The Chaos Beasts are pseudo-Lovecraftian lore developed over the course of several seasons of the series, 7 Days to Die. Whether or not they are literally real, metaphorical, or simply the deranged rantings of Emre's follower JWM remains a mystery.

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Lore Edit

JWM developed the legend of the Chaos Beasts over time, apparently combining various legends with Emre's preaching with his own possibly insane visions in a bizarre mishmash. According to his legend, the Chaos Beasts are a trio of planet-sized monsters, "God's kaiju," which roam the Void, destroying worlds/dimensions that are beyond saving. The Gospel of Emre (see the illustration) identifies the three Chaos Beasts as:

  • Behemoth: A.K.A. Kingu or Jesus's War Elephant. The Beast of Wrath and Destruction.
  • Leviathan: A.K.A. Tiamat or the World Serpent, the Chaos Beast of Water. The Beast of Lust and Death.
  • Ziz: A.K.A. Anzu or the Red Dragon, the Chaos Beast of Air. The Beast of Madness and Chaos.

Story Edit

The bizarre lore of the Void started mainly in Season 6 (Episodes 103 - 118), when Aaron made Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fort, a tower fort surrounded by a vast, deep pit. Due to a game glitch, an gaping void would open up in the pit, where he believed Cthulhu was waiting for him. He and Emre eventually jumped into the Void in Episode 118.

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