Adam Koralik (born December 8, 1986) is an American comedian, writer, director, and producer for the Game Society Pimps. He primary works on the business aspect of the organization. He is often the member commenting on the YouTube page and also the member who travels to conferences as a representative for the Game Society Pimps. Aside from working on the Game Society Pimps gaming channel, he is the founder of FigureItOut Productions and has a YouTube channel of his own as an expert of video game consoles.

On January 23, 2019, Aaron and Emre announced in a Live Show that Adam would be taking a leave of absence from the Game Society Pimps to work on personal projects for an indeterminate amount of time. Adam, has himself, announced that he will be distancing himself from the comedy gaming channel during his own live stream event.

Early life and education Edit

Adam was born in Reno, Nevada and grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois. He attended Columbia College Chicago as a directing major.[1]

FigureItOut Productions Edit

Adam founded FigureItOut Productions, a Chicago-based film production company, when he was still a student. The studio have produced multiple shorts including Lactose Intolerance and College.[2]

Adam Koralik's YouTube Channel Edit

Adam is a video game console expert famous for his "quick shoot" series. He features consoles from different generations of gaming and provides many videos detailing how to repair them. He has a podcast of his own discussing both current gaming trends and retro gaming.[3][4]

Blame Society Films Edit

Main article: Adam Koralik (Beer and Board Games Wiki)

Adam appears in the Blame Society Films' web series, Beer and Board Games, as the beer wench. He is known as Feuhorbe.

Game Society Pimps Edit

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In 2011, Adam co-founded the gaming channel Game Society Pimps (formerly known as GameSocietyFilms and Game Society) with Emre Cihangir and Aaron Yonda. Adam along with his colleagues have produced many comedy series such as Skyrim For Pimps, Fallout For Pimps, and 7 Days to Die.

Adam with game society pimps merch

Adam with GameSocietyPimps merchandise

He has co-directed and co-produced much of the content for the Game Society Pimps and has traveled across the world to conferences as a representative for the Game Society Pimps. While it is not often that Adam appears in videos, he is known for providing background laughter and he himself has appeared in Skyrim For Pimps as one of the gods. He has commentated on a few videos in the past and has on occasion subbed in for Aaron and Emre. When Emre went on hiatus for personal reasons, Adam joined Aaron for Far Cry 4 Pimps to fill the air. He is also the online moderator during the live shows and maintains communication between the fans and the rest of the Game Society Pimps.

Adam is well known for impersonating Disney's Mickey and Stitch. His talents have proved handy whenever the Game Society Pimps play Disneyland Adventures for the Kinect. He tortures his colleague Aaron with crude humor all while in his Disney character voice.

Being a video game collector, Adam has provided much of the games used in the Game Society Pimps videos. A recent example of this is when Adam was able to successfully set up a live stream of Link: The Faces of Evil with his Philips CD-i. His knowledge of video games has provided much ire with his colleagues however and was apparent when Adam could be heard educating Aaron and Emre on various topics much to their displeasure in Yakuza 0 For Pimps. The incidents even prompted Emre to include them in the final edit in which Emre complains to Adam multiple times not to "talk over" him.

For detailed history of Game Society Pimps, see Game Society Pimps § History.

Trivia Edit

  • He is a big fan of the Sega Dreamcast and has made numerous videos on his own YouTube Channel (AdamKoralik) about this particular gaming console.[5] He is also an active member of the Shenmue community. The video game media company IGN cited Adam for information on the upcoming releases of Shenmue 1 & 2.[6]
  • He hates Chipotle. He loves coffee and candy.
  • Adam is a teetotaler. On November 29, 2017 however, a fan donated a high sum of money for Adam to take a shot of Malort during a live show. In the after party of that show, he would go on to take his first drop of alcohol in over a decade. His period of abstaining from alcohol ended at 9:43 PM CT Nov 29, 2017 and a new one began moments later.[7]
    • Aaron's comments on Adam taking a shot of alcohol for the first time in a decade, "He has absolutely, and in the most unbelievably annoying way, refused to ever touch an ounce of liquor for the entire time that I've ever known him. It's the worst. This is the pinnacle of my fucking life right now.[8]

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