Willow first appeared in Fallout For Pimps during season 2 episode 5, 'Helpful Hottie'. Fap came across Willow just after she had been robbed by a man named Kyle, who had stolen Willow's favorite gun and some of Willow's favorite collectible dolls. Willow asks Fap to help her recover her stolen items and in exchange she would be a companion to Fap. Fap agrees on the condition that they will have sex, but this is never agreed to by Willow.

Fap eventually tracks down and kills Kyle, recovering Willow's things. Willow then informs Fap that they should go see a previous companion of Willow's, a ghoul named 'the Big Guy,' because he might have some more of Willow's things. Near Novac, Fap comes across 'Big Guy' and gets some more of Willow's things.

Willow likes to collect several different items, including toys, pencils, and guns, much to the dual amusement and annoyance of Fap, who doesn't want to track down all of Willows crap. She also often breaks out in song at odd times, which further amuses and annoys Fap. Fap would like nothing more than to get together with Willow but they are only at the 'poke Fap in the balls with a stick' stage of their relationship.

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