Franklin does a towing job for Tanya, a crack addict.

History Edit

Upon learning that Franklin was not going to be paid for his services, he decides to talk to Tanya with his car and runs her over. Franklin is suspicious that Tanya may get back up again. He calls her phone to see if she's dead. No answer. Not assured, he decides to get other cars to run her over. Feeling confident that she's dead, Franklin drives off but soon enough Tanya calls.

  • Tanya didn't you get my message? I killed you, I killed you.
  • When you kill someone in the country they stay dead they don't call you 5 minutes later.

Franklin goes on a vacation to the countryside to escape the horror and stays at a barn in the countryside for 9 hours. He steals a rusty tractor, causes a mess, and drives back to town.

Once Franklin gets back to the city, he takes a visit to the strip club. He makes farm euphemisms and gets Juliet to want to go home with Franklin but the tractor won't fit two. He steals a jeep and goes home with Juliet. The end.

Song dedicated to him Edit

Black man on a tractor,

Going 25,

I became a farmer,

By taking a bunch of farmer's lives.

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