nether void" has opened up on the lip of the Death Pit right next to George Porgie Pudding and Fort. Aaron assumes he dug so deep he awakened an Old One. Emre recalls the last major appearance by the Void in Episode 83, when "God" attacked them. Emre theorizes that while he once thought they were trapped in Hell or Purgatory, he's now pretty sure that they're stuck in some "sick eldritch horror's dream world." Emre really hopes they never accidentally fall into the Void. Aaron begins to formulate a plan wherein they dig so deep they open up more planes and awaken the Old Ones to destroy the plane of existence they live on (and thus escape it). (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
    • Part 2: Aaron returns to Fort George after a few days away and sees that the Void rift has returned - and expanded. "I'm hypnotized by the Void, man. Holy shit. I can see into space." (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
    • Part 3: The Void rift has continued to expand between Day 17 and Day 21, to the extent that Aaron can see the Moon inside it. (Episode 115 - Mini-Bike Mistake)
    • Part 4: After his scheme to sabotage Snow Mansion backfires, a frustrated Aaron decides he wants to "explore" the Void. He begins to speculate that there might be something on the other side. "You don't know until you explore it!" Emre thinks that sounds really stupid and dangerous. Aaron obsession with entering the Void eventually convinces Emre to join him. After Aaron leaps into the Void, he cajoles Emre to follow. Emre does so, face-planting on the edge of the rift. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)

Callbacks to Previous Seasons Edit

  • Aaron the Gender Bender: Aaron previously "explored his feminine side" at the end of Season 2 (Episodes 48 & 49).
  • Emre vs. Morality: Aaron obliquely references Grace when he imagines a future home where Emre can teach children that striking them is the best way to punish them for throwing water baloons. ("It is!" Emre responds.) (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Check the Map, Part 1: Aaron and Emre express regret for leaving "that other location" (the region from Season 5, including Bethlehem, the Kill Grille, and the Facility), since the rules are different in "this part of the country." (Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail)
    • Part 2: Aaron yearns to return to Navezgane, "where it started," and imagines that he might find it beyond the Void. However, while Emre remembers that Navezgane in Arizona, Aaron has forgotten and thinks it's somewhere near there, like Kansas, Louisiana, or Nebraska. Emre seems to think those places don't really exist. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Fort Titanic, Part 1: When Emre states that Fort George is impregnable, Aaron responds with "Don't say that, Mister Titanic." (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort) A possible reference to a similar discussion surrounding the naming of Fort Titanic (Episode 68 - Fort Titanic).
    • Part 2: When Emre shows Aaron around the completed Snow Mansion, he notes that while all of his forts are intimidating, Snow Mansion has a little less "rusted, gross, blood-colored metal than I would like," referencing the Christ Tower. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
  • God's Wrath, Part 1: As Aaron informs Emre that he's accidentally opened a rift into the Void (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort), Emre relates it to the time distortions and "falling through the world" they encountered when God (or at least a guy claiming to be God) attacked them (Episode 83 - Conversation With God).
    • Part 2: Aaron now speculates that the "God" who attacked them may have been a servant of the Old Ones. Emre suggests Nyarlothotep. (Episode 111 - Machete Massacre)
  • The Pre-Apocalypse: In Episode 106 (Always Dead Glitch), Emre fondly recalls Super Mario 64 and the Nintendo 64: the first game he got for his favorite video game system. In Episode 90 (Pie Bangers), Emre claimed to have never played video games growing up - he was too busy praying!
  • Skyscraper of Babel, Part 1: Season 6 picks up directly from the end of Season 5 (Episode 102 - #SkyscraperForJesus), with Aaron and Emre rushing back to finish demolishing the skyscraper. They devote roughly a third of Episode 103 (Creepy Flooded Basement) to wrapping up the Skyscraper of Babel before transitioning to the new Alpha, region, and storylines.
    • Part 2: Aaron asks Emre if Jesus thinks his partially successful attempt to collapse the "Skyscraper of Babel" at the end of last season was good enough to redeem him. Emre replies that Jesus hasn't been talking to him lately. "I don't know what His deal is, but I haven't heard His voice since that day." (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
  • The Unstoppable SP Cakes, Part 1: Aaron and Emre refer obliquely to SP Cakes when they muse that women are not man's best friend in the apocalypse. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
    • Part 2: Aaron mentions SP Cakes again as he envisions a future home in Navezgane, thinking she'll be so impressed with the good they're doing in the world that she'll stop killing them all of the time. Emre is wary; he doesn't really want to see her again. Aaron insists they just didn't say the right things and need to give SP Cakes another chance. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)

