Dogmeat is the first companion in the series Fallout 4 Pimps. On the way to Concord, Humongous Nipple befriends Dogmeat, who immediately gets dressed in goggles and a bandana. Unlike Dogmeat (in Fallout 3 For Pimps) and Rex (in Fallout New Vegas For Pimps), Dogmeat does not play a major role in the story arc.

Humongous Nipple is pessimistic about Dogmeat's abilities as a companion. Dogmeat was only good for taking bullets and was not at all an effective combatant when Mrs. Nipple was clearing raiders out of the settlements. Later, when she needed to track down Kellogg, Dogmeat was only able to direct her to the building that he was in.

Humongous Nipple and Bruce did enjoy Dogmeat's mannerisms however and they hesitated dismissing him as a companion when Dogmeat ate a bug flying around his face.


Dogmeat made appearances in six episodes. The episodes were 2 Moles, 1 Chair (E02), Sanctuary Sucks (E03), Biggie Smalls' Baseball Bat (E04), Happy Marcy? (E05), How to Trap a Deathclaw (E10), and Sexual Assaultron (E11).

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