Jason Stephens is a professional voice actor and improvisational comedian working with Game Society. He is known for his celebrity impressions of Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and dozens of other celebrities. Aside from working on the Game Society channel, he has "appeared" on the Tonight Show (as the voice of Morgan Freeman) many times since 2014, and has provided ADR for film trailers and voice overs for the NFL, Sports Illustrated, Cosmo, as well as commercial voice over for television, radio, games, and more.

He is the co-founder and former owner of The Monkey Business Institute in Madison, Wisconsin.

Early life and education Edit

Jason grew up in rural Wisconsin and lived in Madison, Wisconsin for many years. He has since moved to the suburbs of Madison, where his studio is located.

Jason's Voices Edit

Jason is well known for the voice of Christopher Walken in the original "celebrity let's play" videos he co-created with Aaron Yonda. Together, they originated the name "Christopher Walkenthrough" for this breakout series. Over time, the series included Jason's impressions of Barack Obama, and Morgan Freeman in off-shoot series. Since inception of the series, Machinima has partnered with Game Society to present "Walkenthrough."[1]

On the Game Society channel, Jason has also narrated for 7 Days to Die and voices for Rex the speaking dog and the villain Benny in Fallout New Vegas For Pimps. He has also joined the other members of the Game Society in the game Gang Beasts, where he does celebrity impressions of not only the above mentioned but others in his repertoire like John Madden.

On Aaron Yonda's other channel, Blame Society Films, Jason appears as a regular guest comedian on the show Beer and Board Games.

In television, Jason's Morgan Freeman and Barack Obama impressions have appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and the TruTV series Six Degrees of Everything.[2][3]

Jason has provided voice overs for movie trailers and game trailers such as BBB's Haunted House and Injustice 2[4][5] and have voiced for characters in the game Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator and SureAI's Enderal.

Equipment and studio Edit

Jason uses a Sennheiser MK4 large diaphragm condenser microphone, a Universal Audio Apollo Twin audio interface and virtual studio tools, and Adobe Audition.[6] His custom home-based studio, was constructed by One Stall Workshop. In order to reduce noise transference, the studio was built inside an existing structure on the property and is similar in nature to a "box" within a box - with its walls separated from the existing walls, ceiling, and floor. Further professional sound proofing and suppression has provided this professional studio with a remarkably low noise floor, and professional tuning from audio engineer, George Whittam. [7]



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