Referenced in Future Seasons Edit

  • Jesus Pig!: A pig suddenly rushes into a store Aaron's looting and perches atop some shelves. Aaron freaks out, claiming the pig is trying to kill him, and immediately guns it down while giggling at its demise. Moments later, he asks another pig to save him from a bear chasing him, but that pig just runs. Later, Emre is astounded when he encounters a pig that he declares to be immune to his blunderbuss. (Episode 109 - Ride the Blunder Bus)
  • Land Bridge to Russia: While admitting that he honestly has no idea where they are in the country, Aaron jokes that for all he knows they could have crossed a land bridge into Russia (Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail). In Season 9, the ex-cosmonauts who briefly visit Pleasure Shire in Episode 168 (Bad Hobbit) will also claim to have crossed a land bridge from Russia to reach Navezgane.
  • The Multiverse: Aaron dreams of opening up more rifts to other planes and awakening the Old Ones. Ultimately, he dreams of destroying their own plane of existence in order to escape it. In Season 9, Aaron and Emre are thrust into another plane of existence, the Evilverse, where they discover that alternate-timeline versions of Emre's followers have already destroyed countless dimensions in order to prevent the destruction of their own world. (Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort)
  • Other Survivors/Pleasure Shire: As he grows increasingly obsessed with leaping through the Void to Navezgane, Aaron imagines building a "home" where they welcome all newcomers and no zombies can touch them. See Quotes, above, for his full vision. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Pie Bangers: Aaron imagines creating a home where he could use weird science to create chicks. Emre approves, as perhaps the one good use for science. In Episode 172 (Blueberry Woman), Aaron discovers his Evilverse counterpart eventually succeeded, creating Bloobs. (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • Series Recap: The introductory montage that opens Season 7 (Episode 119 - New Recruits) visits a scene from Episode 118 (Enter the Void).
  • The Unstoppable SP Cakes: During the rant in which he imagines creating a new home for survivors in Navezgane (Pleasure Shire), Aaron even envisions SP Cakes seeing the good they're doing in the world and stopping her efforts to kill them all the time. (It doesn't work out quite that way.) (Episode 118 - Enter the Void)
  • The Void, Part 1: A huge rift to the Void spontaneously opens next to Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort, sparking a discussion of Lovecraftian Old Ones, "eldritch dream worlds," and other planes of existence. The Void draws more focus in future seasons, culminating in Season 9 (Episodes 152 - 175).
    • Part 2: The introductory montage that opens Season 7 explains that following the conclusion of this season, Aaron and Emre traveled through the Void to Navezgane, where they build a new settlement. (Episode 119 - New Recruits)
    • Part 3: Emre face-plants on his first attempt to leap through the rift into the Void (Episode 118 - Enter the Void). This is used as the rationale for a horrific glitch distorting his face early in Season 7 (noted in Episode 122 - Sh*t Eater).

