Far Cry Primal For Pimps is a mini series created by Aaron Yonda and Emre Cihangir. Aaron and Emre hilariously play as Glug, a prehistoric survivor in a prehistoric world. Glug hunts animals and defend territory from other prehistoric humans. Far Cry Primal For Pimps is thought to be a replacement for Far Cry 4 Pimps as Emre returns after a short hiatus.

Characters Edit

  • Glug (voiced by Aaron Yonda)
    • Glug does have clear political convictions.
    • He does not want friends.
  • Owl (voiced by Emre Cihangir)
    • Owl is a bard owl, owl bard.
    • He likes to make puns that Glug does not often approve of.
    • Owl does not like fighting and likes to give Glug advice. He is more approving of Glug using his club than his bow, calling the bow "a weapon of a coward."
    • Owl is told that he is "useless as usual" when he flies too far from Glug and must return to his side. (episode 5 @ 8:50)
    • Glug accuses the owl of making a false claim about being able to hunt monkeys and threatens to sue him in court.
    • Glug often verbally abuses the owl saying how useless it is and telling it that it's only good for shitting in cages and being used as toilet paper to wipe his prehistoric butt.
    • The owl is quite tech savvy and is able to set up "Bluetooth" and communicate with Glug even when they are not together. Glug not understanding this new technology, jokes around about "Bluetooth" and smurfs but realizes that the joke might be way out of left field.
    • The owl does not have any leverage over Glug and continues to take verbal abuse. The owl once threatened to eat Glug's children but realizes that Glug is invisible because he cannot love anyone. He cannot be hurt because he has no family or friends.
  • Big Hole (Sayla)

Recurring Themes Edit

  • Glug's Law
    • If there is hole, Glug must enter it
    • Don't listen to owl on shoulder (episode 2 @ 0:05)
    • Fill all holes with bits of Glug (episode 2 @ 0:31)
    • Playing instruments goes against glug's law (episode 2 @ 2:17) and the punishment is execution
    • He will kill (anyone) at any moment if he wishes. (episode 3 @ 1:51)
  • Glug's vocabulary
    • Gluggaside - Glug committing genocide
    • Wug - Wolf
    • Wuggy Snuggy - A "snuggy" made from wolf hide
    • Gluggalingus - Glug performing cunnilingus
    • Ugal - Eagle
    • Glugglings - Little Glug children
    • Glugsectomy - Glug cannot have children

Episodes Edit

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