"GTA For Pimps" is a let's play comedy show by Aaron and Emre taking place in the games Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. They have made stories from the series playing as either Michael or Franklin and built a character online called Pinky Taint.

There are two tidbit episodes featuring Franklin's driving while gun to head and Trevor yelling at strippers.

Game Society Pimps have also done numerous live shows with the fans on GTA V, often getting banned for using a video capturing program.

They have also played with the fans including a Presidential Gamer video, where Pres. Obama promotes his healthcare website.

The opening theme song for GTA For Pimps is "RetroFuture Clean" by Kevin MacLeod.[1][2]

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"You open up the back of the truck and it's a toxic hell inside with two corpses."

  ―Emre in Episode 4, referring to the Meth lab in the truck.

"Ladies have you seen my balls, check them out, they're multicolored and they pop easy."

  ―Emre and Aaron as Michael in Episode 5, Year 0

"Everyone in this town just stands around drinking coffee and screaming. "

  ―Michael complains that no one want to play with his (beach) balls in Episode 5

"I see you got your coffees, now for the screaming. (screaming ensues) "

  ―(Episode 5)

"How about some coffee and screaming. That's what you all like. "

  ―(Episode 5)

"Sir,If you could just take that cigarette out of your mouth for a second, d*mb*ss. (Michael to a random smoker)"

  ―(Episode 5)

"I heard that Netflix, CEO of Netflix used the minigun to boost their popularity. Pretty sure he shot up like 15 blockbusters."

  ―(Episode 5)

"According to the Tanya Traffic Experiment, researchers have found that 100% of drivers will run over a corpse on the middle of the road."

  ―(Episode 6)

"Tanya didn't you get my message? I killed you, I killed you."

  ―(Episode 6)

"When you kill someone in the country they stay dead they don't call you 5 minutes later."

  ―(Episode 6)

"Valet park my tractor. There is no keys. (Driving a tractor)"

  ―(Episode 6)

"I would like wake up at the crack of dawn everyday and plow the shit out of you. Boy you really are a farmer aren't you Emre. (Farm euphemisms)"

  ―(Episode 6)

"I'm up in this motherf*ker"

  ―(Episode 7)

"I thought you're all gonna go slow for my b*tch*ss."

  ―(Episode 7)

"Emre loves you. Emre wants to bear your children, you can have little Emre Jazz babies."

  ―(Episode 7)

"I'm calling the police. (Police not in contacts) I'm calling Lamar!"

  ―(Episode 7)

"That was queer. You know like the original definition of queer. You're queer. The not original definition of queer. (Emre and Aaron respectively)"

  ―(Episdoe 7)

"The school of balls, balls institute. I'll have you know I graduated top of my class at balls institute."

  ―(Episode 9)

"Aaron, I don't think you needed to take the liberator to go get milk."

  ―(Episode 13)

"Freedom coming through."

  ―(Episode 13)

"You start a business. You're an entrepreneur. You can start any kind of business you want and then, if you fail you f*ckin, dust off your *ssh*le and you get back up and pull your *ssh*le up by the bootstraps and you start a new business. (Aaron)"

  ―(Episode 13)

"America's here. America to the rescue"

  ―(Episode 13)

"What's the point of a date? To like meet someone and spend time with um and have a good time. . . That's what you wanted to do with me? Yeah. Oh. And I want to suck your d*ck."

  ―(Episode 13)

" Triathlon Coverage News Report: The man who assaulted someone before he started the race is in last place still. But is catching up quickly. He must be powered by sheer blood lust and Adrenalin."

  ―(Episode 13)

"No hookers, just tacos."

  ―(Episode 15)

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"President Obama Plays GTA 5 Online" Edit

The President talks to an Austrian dude, who wants to be the next Schwarzenegger, about healthcare.[3] The episode is part of the Presidential Gaming series featuring Jason Stephens voicing as Pres. Obama.

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