Fun Facts Edit

  • Blood Moons: This season features four feral horde nights. Toward the end of the season, the series starts skipping from one blood moon to the next.
    • Day 7: Aaron and Emre fend off the Day 7 blood moon relying primarily on the Death Pit itself to keep the zombies at bay. The zombies spend half the night unable to navigate the Death Pit, but when Aaron and Emre shift position slightly to look at a more vulnerable section, the zombies follow, reach their fort, and completely collapse it, killing them both. (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
    • Day 14: The Day 14 feral horde strikes in Episode 110 (Pudding and Fort), attacking Aaron and Emre at Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort. Most of the zombies are destroyed by the fort's passive defenses, including the Death Pit and a massive rift into the Void that's just opened up.
    • Day 21: The Day 21 feral horde attacks in Episode 116 (Night Hunt). Aaron and Emre team up at Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort against a disappointingly feeble horde.
    • Day 28: The Day 28 feral horde strikes in Episode 117 (28 Days Later) and concludes in Episode 118 (Enter the Void). Aaron and Emre are separated in their own forts. The night passes uneventfully for Aaron at Fort George, while Emre desperately fights off a huge feral horde at his sabotaged Snow Mansion.
  • Building the Fourth Wall, Part 1: Emre looks to the rising sun and jokingly announces that "This episode is brought to you by Coors Light. Cold as the Rockies." His faux-plug is interrupted by an attacking zombie. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
    • Part 2: Aaron devotes some time to destroy "an abomination of physics growing here" - a dead bush seemingly hanging in the air. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
    • Part 3: The recurring themes surrounding Emre's vanishing shirts and body-jumping demonic possession are attempts to lampshade recurring glitches affecting Emre and Aaron's characters. Episode 106 (Always Dead Glitch) is named for a recurring, unpredictable bug that causes a character to appear prone, as if dead. This bug will return now and then for the rest of the series, up through Season 9 to date.
    • Part 4: The massive, permanent "nether void" rift that opens in the earth next to Fort George (starting in Episode 110 - Pudding and Fort) is a graphical glitch caused by vertices in adjoining ground blocks failing to connect properly. (For those playing at home, these "rifts" can be repaired by using wood frames to smooth out the rugged terrain.) Because the rift is so prominent - not just visually, but also by acting as an invulnerable line of defense - it draws a great deal of attention, including Aaron and Emre's Lovecraftian speculation on the Void.
    • Part 5: Emre blames lag when he loses a machete fight vs. lumberjacks. Aaron claims not to know what "lag" means, getting Emre to clarify that he got a headache and momentarily froze up from fear. When Aaron reads off some information from the iron chest armor description in his inventory, he suggests that Emre must have written it when he made the armor. (Episode 111 - Machete Massacre)
    • Part 6: On Day 17, after a day and night spent nearly freezing to death, Aaron says that he had a "dream" in which a stranger (someone on the internet who watched the previous episode) advised him that wearing bandannas makes you colder. Later, Emre easily kills a bear, then has a terrible time killing a zombie nurse. "I hope nobody was watching! That would be really embarrassing, right?" Aaron complains about having "the worst headache" that wouldn't let him think or do anything (he usual take on game lag) after he falls in a deep cave. (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
    • Part 7: Aaron covers for a recurring graphical glitch by claiming that when he's riding his mini-bike, he likes to pretend he's running really fast. (Episode 115 - Mini-Bike Mistake)
    • Part 8: As Aaron expands Fort George and the Death Pit, he and Emre experience increasing lag in the immediate area. Emre comments on this on Day 22, saying, "The further I get away from your terrible fort, the easier it is for me to fucking exist, you know? I feel like I'm choppy and laggy and stuff when I'm near your place." Aaron again points him toward passing off the lag as a headache. (Episode 116 - Night Hunt)
    • Part 9: Aaron can tell that lots of zombies are attacking Emre at Snow Mansion because he starts suffering a "headache" over at Fort George that makes everything "blurry and slow." Emre doesn't know what he's talking about. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
    • Part 10: Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort remains standing (literally floating in midair) after Emre has completely excavated its foundation (most likely due to overwhelmed game physics). Aaron credits the Void with supporting the fort.
  • Check the Map, Part 1: This season takes place somewhere far from the region that included Aaron's Facility and the Skyscraper of Babel. When Aaron and Emre flee that city, they decide to run for at least a week. After they've settled down in a new region, Aaron states that they got lost a bunch of times during their journey and he couldn't find his way back if he wanted to. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
    • Part 2: Aaron names the wasteland where they're attempting to build a fort in the Death Pit the "Accursed Lands." "Mapbook" isn't letting him track Emre again. (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch)
    • Part 3: Aaron and Emre try to work out where in the country they might have wandered now. Initially, Emre thinks they're in Montana, while Aaron guesses Louisiana. The presence of snow (and absence of crawfish) suggests that they aren't in Louisiana, so Aaron admits that for all he knows, they've crossed a land bridge into Russia. Emre agrees that Russia makes sense. Ultimately, what convinces them they're in Russia is the curative properties of honey; Emre's heard that Russian honey cures all sorts of diseases. They could be in Canada though. (Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail)
    • Part 4: Aaron finally gets "Mapbook" working again on Night 10. The overwhelming presence of lumberjacks in the snowy city briefly makes Aaron think they're in Canada again, but Emre reminds him they're in Russia. (Episode 109 - Ride the Blunder Bus)
    • Part 5: When Aaron yearns to return to Navezgane, Emre remarks that they're "really far from there." Aaron amuses himself when he figures out how to mark Fort George on his map. (Episode 114 - Crappy Cave-In)
  • The Pre-Apocalypse, Part 1: Emre was a huge Miley Cyrus fan. (Episode 104 - Cave Explorers)
    • Part 2: After hearing that Aaron keeps his water on his tool belt, Emre irritably suggests that before the apocalypse, Aaron was the sort of driver who would let his gas gauge reach "empty" before filling his tank. Aaron denies that, insisting instead that he kept a gas can on his tool belt and used that to refuel when he ran out of gas. (Episode 105 - Turds and a Pistol)
    • Part 3: The Nintendo 64 was Emre's favorite video game system, and Super Mario 64 was the first game he had for the system. (Episode 106 - Always Dead Glitch)
    • Part 4: According to Emre, literally everyone ever has seen Star Wars. (Episode 107 - Night Vision Fail)
    • Part 5: Aaron claims that the movie Pride & Prejudice & Zombies was okay, but not worth killing him to see it. Emre agrees that the movie was only okay. Emre formulates a theory that the lumberjack zombie-infested Russian town they've been exploring was hosting a lumberjack convention and a hipster convention and a beard convention when the zombie apocalypse struck. (Episode 109 - Ride the Blunder Bus)
    • Part 6: When he was a kid, Aaron once spent Christmas Eve waiting on his roof for Santa. He fell off the roof, and maybe hit his head a little bit, but then he saw Santa! Santa took him around to all the houses he broke into, and gave him some little red capsules to eat. Then on Christmas morning, Aaron woke up in his own bed, and all his gifts were there. Emre's pretty sure Aaron was raped. (Episode 112 - Rooftop Argument)
    • Part 7: Aaron was a scientist, not an engineer, which is why he doesn't really know his way around dirtbike engines. (Episode 115 - Mini-Bike Mistake)
  • Series Records, Part 1: Season 6 and Season 8 (Episodes 140 -151) are tied for Emre's record lowest death counts to date (7 each).
    • Part 2: To date, this is the only season where Aaron has suffered more deaths than Emre (8 vs. 7, respectively). The final death that puts Aaron over the top is an explosive suicide performed to "fast travel" back to his bedroll at Fort George (Episode 118 - Enter the Void).
  • Time Doesn't Exist Here, Exactly, Part 1: An indeterminate span of time passes between Seasons 5 and 6. When Aaron and Emre abandon the region they were living in last season midway through Episode 103 (Creepy Flooded Basement), Emre suggests they run for a week to set up again somewhere far, far away. A time jump covers the transition from Alpha 12 to Alpha 13. When Aaron and Emre abandon the Facility and the Skyscraper of Babel, it is Day 24; when next we catch up with them, it is Day 6, so presumably at least six days have passed, but it could potentially be far longer. Later, Emre claims it's been a year since he stopped caring about or looking at zombies. (Episode 103 - Creepy Flooded Basement)
    • Part 2: Episode 104 (Cave Explorers) skips past a few minutes of Day 7 construction.
    • Part 3: Episode 110 (Pudding and Fort) jumps from the morning of Day 12 to the afternoon of Day 14 to skip over extensive construction at Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort and expansion of the Death Pit. Aaron also notes that "time really seemed to slow down" during the unseen two days, accompanied by the appearance of a rift into the Void.
    • Part 4: The series skips from sunset on Day 17 to the morning of Day 21 between Episode 114 (Crappy Cave-In) and Episode 115 (Mini-Bike Mistake). Aaron and Emre spend the unseen time in isolation, building up their separate forts, and Aaron builds a mini-bike.
    • Part 5: The series skips ahead again from the morning of Day 22 to the morning of Day 28. Aaron and Emre once again spend the unseen time working on their separate forts while ignoring each other. (Episode 117 - 28 Days Later)
    • Part 6: Episode 118 (Enter the Void) jumps ahead a few hours on the morning of Day 29 to skip past Emre's jog from Snow Mansion to Fort George. It skips ahead a few more times while Emre lines the foundations of Fort George with gas barrels.

