Bewt T is a character from the series 7 Days to Die in Episodes 119 - 139, 140 - 151, and 152 -175. Bewt T is played by a fan. She is a bit simple-minded and makes a lot of puns yet she is unaware of what a pun is. Even more offensive is when she calls Epsilon One a Keebler Elf instead of a leprechaun and is unable to understand Graskull's and Epsilon One's Irish accents.

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Story Edit

Bewt T is a survivor who happened to appear in front of Aaron's Pleasure Shire. She was quickly welcomed into the community since both Aaron and metastergo wanted another female in the shire.

Bwett and Bewt T Edit

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Prior to Bewt T's arrival at Pleasure Shire, Emre and JWM sent Bwett undercover to Pleasure Shire in order to retrieve Metastergo. Their plan was to have Bwett disguise himself as a woman and inform Metastergo about their intentions to rescue her. This way, metastergo would be prepared to leave when the rest of Team Emre (JWM, Kaydalyn and the boss himself) comes to pick them up. Unfortunately, Bewt T was unaware of what the signal was to get Metastergo out and stayed in Pleasure Shire even after Emre, JWM, and Kaydalyn attempted a raid on it. It is uncertain if Bewt T and Bwett are the same person.

Other appearances Edit

Bewt T appears in Aaron's nightmare where she advertises her salon shop, Bewt T's Beauty Salon, in a TV spot.

She also appears during Episode 152 - 175 in the subplot, where Aaron and Emre's followers live their days in Pleasure Shire after their bosses get sent to the future. She appears as one of the dancers in Graskull's exclusive club.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Before the Apocalypse, Bewt T engaged in Family Style sex. It was a giant orgy with all the members of the family, including grandmas and grandpas.

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