Momo is a hidden character from the series Huniepop. Aaron and Emre discover her by throwing away a bag of goldfish in the park. Momo is an insane woman who thinks she is a cat.

Aaron's and Emre's Reaction Edit

Aaron and Emre are extremely repulsed by this girl and her high-pitched squeaky voice. Momo asks only cat related questions, which Aaron and Emre almost always get wrong. In their first interaction with Momo, they ask her how old she was and she responded with "I'm on one years old, in kitty years" and they freaked out and left to go sleep with Kyu. Emre commonly refers to Momo as "It."

Aaron and Emre fail to date Momo the first time and at the end deliberately got a large amount of broken hearts to make her miserable.

Emre made a band name out of one of Momo's outfits. He called her Posh Kitty outfit "Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle" and said it would be an awesome band whose first song would be self-titled.

When asking her last name, Momo's response was "Last name? No, I'm Momo" and Aaron decided her last name was Noimmomo.

Momo also says certain words like "Bestestest" and "Super Duper" that annoy Aaron and Emre to no end.

While they were having sex with Momo, Aaron and Emre used facts about euthanasia.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Momo likes Romance and hates Sexuality
  • Oddly, for a cat, Momo loves vegetables
  • Momo's alcohol tolerance is extremely low
  • Momo has purple panties
  • It turns out that Momo was an actual cat
Last Name Age Homeworld
N/A 1 (Cat Yrs) Unsure
Height Weight Occupation
5'2" 100 lbs Not Asked
Cup Size Birthday Hobby
B Oct 2 Sleeping
Fav Color Fav Season Fav Hangout
Go Spring Hiking Trail


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