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This season updates to Alpha 13 and uses a new, randomly generated map. Alpha 13 introduces several new zombie types, including zombie bears and screamers, but also removes some of the old models, most notably the Hawaiian shirt-wearing "fatties." (These zombies would later be updated and reintroduced in Alpha 16.) Players can now knock down, cripple, or even dismember zombies in combat. Dead animals must now be harvested for supplies, rather than simply searched. Extreme temperatures and weather become survival factors as well.

Aaron's plan to drain the flooded basement by knocking a hole in its side couldn't have worked; the game engine doesn't support advanced water physics.

The rift to the Void is a known game glitch which can occur when "ground" blocks fail to align properly. As shown in the series, once created, these glitches can grow over time. In a normal game, a player can seal a "rift" by smoothing out the terrain (by placing and removing wooden frames, for example).

When Aaron and Emre split up during the Day 28 blood moon, Aaron's oddly quiet night is due to the fact that until Alpha 16, feral hordes would target a single, random player at the start of a blood moon and continue to pursue that individual throughout the night.

New additions to the game's character creation options allow Aaron and Emre to finally assume the appearances they'll maintain from this point onward, though the bandannas they wear this season prevent the audience from seeing their faces most of the time. Emre's bearded face is first seen in Episode 109 (Ride the Blunder Bus); Aaron's face is not revealed until Episode 114 (Crappy Cave-In).

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