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Fün Tits is the main character of season one, three, and most of season four of Skyrim for Pimps.

Appearances Edit

Season One Edit

In season one, she joins the Dark Brotherhood and falls in love with Astrid, who does not return her love and ends up sending people to kill her. Fün survives and forgives her, but Astrid is killed. At the end of season one, Fün decides to stay in the cave with dead Astrid and use a spell to bring her to life every 60 seconds.

Season Three Edit

Season three starts when Fün decides to leave the cave and become a vampire. In this season, she is trying to get a bow to shoot the sun out of the sky. However, she ends up falling in love with a vampire named Serana, who has a problem talking really quietly. At the end of season three, Fün finds Crotch Guzzler and makes him bring Astrid back to life, and Fün, Serana, and Astrid all live happily in Fün's home.

Season Four Edit

When Fün first appears in season four, she is coming home and gets attacked by monsters sent by Miraak, a masked dragonborn. Once she reaches home, she discovers that Serana and Astrid have been killed. She decides to go get revenge and find Crotch to revive her loved ones once again.

So she sets off to Morrowind and meets a girl named Frea. Fün wants her to be her new girlfriend, but she keeps rejected her. She also has to keep going into the Black Books that lead to "Library Land" to get closer to Miraak. Fün finds this very annoying.

She finally gets to the last level of Library Land and finds Miraak waiting for her. He takes off his mask, and discovers that it is Crotch Guzzler, who is mad because of the pancake recipe that Fün gave him. He believes that the pancakes killed his family. They get into an epic fight, and they try to kill each other, when Cock Nibbler comes and stops them. He convinces them to stop fighting, and convinces Fün to get over Serana and Astrid by giving her Frea, who had been drugged by Cock in order to make her like Fün.

Other appearances Edit

Fün also appears in parts of season five starring S'oggy Balls. Fün buys werewolf blood from him so she can become a werewolf.

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