Hobo: Tough Life is a homeless simulation co-op game developed by Czech studio Perun Creative. Game Society Pimps hosts Aaron Yonda and Emre Cihangir both star as homeless individuals, cracking jokes to pass the time in the mean streets of Praslav.

In the pilot episode, Aaron and Emre joke that they are going to play the game to prepare for their future as struggling YouTubers. Their struggles, shared by many YouTubers, are caused by a 2017 phenomenon nicknamed the Ad-pocalypse, in which YouTube advertisers were unwilling to advertise on the streaming platform due to hateful and misleading mature content.

The Game Society Pimps have gradually released new episodes. One of the main reason for its slow release is due to Emre's distaste for the game.


  • One day in the game takes 36 minutes in real time. They can roam around in the day time but they must stay warm at night. This means harassing people during the day but going back to their base during night time.
  • Emre rages about slight cultural differences between his home country of USA and the country his character is in, the Czech Republic (e.g. paying a fee to use the bathrooms).


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