This is a brief overview of S'oggyballs. For in-depth articles on S'oggyballs, see S'oggy Balls (Skyrim For Pimps Wiki).

S'oggyballs is the main hero of season 5 of Skyrim For Pimps. He is also the only hero to not be Dragonborn. S'oggy is a skooma-addicted khajiit who is skilled in the art of punching. His one goal in life is to impress his brother, J'zargo (even though S'oggy hasn't mastered the expert level destruction spells).

In his attempts to make his brother proud of him, he became the harbinger of the Companions, married Aela the Huntress, and was worked his way up to become the new Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild, succeeding Mercer Frey. S'oggy also has a Riekling follower named General Burnside. In the episode "Skooma Parley", S'oggy is killed by Cock Nibbler, Fün Tits and Crotch Guzzler and a fellow named Brad the Bard.

Early life Edit

S'oggyballs grew up in Elsweyr with his brother J'zargo. Throughout his childhood, he was followed around by a girl name Yura (whom he did not like at all). All his life, he was bested by his brother, J'zargo, which sparked his lifelong ambition to make his brother proud. Both of his parents were killed, so he and his brother were raised by tiger-like creatures that S'oggy called "Tonys". S'oggyballs later moved to Skyrim to start a new life as a hero.

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