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General Burnside is a riekling hunter featured in season 5 of Skyrim For Pimps. Found in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun, he is companion to S'oggyballs. General Burnside was presumably named after his beard, looking much like the famous Civil War General Burnside.

Important roles Edit

General Burnside did many memorable things, including killing S'oggy's wife, Aela the Huntress. He was the main feature in many episodes like "General Burnside" or "Turkey Time" , and he enjoys saying the phrase of what sounds like "My Dick", which sets the basis for many jokes.

Weapons Edit

General Burnside is known to carry a bow, and is very good at using it. Once, he shot a man right through the mouth. In episode 19, "Playnord," he was discovered to be carrying a Daedric bow, armor, and arrows, with which he murdered Aela.

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