Kingdom Come is a comedy series featuring Aaron and Emre playing the medieval action role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The game is set in the Kingdom of Bohemia and they play as a young man named Henry.

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  • Henry
  • Theresa

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King dumb come

Title sequence

Episode 3 - "Ale Hole"Edit

"The opposite of understand is overstand. How have I never thought of that before."


"If you don't understand something, try overstanding it."


Episode 5 - "Medieval Medical Bills"Edit

"That's a flaming cow; that's not my parents."

  ―Henry (Emre)[src]

"This is Teresa's uncle. He's apparently some grave robbing necromancer wannabe or some shit. What is going on? I thought he was a miller."

  ―Henry (Emre and Aaron)[src]


  ―Miller Peshek[src]

"Shwasted. That's another thing I'm bringing back in 2018"


Episode 8 - "It's a Guard's Life"Edit

"Very colorful! Yeah, nice mustache! Whoo, sitting on a bench! What's up, townsman! Townswoman! Nobody knows how to have fun in this goddamn town."

  ―Henry (Emre and Aaron) as he whistles[src]


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